2015 CareerFoundry News

2015 CareerFoundry News

Ciannait Khan

SXSW - Raffaela Rein Shares her Texan Photo Diary With Gründerszene: Big Breakfast BBQs Included

August 20, 2015

Tech blog Gründerszene asked our founder, Raffaela Rein, to describe her experiences at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas - one of the leading tech and education conferences in the world. In this piece published yesterday Raffaela shares her thoughts on the festival - as well as the food - by was of a series of photographs taken at the event.

She says:

“SXSW brings together tech enthusiasts, company founders and press from around the world. Our participation in the festival has definitely paid off. We were able to close some partnerships that we will be announcing over the coming weeks.”

To see Raffaela’s photo diary of the event, click here.

Raffaela Rein: CareerFoundry Secures New Seed Funding

June 24th, 2015

“What the heck is a ‘career’?” “What shall I do with my life?”

These are two questions that I hear more than any others–and it’s not so long ago that I was asking myself the same things. I felt such deep frustration with today’s system of work. Although I have always been extraordinarily driven, I felt like I was going nowhere.

It was during this time that I met a smart product guy and techie named Martin Ramsin, who is my co-founder at CareerFoundry today. Since that first meeting, we’ve been working on a solution, the go-to platform for career success,that could help each individual find their professional path, set them up for a prosperous future and put them in the driving seat of their economic lives.

We realised we’d hit a nerve pretty much from the beginning, when we beta tested the first version of our educational platform. Since then, we’ve helped people from over 30 countries worldwide with our educational programs, enabling greater personal prosperity and an increased sense of happiness at work.

Today, we’re very proud to announce that CareerFoundry has secured a new round of funding to put even more power and speed behind our students’ learning and careers. We are excited about our partners Tengelmann Ventures, Stefan Glänzer, Paul Föckler and Victor Henning of Mendeley for joining us in this mission, helping us to accelerate and spread our students’ successes all around the globe.

Since our launch at the beginning of March last year, we have seen exponential growth, with hundreds of new students per month, and partnerships with leading universities. Our work has also received attention: CareerFoundry was named among the top 6 European Young Innovators of 2015 by the European Commission, among the top 20 EdTech Startups by Innovation and Growth, as well as one of the top 20 German Startup Newcomers by startup media site Gründerszene.

None of that would have been possible without the dedication of the talented CareerFoundry Team. Since the team has doubled in size, we’ve moved our HQ to the Factory, Berlin, a startup hotbed where our neighbours include the likes of SoundCloud, Uber and Twitter, and we have enough space and air to be as creative, hard-working and happy as ever.

As CEO and co-founder of CareerFoundry, I personally see this new round of funding as a start to a future that is even more exciting and impactful. We’ll be using the new funding to help even more students reach their potential in the careers they want and deserve.

Thank you for supporting us on the journey so far!

Vote For CareerFoundry on Gründerszene!

April 22nd, 2015

We are very excited to announce that CareerFoundry has been voted one of the top 20 ‘newcomer’ startups in Germany! But it gets better… we are in the running to be named as one of the top 3 newcomer startups if you register your vote for us here on the Gruenderszene website.

VentureVillage Jumps On Board CareerFoundry Launch: Raffaela Rein Talks Mentors, Changing Careers and How To Be Job Ready in just three months

March 4th, 2015

VentureVillage, the most engaging news outlet for digital innovation in Europe, has leapt on board the CareerFoundry launch and gone live this morning with our big news, getting the word out to Berlin’s startup scene that CareerFoundry is pushing the next generation of Web Developers and UI & UX Designers into the growing tech job market.

VentureVillage report on the hottest startup hubs across the continent, and our founder, Raffaela Rein, was very excited to share our news with them. She talked to journalist Elena Rueckert about our career-changing courses, mentor-driven programs and the hiring partners ready to take our talented students and launch them into their dream jobs on the tech scene.

They discussed the benefits of CareerFoundry’s individualised, inspirational mentor-led programs versus other online educational options and the huge proportion of CareerFoundry students who, upon completing a course, have landed jobs in their chosen field.

Raffaela explained:

“CareerFoundry is the first career accelerator and online vocational education provider for the digital economy that helps students go from zero to job ready in just three months.”

For the full post, click here.

Escape The City With Our Queen Of Career Change

January 9th, 2015

Escape The City, the fantastic portal of change for those desperate to escape the corporate machine, has asked our founder Raffaela Rein to write about what inspired her to quit her job in ‘the City’ and set up her own business.

Raffaela describes her moment of truth, when, on a plane back from India she watched the film The Social Network. Cheesy as it may sound, it inspired her to make the leap and start up on her own as she realised she was never going to achieve her dreams staying in the job she was in. The great thing about Raffaela’s story is that she is now encouraging others to do the same: to take hold of the amazing opportunities opening up on the tech scene and to create their own marks within it.

And the opportunities are infinite. Whether you decide to work for an independent, ambitious and forward-thinking startup, or to freelance and be the master of your own schedule and projects, a career in tech can take you there. You may want to make the leap, as Raffaela did, and set up your own business, building a great team around you, a passion for your product and a working environment that encourages free thought and expression. Escape The City and CareerFoundry have a lot in common: we want you to make that career change and do the things you’ve always thought you never could. Retraining in tech gives you the opportunity of a creatively fulfilling, flexible and autonomous career, leaving behind that nine to five job that leaves you so bored and frustrated. Have you ever sat at your desk, twirling the cord of the telephone around your finger and wondered if there is more to life than this? We can tell you there is. If you are like Raffaela was, ambitious but bored of your current working environment, it’s time to escape the city, retrain and do something you love.

Creating Independently, Together - Kulturspace Official Launch

January 8th, 2015

Friends of CareerFoundry, Berlin-based kulturspace have announced their official launch today, 16th September 2014; bringing together creative freelancers and supporting their endeavours with their Creative Bureau and Creatives Support & Institutional Services. By these means kulturspace is dedicated to supporting the global creative community with professional services designed to turn creative ideas into reality, while providing a collaborative and engaging work environment.

kulturspace Founder & Project Director, Justin Raymond Merino envisions a future where creative individuals and institutions will have unparalleled access to creative support services. Merino told us: “By eliminating the traditional brick-and-mortar setup, kulturspace is our solution to bridging the gap in the market: bringing together a global collective of like-minded creative talents and project owners for synergistic collaborations.” Here at CareerFoundry we are proud to be involved with a project that is actively supporting the work of creative freelancers.

To see more of what kulturspace do, check out this video here.

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