Video: 5 Must-Read Articles on AI (2024)

It’s 2024, and AI is everywhere. If you’re looking to learn more, where do you even start?

Right here: In this latest video, Senior Data Scientist Tom Gadsby unpacks his top five CareerFoundry articles on AI.

He breaks down why they’re such relevant and insightful resources and gives a quick overview of each.

If you want to skip straight to the articles themselves, you can find them here:

  1. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Is AI Taking Over Jobs?
  2. The Impact of AI in UX Design: The Complete Guide
  3. What is Machine Learning Exactly? A Complete Beginner’s Guide
  4. 7 Great Coding Prompts for ChatGPT: A Beginner’s Guide
  5. ChatGPT for UX Design: The Top 15 Prompts

Want to learn even more about the world of AI in tech? 

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