News Roundup!

News Roundup!

Rosie Allabarton

CareerFoundry has stormed news sites since its launch back in March 2013. We will be updating this page shortly to cover all the articles that have been posted about our growth, funding and impact on the edtech scene.

You may have missed these CF news stories the first time around, but in the last few months we’ve been hitting websites worldwide with our unique products and specialized brand of learning. Take a look and comment below!

GSM News Bible

GSM News Bible did a fantastic write up of our mentor-driven programs in UX Design and Web Development. Our founder and CEO, Raffaela Rein, was interviewed by journalist Andrii Degeler about the special nature of CareerFoundry’s personalized learning system which, for each individual student encompasses weekly time with a mentor as well as online course materials. Raffaela speaks about the importance of experience over traditional educational routes like universities, experience being another aspect of learning that CareerFoundry addresses with it’s project-based, hands-on curriculum. Dissapointing completion rates of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are also cited by Degeler and the importance of a mentor figure or teacher discussed. Praising CareerFoundry’s personal touch, Degeler finishes with: “If you wanted to change or boost your career, today seems to be a great time to start.”

EdTech Insights

EdTech Insights ran a story covering CareerFoundry’s B2B launch back in April. CF’s B2B product provides technical teams from different companies with the opportunity to train in FrontEnd Development, Ruby on Rails, UX & UI Design and Digital Marketing in groups of 2 to 5 with a mentor. CareerFoundry’s training package for these vocational tech skills trains employees in new technologies, it can also be used to onboard new employees and accelerate startups who may need to to level-up the skillset of their entire team.


TEWO (Texas Educators and Webmaster Organization) ran an article just after CF’s launch in March discussing our ‘new twist in online education’. They cite our supportive network of expert mentors and the personalized nature of our courses; the one-to-one relationship between student and teacher that is so vital to staying motivated and on track that is so often missing from other forms of online education. TEWO’s article is a comprehensive piece that examines the tangible results our students see on completion of their courses, in stark contrast to the disappointingly large numbers of students who start but fail to finish MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Smaller mentions of CareerFoundry appeared in Berlin Valley and on the Wunschkandidaten blog.

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Rosie Allabarton

Rosie Allabarton

Contributer to the CareerFoundry Blog