2014 CareerFoundry News

2014 CareerFoundry News

Ciannait Khan

News Round Up! CareerFoundry and TeacherTube

November 18th, 2014

You may have read our big announcement yesterday about our new partnership with TeacherTube, a US-based content sharing platform for teachers. Working with TeacherTube, CareerFoundry is rolling out a flexible, online, mentored programming course for TeacherTube’s community of over 1.5 million teachers.

Our web development course will enable teachers to train up their classes in tech, by doing so increasing their students’ future earning power and employment chances in an increasingly digital future.

Teachers are the gatekeepers to our children’s education. If we want to enthuse our children about working in tech, we first need teachers on board, enthusiastic and confident in what they’re teaching.

With this in mind CareerFoundry was inspired to tailor its new product to educating educators in these new technologies, building their confidence so they can pass on their skills to their students.

The news has been picked up by a host of big tech and edtech websites. Keep on reading for our news round up!

Take a look at the news sites who went live with news of our partnership with TeacherTube this week. Together we are Teaching Teachers How To Code.

The Next Web

Napier Lopez of the TheNextWeb gave CareerFoundry’s new partnership with TeacherTube a glowing review. He wrote:

“While there are plenty of online resources for autodidacts to learn to code, it’s great to see a program that focuses specifically on educators. Teachers have the ability to influence many people at once, and getting students started early can better prepare them for a job market that values coding ability more every day.”

Read the full article here.


Melinda Barlow wrote a fabulous piece about getting children coding on GettingSmart on Monday. She wrote:

“Given that the task of effectively educating the current and future generations of coders is held with teachers, CareerFoundry’s recent partnering with Teacher Tube is an example of how innovations are being made in the teaching of code in classrooms. Over a million users have joined TeacherTube since its inception in 2007 and with the recent appointment of former Apple EdTech guru Alan Greenberg as Director, CareerFoundry has secured its position as Europe’s number 1 online tech educator.”

Read the full article here.


EdSurge went live with the news yesterday afternoon, looking at the news in the light of the upcoming Computer Science Education Week that will be looking on how to get children coding.

“With Computer Science Education Week coming up (Dec. 8-14), there’ll be quite a buzz will be focused on teaching kids how to code. But what about teaching teachers how to teach kids how to code? CareerFoundry has partnered with TeacherTube to offer an online, one-year program where K-12 and higher-ed instructors can learn the ins and outs of programming, from concepts like control flow to specific languages like Ruby on Rails, at their own pace. The program also includes weekly chats with professional mentors over Skype.”

Read the full article here.


We were privileged to be invited to contribute to StartÜBerlin this week with an article about how to get teachers interested and involved in kids learning to code.

“It’s teachers who we desperately need to enthuse our children in this subject, show them why it’s so exciting for them to program their own app or website and instill in them confidence in technology, instead of fear or uncertainty of the unknown. If the teacher is not sure what they’re teaching, or why they have to do it, it’s our children who will ultimately suffer, growing up into a future that they won’t have the skills to make an impact in.”

Read the full article here.

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CareerFoundry Partners With TeacherTube To Revolutionize Tech Education With New Drive To Get Teachers Worldwide Learning How To Code

November 17th, 2014

We are excited to announce today that CareerFoundry has teamed up with TeacherTube, a content sharing teaching community, to bring programming to the forefront of schools in the US. Using our unique, online courseware and mentor-driven curriculum, teachers from every state will be trained up in coding languages, ready to pass on to their students: the world’s next generation of programmers.

Headed up by CareerFoundry’s new director, renowned edtech specialist and former head of Apple Education, Alan Greenberg, the program will work to change how coding is perceived and taught on a global scale. TeacherTube and CareerFoundry will be working together to deliver this in-demand product to schools across the US, by doing so increasing the future employability and earning power of students growing up into an increasingly digital future.

Adam Smith, Co-Founder of TeacherTube told us why the partnership was such a good fit:

“As Europe’s go-to company for tech skills, CareerFoundry was the obvious choice for us when we began thinking about rolling out a program that got teachers and students coding. Technology is the future, and we need to start preparing our young people for that now. Together CareerFoundry and TeacherTube are helping schools embrace that. ”

CareerFoundry’s Teaching Teachers To Code program provides teachers with the tools they need to pass on real-word tech skills to their students, securing their future employability in technology. With weekly Skype chats between mentors and school teachers, accessible courseware written by web development professionals and regular feedback for each and every assignment, CareerFoundry courses enable teachers to become confident in technology, ready to train up the next generation of programmers.

The New Approach To Online Education -CareerFoundry’s Personal Touch In Education News

November 4th, 2014

Education News wrote a brilliant article yesterday covering CareerFoundry’s new slant on online education. Using a range of recent news stories about CF from TheNextWeb and VentureVillage, Education News journalist Grace Smith discusses the popularity of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that has been quickly superseded by disappointment due to the high number of drop-outs and the small number of students who achieve passing grades. She writes: “The hopes and dreams that were invested in online academia have been somewhat crushed.”

CareerFoundry founder Raffaela Rein is promoting a new way forward in online education with her team of 50 mentors and online programs in Web Development and UX & UI Design. It is a move away from the mass education that MOOCs promote and a step towards a more personal, connected and community-driven approach.

The article quotes VentureVillage, which reported:

“Rein, through a study of other mentored courses worldwide, discovered that 70% of students who had personal mentors were hired in their field of study, after completion of their course.”

The article goes on to expound the virtues of CF’s ‘personal touch’, with each student having the opportunity to conduct a meeting with their tutor for a one-to-one session every week. The article declares it is the guided learning aspect of the course that is the huge draw to many people who have no previous experience of tech or the startup world. This one-to-one mentoring, the basis for everything that CareerFoundry stands for, is the supportive environment from which students then go on to launch their own careers in tech.

Smith finishes the article heaping praise on Rein and CF Marketing Officer, Emil Lamprecht, for the strides they are making in online education and helping students launch their dream careers.

“[The students] are going to want whatever it takes to quickly become proficient in the skills they will need for their new profession — and Lamprecht and Rein are happy to supply it.”

Former Head of Apple Education, Alan Greenberg Joins CareerFoundry: Teaching Teachers How To Code

October 16th, 2014

We are excited and proud to announce that Alan Greenberg, former Head of Education at Apple, is joining CareerFoundry as Director, as we kickstart our Teaching Teachers How To Code program.

With his expertise in the education sphere he is the perfect fit to help us launch the next phase of our product to schools globally: training teachers in programming. With Alan’s help, CareerFoundry is filling the tech skills gap, now and in the future!

We are proud to have Alan Greenberg, former Head of Apple Education on board as our new Director as we launch our latest product; Teaching Teachers How To Code. With our new school-ready product, we will be training teachers in programming and guiding them in the best ways they can pass their skills onto the next generation of programmers.

What’s Alan’s background?

A Business Development and Marketing specialist, Alan headed up the EMEA Higher Education before moving on to becoming Apple’s Head of Education in Asia. While with Apple, Greenberg developed the roll-out of iTunes Universities in Europe, allowing teachers to give each class a customized learning experience through iTunes U on the iPad. Now working to change how coding is perceived and taught on a global scale, Greenberg has teamed up with Europe’s #1 online training platform CareerFoundry to deliver this in-demand product.

What will he be doing with us?

Alan’s passion is one-to-one learning, delivered one to many, with each student learning at their own pace. It is this concept that, with CareerFoundry, Alan is applying to online education and which together will be our underlying principle when rolling out the Teaching Teachers How To Code service for schools, teachers and students.

What do we mean, Teaching Teachers How To Code?

CareerFoundry, with Alan’s expertise, experience and network, is launching a fantastic new product which addresses the challenge put in place by government mandates which demand that every child learn how to code. With this product we plan to tackle the increasing global tech skills gap through the education of the next generation of programmers. Changing the way schools and teachers are educated is the first step.

Alan told us:

“CF is the first startup I’ve come across with the courage to truly embrace change in the learning of computing skills in schools, and to do so in such a fundamentally new and exciting way”.

CareerFoundry Partners With Wunschkandidaten And Offers 50% Rebate To Students Placed In Jobs

August 14th, 2014

Today we are proud to present to you Wunschkandidaten - CareerFoundry’s latest hiring partner; a Berlin-based recruiter and tech specialist who will be working with us to launch our students into their new roles in tech. Wunschkandidaten focuses on placing candidates from a broad range of professional IT backgrounds into roles ranging from web programming to software development and will be using CareerFoundry courses as a standards test for potential hires from all over Europe to quantify a new candidate’s skillset before being introduced to potential employers.

To celebrate this exciting partnership, CareerFoundry students who are placed in a job by Wunschkandidaten on completion of their CF program will receive a 50% rebate on the total price of their course.

Wunschkandidaten provides the connection between Europe’s most talented IT experts and its diverse economy. Importing talent from still-developing tech sectors such as Portugal, Italy and others, the company streamlines finding and hiring foreign IT and engineering specialists. While treating the candidates’ needs and preoccupations with the highest priority, Wunschkandidaten enables a structured and transparent journey for candidates into a promising future.

With 3-month vocational training programs for Ruby on Rails and UX Design, CareerFoundry’s globally accessible platform compliments Wunschkandidaten’s recruitment evaluations by mentoring, educating, and setting standards for hiring potential.

CareerFoundry CEO, Raffaela Rein, interviewed in Gruenderszene!

July 23rd, 2014

CareerFoundry CEO, Raffaela Rein, was interviewed this week by Gruenderszene. In the interview she discusses CareerFoundry’s achievements, the gaps in tech education that we are hoping to fill and her less-than-typical working day. The article, which appears in the Startup Heroes series of Die Welt, also gives readers an insight into how Raffaela came up with the idea for CareerFoundry - during her time at Rocket Internet. She said: “Finding good techworkers was not easy.”

In the interview Raffaela discusses the one million tech-related jobs available in Europe in contrast to the enormous number of young unemployed. With CareerFoundry Raffaela wants to fill this tech skills gap with short, intensive tech skills training so people can begin new careers in technology.

When asked about her role as a female CEO and founder she concluded: “Now is a good time to be a female founder”, adding that women need to be surer in their speech and actions when addressing potential investors or clients, and to be confident in their abilities. She advises female founders to find mentors and get feedback all the time to improve their pitches and make themselves heard.

Read the full interview here.

CareerFoundry Nominated For Global EdTech Startup Award!

July 18th, 2014

We are very proud to announce that CareerFoundry has been nominated for a Global EdTech Startup Award!

The competition, which aims to identify, highlight and recognize the world’s most promising EdTech startups for 2014 gives a voice to startups like CareerFoundry which present solutions for groundbreaking, global education.

At CareerFoundry we could not be among a more inspiring group of entrepreneurs, startups and educators and we are so excited to be there.

Startups will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Answers to an actual pain
  2. Innovative pedagogical aspect
  3. Outstanding user experience
  4. Growth potential
  5. Sustainable business model

Among the judges are Gila Ben-Har, CEO of the Centre For Educational Technology and Governer Bob Wise, President of the Alliance For Excellent Education.

Take a look at the website and wish us luck!

CareerFoundry and Jobscan: Matching Students’ Potential with Jobs in Tech and 10% Off Our Courses!

July 2nd, 2014

Jobscan is the premier skill-matching tool that equips job seekers by analyzing job descriptions to pin-point which skills and keywords are most important to each employer seeking talent. This is a great opportunity for CareerFoundry students to identify what they need to include in their job applications and resumes, tripling their chances of getting that crucial first interview. With these recruitment tools CF’s Web Development and UX Design students will be more quickly placed into tech jobs on completion of their courses, with Jobscan’s help locating the hottest jobs on the tech scene. Job seekers who discover CareerFoundry through the Jobscan platform will also be entitled to 10% off one of the courses, raising their chances of landing that sought-after role considerably. James Hu, founder of Jobscan said:

“We’re very excited to be partnering with CareerFoundry as we work together to funnel their students into new careers. Our mission is to give clients a real advantage over other job seekers. As CF levels up an individual’s tech skills, we can then better position them on the job market.”

CareerFoundry is celebrating its partnership with Jobscan - with 10% off our courses!

For many people, looking for a job can become a job in itself which is why Jobscan is a crucial tool for any job seeker. With the combination of their Web Development or UX skills CareerFoundry students are perfectly positioned to utilise this great web app and get started in their tech careers. Due to rising competition in today’s job market, 90% of companies (larger than 1,000 employees) use Application Tracking Systems in order to help them search for qualified candidates from a large pool of applicants. ATS (Google “Applicant Tracking System”) helps employers by analyzing applicants’ resumes and identifying those whose content matches given sets of keywords. The Jobscan tool is simple and efficient. By ranking the most important and most frequently-occurring keywords per job description, it can help give applicants a competitive edge in their job search efforts.

The combination of Jobscan and CareerFoundry works efficiently to help anyone hoping to change careers and get out of their current nine-to-five move swiftly onto the next stage of their working lives. After an immersive course with CareerFoundry, the Jobscan webtool helps students pin-point exactly the skills and experience they need to get across to future employers and clients in order to land that initial interview. By working with Jobscan, CareerFoundry is not only ensuring its students receive world class tech education, it is also funnelling them into their new sought-after tech careers.

To ensure you get that 10% CareerFoundry discount, head over to the Jobscan page here and read how you can triple your interview chances with the help of Jobscan’s skill matching tool. With our help you’ll soon be launching your new career in tech! We look forward to seeing you there.

CareerFoundry In SkilledUp and VentureBeat!

July 1st, 2014

We take a look at the big impact CareerFoundry has made in the tech press this week. CF’s Emil Lamprecht discusses the move away from university certification to the growing demand for hands-on skills.

CareerFoundry is everywhere at the moment. CMO Emil Lamprecht was invited to talk to SkilledUp this week - a website that holds a database of all of the best coding courses both online and off - in an article about the growing role of coding bootcamps. In the article Emil discusses the change in attitudes towards traditional degrees and the importance of building a skillset in order to get on the career ladder. He explains how employers are no longer looking for certification or a university diploma, they are looking for employees who have applicable, hands-on skills in technology.

What is particularly remarkable is the growing gap between the number of employers and companies who need skilled tech workers and those employees who have these sought-after skills. This is where bootcamps like CareerFoundry come in as we are training people up and getting them straight into well-paid, creative jobs in an expanding field. Emil said: “The 90s was about every parent saying, ‘You gotta get a degree.’ But they can’t get a job, because they don’t have a skillset.”

VentureBeat also spoke to Emil about CareerFoundry and the different types of people our courses are attracting. He said “We have students who are leaping from flipping burgers, from high level banking positions in London, from being designers. We have a guy in San Francisco who has been a successful print designer and is bored with it, looks at the tech scene and wants the right tool kit to move into that scene.” One thing many bootcamps have in common, the article emphasizes, is their desire to see students ‘job-ready’ on completion of the courses; not only should students know how to code in a theoretical sense, they are given practical skills that they will use on the job, as well as career advice and help to launch themselves onto the tech scene. Journalist Robert McGuire wrote: “(These courses have in common) the intensive focus over a defined period, usually a few months, with an eye on workplace readiness and job placement at the end.”

If getting skilled-up in tech is something that you would like to know more about, head over to our course pages and check out our Web Development and UX Design programs. With our expert mentors you could be launching your new career in tech in just over three months.

CareerFoundry in Venture Village - 6 Insider Tips To Succeed As A Freelancer

June 2nd, 2014

Are you a freelancer seeking advice? Have you got the cat on your lap and a cup of coffee in your hand? Then settle down in a comfy chair for a good read with VentureVillage’s latest freelance-focused post (that happens to recommend CareerFoundry!). Just make sure the cat has moved before you squash it with your laptop.

VentureVillage has put together six insider tips for keeping focused and motivated when working for yourself. The importance of originality in your freelancing field, approaching your network for potential clients and the strength of your unique selling point is driven home by journalist Darja Gutnick as she describes her own experiences of making the break from regular 9-5 employment.

Emil Lamprecht’s brilliant freelancing article that you may have spotted last week (if you didn’t, click here!) also caught the attention of Gutnick who highly recommends it in her post. Emil (who is CareerFoundry’s Creative Director and CMO) gives a hilarious account of his seven years experience working freelance.

Gutnick relates to readers the many pieces of useful advice she has received that have gotten her through the tough early stages of her freelance career. Her breakdown includes: Be Entrepreneurial, Be Creative, Be Determined, Don’t Isolate Yourself, Take Breaks and Kick Ass! She writes:

“There is probably one principle that all freelancers would agree on: You need to hustle.”

The entrepreneurial spirit of freelancing and the idea that as a freelancer you are essentially the owner, project manager, head of sales and sole employee of a small business are themes that at CareerFoundry we could not agree with more. Take a look at our other freelancing articles, listed below, or use the Ask Annie box at the bottom of our homepage to get in touch and we can help you get started on your own freelancing journey.

My Secrets To Becoming A Successful Freelancer How To Become A Freelance Web Developer The Move To Freelancing - Why Are We Giving Up The 9-5? Staying Sane When Working From Home Do You Have To Give Up Your Day Job To Start Freelancing?

CareerFoundry Partners With Quote Roller - With 50% Off To CF Students For 6 Months

May 19th, 2014

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with Quote Roller, “a software as a service” that helps to create, send and track business proposals online with built-in analytics and electronic signatures, delivering purpose-driven sales quotes on behalf of its clients. Working alongside CareerFoundry, Quote Roller will be offering CF students a 50% discount on the product for the first 6 months while CareerFoundry mentors of the UX Design program will be incorporating Quote Roller directly into the course program. By deeply integrating Quote Roller into CareerFoundry’s curriculum and building a close partnership with Quote Roller, CF are training the next generation of UX Design talent on an innovative and unique product.

Mikita Mikado, CEO and co-founder, Quote Roller and PandaDoc said:

“We’re thrilled for our Quote Roller business proposal app to be included in the CareerFoundry virtual classroom. The future of learning is online, interactive and automated, as is the future of sales. We’re happy to help the next generation of digital creatives grow their businesses with software as a service and we are excited to have our sales solution involved from the start of CareerFoundry’s students’ learning process.”

Quote Roller, the essential proposal and deal management system for any budding business, has found that customers’ win rate increases on average 28% when using the software. This is as a direct result of better sales decisions made with Quote Roller’s smart proposal tracking and digital signature making every sale a snap. By offering CareerFoundry students a 50% discount Quote Roller is giving students the opportunity to benefit from the service when putting together proposals and quotes for their first clients, a huge advantage to any up-and-coming startup.

For more information on this partnership, please visit the CareerFoundry & Quote Roller partnership page. To read about CareerFoundry’s other partners, please visit our Partner Page.

May 13th, 2014

CareerFoundry’s UX Course has been added to UX Mastery’s list of recommended UX courses. UX Mastery is a site that collates resources for aspiring user experience designers. Through their blog, newsletters and ebooks they are passionate about the teaching of UX; the design of websites, mobile apps and desktop apps that are useful, usable and delightful.

Our UX Course is now also part of UX How’s comprehensive list of UX courses and classes. UX How is an all-round resource for UX designers, with examples, insights, hints and tips from UX Design Manager Troy Parke.

If you are interested in studying UX, or would like to do some more reading on the subject, have a look at the following blog posts written by our talented UX design mentors. They are working every day to create beautiful websites that always put the user first.

Making The Move From Graphic Design to UX Design

Three Steps Closer to a Great User Experience

What Does The CareerFoundry UX Course Involve?

Recommended Reading : The Ten Best Books On UX

CareerFoundry & Crazy Egg - New Partnership Announced With 90-Day Free Trial For Our Students

May 9th, 2014

Crazy Egg partners with CareerFoundry, giving students a window into their users’ experience.

Crazy Egg, the Seattle-based user-tracking platform, has confirmed they will be becoming an integral part of CareerFoundry’s UX Design program, with UX Design students learning how to use the click-tracking tool to improve the UX of their sites. Crazy Egg and CareerFoundry are celebrating their partnership by offering a 90-day free trial on the product to all CareerFoundry students, giving them the chance to fully utilize this conversion-enhancing technology that gives the designer a direct window into the user experience.

With Crazy Egg’s A/B testing feature, heat maps, click-tracking overlays, scroll maps and confetti, students can study the complex nature of users’ behaviour. This process leads to a noticeably higher quality of user experience and a more thorough insight into what makes a good user experience a great one.

Crazy Egg uses unique heatmapping technology to track where users’ click on a page.

Today’s CareerFoundry Press

May 6th, 2014

From MOOCs to Berlin CEOs, CareerFoundry has stormed this week’s press.

Slon.ru has written an article today covering the pros and cons of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and the online bootcamps like CareerFoundry which are offering exciting, legitimate alternatives to this trend. What options are out there, on and offline, for potential Web Development and UX Design students? Read the full article here.

The Who’s Who of the German startup world were out in force on Monday night at the May CEO Dinner in Berlin. Raffaela Rein, our CEO and founder, was in attendance alongside Amorelie-founder Lea-Sophie Cramer, the Outfittery founders Anna Alex und Julia Bösch and Fabian Heilemann from Heilemann Ventures. For a full write-up of the event, read Gruenderszene’s article here.

Raffaela Rein in Edsurge: Startups Save The Day - Germany’s Edtech Revolution

April 27th, 2014

Our founder, Raffaela Rein, was asked to address the issues facing German’s edtech scene for Edsurge, an educational technology company that publishes newsletters used by teachers, school administrators, venture capitalists and education technology startups.

She cites the importance of government involvement in the edtech scene and the leaps and bounds being made by German startups, entrepreneurs and innovators who are providing tech skills and online education to the next generation.

In her fascinating article, Raffaela discusses Germany’s economic advantage, its slow (and largely non-vocal) uptake of education technology and how the country will suffer if the government does not start to make the changes that countries like the UK and the US are making nationwide. Germany’s division into sixteen federal states makes a nation-wide policy on tech skill learning (for example ‘The Year Of Code’ that is starting this September in all schools in the UK) very difficult to implement. If Germany does not start to get more involved in education technology, the country could have a hard time maintaining its strong position in Europe and its younger generations will struggle to compete with their international counterparts. However it is not all doom and gloom. Raffaela discusses the emergence of Germany’s edtech startups, like Babbel, CareerFoundry and meinUnterricht who are addressing the need for edtech. Germany’s startups are picking up the slack where the government has left off. Instead of waiting for a country-wide resolution, startups are taking the initiative and making steps to provide people with the skills they need to get jobs in the tech industry, jobs which are becoming more and more crucial to the economy of the country.

Germany’s strong education infrastructure makes it well-positioned to take advantage of the digital revolution. With the right combination of government support, investor interest and a growing edtech community, the country will maintain its ability to create learners whose ideas and entrepreneurial spirit contribute not just to Germany, but to the world as well.

Meet The Winner Of Our Escape The City Competition! Joe Dowdell - Welcome To UX

April 23rd, 2014

First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our Escape the City competition: we were overwhelmed by the amazing websites you sent us. But we weren’t just asking for amazing, we were asking for websites that offered fantastic User Experience - websites that put the user at the centre of everything they do.

It was with this in mind that we came to choose the entry from Joe Dowdell from the UK who sent us this: Medium.

Medium is a blog publishing platform that was founded by Evan Williams and Biz Stone (the same two guys who happened to found Twitter) in the summer of 2012. Medium is a place for writers - both professional and non-professional - to tell their stories and engage with an audience. Williams described the site as a place for ideas to grow and be expressed, saying: “We are trying to make it as easy as possible for people who have thoughtful things to say.”

The idea for the site originally came as a solution to the problem of the restricted character count on Twitter: Medium was intended for Twitter users to expand on what they were saying without the 140 character limit. It is a place where people can write in length about topics which interest them, in a move towards social journalism. In terms of UX, the site has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) layout which means that content (text and graphics) displayed onscreen during editing appears in a form closely corresponding to its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product. So while the document is being created and edited the user can see a very similar version to how it will look when it is finished. This makes the experience for the user clean, clear and straightforward. It also looks great.

Joe Dowdell is stay at home dad to his 2 year old daughter. He previously worked in the National Health Service but was unfulfilled in his job so when the chance arose for him to care full-time for his daughter he leapt at it. During his time away from paid work Joe decided not to return to his old career, he has instead made the decision to level up his skillset and move into tech where opportunities are opening up in every sphere. Joe has committed himself to learning Ruby On Rails this coming summer so the UX & UI Design program with CareerFoundry will perfectly compliment these back-end skills. After his immersive course with CareerFoundry Joe will be job-ready and set to launch his new career in UX Design.

Congratulations Joe!

We will be following Joe’s progress as he works his way through the 3-month, mentor-led UX & UI Design program: we are excited to have him on board!

CareerFoundry & Quote Roller In Silicon Allee - Filling The Tech Skills Gap

April 22nd, 2014

Silicon Allee has just gone live with a very strong piece in support of CareerFoundry’s partnership with Quote Roller, as announced earlier today. Journalist and Silicon Allee founder David Knight writes in praise of the union, noting how CareerFoundry are unlikely to suffer the same problems as General Assembly due to CF’s already strong network of partners.

CareerFoundry’s Emil Lamprecht said that the deal with Quote Roller will ensure its students: “get a leg up when it comes to building their first client relationships,” a crucial part of the business when launching yourself as a freelance UX designer. By incorporating Quote Roller into the UX course, students will have the chance to use the free version of the software throughout the program and, on completion, be able to use it at a 50% discount, a hugely advantageous offer for any budding entrepreneur.

CareerFoundry In TechCrunch: The Online Alternative To General Assembly?

April 7th, 2014

TechCrunch has written an exclusive piece covering the launch of our B2B product. If you missed it yesterday, you can find the full article here.

Mike Butcher, TechCrunch journalist, wrote:

“CareerFoundry is creating a customizable training package for vocational tech skills which aims to train technical teams in new technologies, onboard new employees and accelerate startups.”

In his article Butcher compares CareerFoundry to an online alternative to General Assembly, who he describes as “one of the first in the tech space to get that high quality brand name for technology education”.

CareerFoundry are being lauded as the online alternative to GA, still carrying the name of high quality tech education but in a more accessible, online package. Unlike other forms of online education, students are taken on by a mentor who coaches them through the course, offering guidance, encouragement, inspiration and motivation, in a similar fashion to the more traditional ‘teacher-student’ relationship offered with an offline course. CareerFoundry mentors are not only experts in the fields they teach, they are also working web developers and UX designers, so can offer practical career advice and guidance to students looking to launch themselves onto the tech scene on completion of their courses. With CareerFoundry, students benefit from the flexibility of online learning without losing that crucial mentor-student relationship which has been proven to make the difference between the success and failure for many students.

CareerFoundry’s B2B product, launched yesterday, matches teams of between 2 and 5 employees from a firm with a mentor who offers a unique hybrid of personalized coaching and consultation for that company. Projects for the team will be based around currently active projects, giving students a chance to push forward with ideas that will make a real difference to the team and its productivity. This is a chance for companies to level up the skillset of their team, increase employee motivation and confidence within their roles and feel invested in the company they work for. On a practical level students will be taking on programs which include training for FrontEnd Development, Ruby on Rails, UX & UI Design and Digital Marketing, as a team raising their skills to a higher uniform level.

Training Your Team - CareerFoundry Announces In-Demand B2B Product

April 6th, 2014

Today we at CareerFoundry are very excited to announce our launch of a suite of B2B products; a hybrid training package to train employees in new technologies, adaptable tech skills and to onboard new members of staff, pushing forward current projects with a combination of group mentoring and client consulting from tech specialists.

This is a chance for companies to level up the skillset of their team, increase employee motivation and confidence within their roles and feel invested in the company itself. On a practical level students will be taking on programs which include training for FrontEnd Development, Ruby on Rails, UX & UI Design and Digital Marketing, with our mentors raising their skills to a higher uniform level.

Our founder Raffaela Rein said:

“The demand has been overwhelming. While some employers have begun putting staff through our 3month consumer programs, it was clear we needed a better solution for teams. We’re now in a position to help teams build a skillset around new technologies. This allows new or junior level employees to advance in their field at an accelerated rate, ef ectively accelerating the business itself.”

We have conducted in-depth research on the benefits of team-learning and peer evaluation suggests 85% of learning is more effective as a team exercise. A monitored workflow increases accountability, engagement and retention. These are employee qualities that make for the running of a successful business and a happy workforce. Due to the new skills that each team member has mastered through the training, employees feel more confident in their roles, there is increased role overlap and these two elements combined lead to higher levels of efficiency for the whole team. It seems obvious but many employers forget that an efficient, fulfilled team work together to increase levels of productivity for the whole business. Happy workers are productive workers. Training your team makes them feel valued by the company which leads to more engagement and ownership. Training brings your team together and gets them where they, and your company, want to be.

CF’s mentors instruct optimally-sized groups of between 2 and 5 students, giving personal guidance and providing access to practical, real world tools via our partnerships with service providers like Invision App.

“Our mentors go a level beyond teaching just technical skills. By customizing our program around a company-specific project or need, we train your people while actively pushing your business forward.” - Martin Ramsin, CTO CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry is also featured in today’s TechCrunch.

Introducing Our Partners: Reach Your Potential with CareerFoundry and TalentSpin

April 3rd, 2014

At the heart of every tech pool lies the recruiter.

Enter TalentSpin: We are very proud to announce our partnership with TalentSpin, the new division of i-potentials; expert recruiters who enable fast growing companies to find young professionals, digital specialists and entrepreneurial generalists. Alongside CareerFoundry, TalentSpin is connecting and nurturing online businesses with injections of talent so they can reach their full potential. Partnering with i-potentials, one of the leading European personnel agencies in the digital industry, is an exciting step for us at CareerFoundry, connecting the next generation of talent to their dream jobs in the digital industry.

As a recruitment partner, graduates from our programs will have the opportunity to apply with their portfolios and CVs to the TalentSpin Database directly and after passing, be put into the top talent pool for currently open and future positions in the digital industry. Students with managerial backgrounds will especially benefit from our connection to TalentSpin; as having polished their knowledge of Web Development or UI & UX Design with a CareerFoundry program, a combination of tech and managerial knowledge leaves them perfectly placed to go on to high level positions in a digital firm or growing startup. i-potentials’ new TalentSpin division provides a great opportunity for these students as the recruiter’s expertise in this field of recruitment is indisputable. With such an experienced hiring partner on board we are excited to see what the future holds for our current batch of talented students.

CareerFoundry is looking forward to working with TalentSpin long term; supplying them with the next generation of big-tech managers. Together CF and TalentSpin will be building great tech teams.

How To Go Global With Women 2.0 and Raffaela Rein

March 27th, 2014

Our inspiring CEO Raffaela Rein was invited to write a guest post for Women2.com - a fantastic portal and communitiy for women entreprenuers. With her vast experience of taking small companies and making them into global successes, this seemed the perfect topic for Raffaela’s post. Irrespective of gender, her advice is invaluable if you’re hoping to take your business from a local scale to an international one. Read the full article here.

She writes:

“It’s important not to take mismatched assumptions as personal failures. And never be too proud to adjust.”

France’s Most Nerd-Loving Recruiter Kicks Off Europe-Wide Expansion With Announcement Of New CareerFoundry Partnership

March 19th, 2014

The role of the recruiter in the startup world cannot be understated: connecting and nurturing online businesses with injections of talent so they can reach their full potential. At CareerFoundry we are very excited to announce our partnership with Urban Linker: France’s coolest tech recruiters.

Urban Linker is above all an innovative concept specializing in web professionals. Working as specialists and enthusiasts of the digital world, with a recruitment process tailored to Web stakeholders, the company speaks the same language as the candidates it recruits. “Digital has reinvented social relations in companies, Urban Linker has adapted recruitment to digital.” Say the press and we say it too.

As a recruitment partner, students graduating from CareerFoundry programmes will have the opportunity to publish their portfolios and CVs to Urban Linker directly and be put into a consideration pool for currently open and future positions. Students can continue to nurture and maintain this relationship with all of our recruitment partners by continuing to update and stay active on their CareerFoundry profile as they begin their new career in Web Development or UX & UI Design.

Urban Linker are not just a recruiter. With consulting services, an active interest in supporting startups, as well as organizing web events for the growing startup community they are truly invested in every aspect of the tech scene. Sharing these goals with us is what makes the pairing of the two companies so ideal: together we can take on the gap in the digital job market and fill it with our talented tech students. Together CareerFoundry and Urban Linker are making waves on the digital scene and making changes to people’s careers and lives.

We’re going to be a great team.

CareerFoundry Shares Its Vision At South By SouthWest

March 13th, 2014

Our founder, Raffaela Rein, had the fantastic opportunity to pitch CareerFoundry at the South By South West Education Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas this week. Raffaela was taking part in the annual Investing in Education Innovation workshop, where twenty-four ‘edupreneurs’ were given the chance to pitch their ideas to Jen Holleran,Startup: Education, Michael Staton, Learn Capital, Tom Vander Ark and Alex Hernandez,Charter School Growth Fund. Each edupreneur was then given feedback from the expert panel.

To read a full breakdown of the annual Investing in Education Innovation workshop, read GettingSmart’s comprehensive review here.

“There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur,” said Alex Harnandez from Charter School Growth Fund. Here at CareerFoundry, we couldn’t agree more.

Trendblog: CareerFoundry Vs MOOCs - A Look At The Rise In Online Education

March 11th, 2014

Trendblog published a fantastic piece last night covering the hot topic of e-learning. The article looks at the advantages of studying with a mentor-based training program like CareerFoundry over MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. Looking at the pros and cons of mass online learning compared to learning with the aid of a mentor and online materials, the article is conclusive that students need support, motivation and direction, something that can only be provided by the help of experts and professionals in the student’s chosen field. MOOCs are all well and good, but if so many students fail to even complete a course what are they really offering?

Trendblog journalist Daniel Bulygin begins by outlining the benefits of MOOCs; they’re free, easily accessible and cover a broad range of topics. But as an answer to the tech skills shortage are they really making a difference? With completion rates lower than 10% it seems many of the people who start off interested in a course trail off before it even gets going. The advantages of MOOCs are clear to see, but if they’re not getting people to where they want to be are they worth all the hype? Shanna Smith Jaggars, assistant director of Columbia University’s Community College Research Center, points out: “The most important thing that helps students succeed in an online course is interpersonal interaction and support.” This is a huge part of the learning process that MOOCs just aren’t offering people. In an online classroom of thousands of people, students are missing out on the one-to-one support of a guide or mentor. Completion rates of MOOCs are very low, students lack motivation and commitment to the course and do not gain the skills they need.

In the midst of one of the world’s most exciting startup scenes, amongst discarded coffee cups and behind a wall of MacBooks the idea for CareerFoundry was born.

Bulygin then turns to CareerFoundry. A contemporary mix of old-style one-to-one learning, with the added advantage of online accessible learning tools and a structure that is flexible to the student’s lifestyle. He writes:

“CareerFoundry knows the tech market and wants to open it up, offering a first class education in Web Development (Ruby On Rails) and Integrated UX Design that combines online learning with a face-to-face meeting with a mentor every week, keeping their students motivated and supported up to and beyond course completion.”

Bulygin concludes that without the support of a mentor or guide, online learning falls flat. The benefits that make MOOCs so appealing - that they’re free, online and always available, to everyone - are not enough to keep students interested in their chosen courses up to completion point. The research done into the student-tutor relationship clearly demonstrates the need for structured, guided education alongside that crucial flexibility and accessibility that makes learning online such a credible option.

Read the full articlehere.

Deutsche Startups Pushes CareerFoundry’s 250,000 Euro Investment From Stefan Glänzer

March 4th, 2014

In his piece about shaping up the recruitment market, deutsche startups writer Karl Müller, discusses the work of CareerFoundry and our mentor-driven Web Development and UI & UX Design educational programs. Our seed round investment of 250,000 Euros from Stefan Glänzer, as mentioned in Gründerszene, is also referred to, along with CF’s history as doBranch and the structure of our online courses.

Live on TheNextWeb! CareerFoundry Takes MOOCs To School By Putting The Personal Touch Back Into Online Education

March 4th, 2014

TheNextWeb has gone live with its coverage of the CareerFoundry launch, driving our news global! TNW is one of the world’s largest online Internet publications and has published a fantastic article covering our big announcement. TheNextWeb tech news writer Andrii Degeler discusses CF’s battle to take on MOOCs [Massive Open Online Courses] with a more personalised approach to learning with an exclusive interview with our CEO and founder Raffaela Rein.

Raffaela talks about the research that went into building CF’s unique learning systems, the gap in the digital job market and why mentors are at the heart of everything we do. She says:

“We did a lot of research with job boards and Ruby on Rails and UX design are the areas with the highest job demand in the whole digital economy, and the lowest level of people who have these skills.”

After taking a three-month, flexible, mentor-led online course in Web Development or UI & UX Design students are then funnelled to CareerFoundry’s recruiting partners and career accelerators who can place in them in their dream job or help them start up on their own in the tech scene.

Raffaela discusses the low-retention rate of MOOCs and why learning with a mentor can make all the difference to keeping students interested, motivated and on-track.

“There’s a lot of studies that show that if you just learn and […] there’s no one to correct your learning, then the outcome is not half as good as if there is,” she says.

Discussing the relatively short time period it takes students to complete the courses before becoming fully fledged web developers, Raffaela highlights the importance of experience over education.

“All that matters is your experience, and […] how good your code is. Same with UX design. I think, the more technical you get, the less important your education becomes. It’s more about your experience.”

As project-based, online and mentor-led learning systems, CareerFoundry’s courses are a modern response to the traditional ‘teacher and class’ dynamic that can be not only incredibly time-consuming but also de-motivating due to its lack of real-life application. By focusing on real world projects CF’s students are building up a portfolio of work to showcase future employers and recruitment agencies. They also have the freedom and mentor support to work on their own business idea that will launch them onto the tech scene.

About CareerFoundry’s competitors, Raffaela isn’t worried.

“There’s no one who has said ‘we will provide the full immersive training program to get people job-ready.’ There are bootcamps that offer a similar service, but they’re offline, so they’re not really competitors. And they’re also extremely expensive, making CareerFoundry a one of a kind, fully-supportive training program to launch you from zero to job-ready in less than three months.”

Training Techies: Gründerszene Gets Excited About CareerFoundry Launch With The Help Of Business Angel Stefan Glänzer Investment

March 3rd, 2014

Gründerszene have hit the web to announce CareerFoundry’s 250,000 Euro investment from Business Angel Stefan Glänzer.

Journalist Georg Räth discusses CareerFoundry CEO Raffeala Rein’s passion to fight the shortage of talent on the tech scene and how with the newly launched CareerFoundry she plans to train the next wave of Web Developers and UI & UX Designers.

About CareerFoundry, Raffaela Rein said:

“Although the digital economy is booming, there is no single professional training provider for online tech.

CareerFoundry are here to meet this huge demand for talent with the students of its vocational, mentor-driven courses. On completion students are then funnelled to one of CF’s hiring partners i-potential, Founders Keepers, Urban Linker and Startupbootcamp.”

Räth highlights CareerFoundry’s unique online, mentor-focused education system and adds that of the 250 students already tested (under the doBranch moniker) an overwhelming majority were offered a job in their field on completing the course.

Read the complete article here.

STARTÜBERLIN Kicks Off CareerFoundry Launch By Posting First Exclusive Interview With CMO Emil Lamprecht

March 3rd, 2014

Offering a fresh perspective on Berlin’s startup scene, STARTÜBERLIN, a quintessential Berlin portal for all startup news, were as excited to hear about our relaunch as we at CareerFoundry were to talk about it. In an exclusive interview with our CMO Emil Lamprecht, on an unusually warm Berlin morning, journalist Florian Vey discussed our career-changing courses, the Berlin startup scene and, of course, our world-class mentors.

Florian was interested to hear about the project-based aspect of our courses and the benefits that project-based learning has for both students and potential future employers.

Emil explained:

“Our programs focus on building your own projects. This way you devise a portfolio of your skills. When we talked to CTOs they often said that they are really interested to see an applicant’s own projects because it is there that one can see somebody’s true potential; as opposed to a company project that might have seen 10s or 100s of hands to be finalized.”

Emil also had a chance to discuss the value of our mentor-driven programs against what our online and offline competitors are offering. The massive plus for many of our students is the flexibility the courses offer, enabling them to study when it’s convenient for them, but without losing the continual support of a real-life mentor and guide.

Emil added: “With our product you get the right coaching regardless of where you are.“

This flexibility is what makes our courses so accessible to students who have other full-time personal or professional commitments and, combined with our one-on-one mentoring program, it is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our students remain incentivised and focused. By adopting this method every student stays on his or her personal track, completing each stage of the course until we have helped them reach their goal: a new career in tech.

Click on this link to read the full article, which also includes a look at the CareerFoundry story; our inspirations, our goals and where we go from here. We hope you’ll be joining us.

CareerFoundry Has Landed And Is Ready To Help YouTake Off In Tech!

February 28th, 2014

The time has come to stop teasing and start getting real. Something big has been under construction and now we are excited to share it with you.

CareerFoundry.com, the new face and brand of doBranch, is now live! Our loyal and talented community are the most important drivers of our ethos, so our new website and the online educational programs launching today have been designed entirely with our students in mind, bringing together 6 months of learning with the ideals and motivations of doBranch in a breathtaking new format.

From this day forward, we are bringing two of the hottest professions to the forefront of the tech jobs market in our platform. Set on revolutionising education, we make top quality training accessible to people joining this movement ahead of the curve. Our programs in Web Development and UI & UX Design led by handpicked mentors will provide students with the tools they need to engineer the future, creating and innovating as they go.

There is a palpable atmosphere of excitement in the office. Our team are building something that will help people find job and life satisfaction that is so hard to attain from a modern day career path. When it comes to tech, we should be lifelong learners. Programs and practises evolve with time and we are teaching the latest skills to place people in the hottest tech jobs around. With the guidance of one-on-one mentorship, our students have the potential to learn a new profession to an exceptional standard; we are starting each one them off on their way to a new and prosperous career.

The tech scene is one to watch, it’s experiencing growth like we’ve never seen before, attracting top talent from all over the world. As it spreads through every industry it’s becoming clear that tech skills are in high demand and this is set to grow. CareerFoundry are answering this call with the latest in online education, brought to you through a platform so beautifully designed and coded it will blow you away. So we hope you will join our party and head over to check out the new site. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, CareerFoundry.

You can go from zero to job-ready in 3 months with CareerFoundry.


February 28th, 2014

Dear doBranchers,

Ok, so it’s time we were honest with you. In fact, we’ve been keeping a big secret from you for a while now; writing texts while you were sleeping, taking long, late-night strolls with the dog, sending you flowers at work just to say ‘I love you.’ You knew something wasn’t right. You knew we were hiding something from you.

It’s time we ‘fessed up, came clean, did the right thing.

But not quite yet.

We can give you a clue though: we have a big surprise for you! We’ve been plotting away while your back was turned, distracting you with shiny objects.

And all will be revealed on Monday.

In preparation for Monday’s big announcement we have been a hub of activity here at doBranch. Shirts have been ironed, shoes polished and we even turned the dishwasher on. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers on the keyboard.

Oh, and by the way, what do you think CF stands for?

Website will be down for maintenance at the weekend while we prepare the party - come dressed to impress.

‘Oh the times, they are a-changing.’

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