The 10 Best Paying Jobs in Technology: 2024 Guide

CareerFoundry contributor Dr. Anneke Schmidt

The tech industry is a popular choice for career changers looking for more rewarding—and lucrative—jobs. In 2024, with AI creating a wave of excitement and recruiters looking for tech workers with the expertise to utilize the new technology, there’s never been a better time to shift into tech.

But what are the best paying jobs in technology?

This guide will provide an overview of the highest earners in tech, looking at typical job responsibilities, necessary skills, and salary expectations. So, if you want to get into tech and maximize your earning opportunities, read on.

The 10 best paying jobs in technology

Our list of the ten best paying tech jobs provides an extensive overview of the industry’s current highest earners based on Payscale’s salary information.

1. Cloud Solutions Architect

Average base salary: $132,720

Cloud solutions architects design, develop, and deploy cloud computing solutions. As cloud engineers, they help organizations optimize their cloud resources by creating efficient architectures to support business-critical workloads and identify cost savings opportunities. 

They also collaborate with stakeholders, including developers and system administrators, to ensure successful technology implementations.

Core responsibilities

  • Designing and deploying cloud solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Establishing appropriate access controls for customer accounts
  • Ensuring the integrity and availability of customer data

Key skills

  • Knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Understanding of data security best practices
  • Ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues

2. Product Manager (Software)

Average base salary: $105,972

Software product managers are responsible for developing and executing successful software development strategies. Through market analysis, they identify customer needs, develop launch plans and pricing models, and coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful launch of new products. 

Product managers also create roadmaps that define long-term product objectives and features, monitor industry trends, and work closely with stakeholders to ensure software success.

Core responsibilities

  • Identifying customer needs through market research
  • Creating product launch plans and pricing models
  • Formulating long-term product strategy through roadmap development

Key skills

  • Project management skills to coordinate across teams
  • Understanding of software development processes
  • Knowledge of user interface (UI) design principles

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3. Cybersecurity Engineer

Average base salary: $101,584

Cybersecurity engineers protect data, networks, and systems from intrusion and malicious attacks. They develop and implement security designs, assess risks to data, detect anomalies or threats in the system before they cause damage, and maintain secure operations across an organization. 

Security engineers also audit ongoing processes to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

Core responsibilities

  • Designing security measures to protect against cyber-attacks
  • Monitoring systems for unusual activity or breaches
  • Developing strategies for identifying vulnerabilities in systems

Key skills

  • Thorough understanding of networking protocols and authentication methods
  • Familiarity with encryption techniques such as tokenization and hashing
  • Experience with cloud computing environments such as AWS or Azure

4. Software Engineer

Average base salary: $92,810

Software engineers design, develop and maintain software solutions to solve business needs. Through the use of sound software development, they create reliable, efficient, and secure solutions that meet customer requirements.

Software engineers also perform tests to ensure software meets quality standards and collaborate with other engineers, testers, and stakeholders throughout the development process. 

Core responsibilities

  • Creating software solutions that meet customer requirements
  • Working with stakeholders to identify areas of improvement in existing systems
  • Debugging and troubleshooting complex technical issues

Key skills

  • In-depth knowledge of software development best practices
  • Familiarity with programming languages such as Java, C++, and Python
  • Understanding of integrated development environments (IDEs) and databases

a young software engineer, one of the best paying jobs in technology, works at her desk

5. Blockchain Engineer

Average base salary: $122,000

Blockchain engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining blockchain solutions. Through the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT), they ensure data integrity, secure transactions, and create new business models.

Blockchain engineers also analyze existing blockchain implementations, identify areas of improvement, and develop smart contracts to improve efficiency. 

Core responsibilities

  • Creating blockchain solutions that meet customer requirements
  • Working with stakeholders to identify areas of improvement in existing systems
  • Debugging and troubleshooting complex technical issues related to DLT

Key skills

  • In-depth knowledge of DLT
  • Familiarity with programming languages such as Solidity, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), JavaScript, and HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of integrated development environments (IDEs) and databases

6. Full-Stack Developer

Average base salary: $84,806

Full-stack developers are software engineers who work with both the front-end and back-end of applications. They develop user interfaces and integrate them with server-side logic, create databases, manage user authentication, and maintain web application frameworks.

Their ability to bridge the gap between front-end design and back-end systems enables them to produce highly functional websites and applications. 

Core responsibilities

  • Developing front-end interfaces with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other technologies
  • Creating databases for data persistence
  • Managing user authentication and authorization workflows

Key skills

  • Expertise in web application development frameworks such as React and Angular
  • Proficiency in web programming languages such as HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Understanding of relational and NoSQL databases such as MySQL and MongoDB

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7. UX Designer

Average base salary: $78,417

UX designers create a strong user experience through intuitive design and attractive visuals. They work closely with product teams to craft designs that make products simple, enjoyable, and easy to use. 

By gathering customer feedback, they can improve current interfaces, enhance usability, and ensure all websites and applications offer a positive and engaging experience for users.

Core responsibilities

  • Designing intuitive wireframes and user interfaces based on customer requirements
  • Developing prototypes for testing user flow and navigation
  • Creating high-fidelity mockups for review and feedback

Key skills

  • Strong knowledge of design principles such as color theory, typography, and layout
  • Proficiency in design tools such as Figma/Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Understanding of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and other web development languages

For deeper insight into the earning potential of UX designers, check out this video with UX specialist, Maureen:

8. Digital Marketing Manager

Average base salary: $73,611

Digital marketing managers create plans and strategies to promote products and services online. They develop digital campaigns across social media, search engines, and other digital platforms, build relationships with influencers and optimize content for engagement and website traffic. 

Through sound analytics and reporting, they measure the effectiveness of their strategies and make data-driven decisions based on performance.

Core responsibilities

  • Developing digital campaigns across multiple channels
  • Building relationships with influencers and brands
  • Creating content that resonates with target audiences

Key skills

  • Proven track record in driving conversions through digital campaigns
  • Understanding of SEO/SEM tactics and Google Analytics
  • Expertise in web platforms such as WordPress and HTML5

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9. Data Analyst

Average base salary: $66,638

Data analysts are responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from data communication networks to inform decision-making processes. 

Using statistical tools and techniques, they draw insights from data sets to provide valuable information to various stakeholders. Data analysts also develop reports presenting their analysis results in a meaningful way.

Core responsibilities

  • Collecting, organizing, and analyzing data using statistical techniques
  • Interpreting data sets to identify trends and patterns
  • Developing reports that present the results of analytical findings

Key skills

  • Knowledge of mathematics, statistics, spreadsheets, databases, and programming languages
  • Experience with visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, R, and Python
  • Strong problem-solving abilities

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10. Web Developer

Average base salary: $64,089

Web developers create websites and web-based applications that help businesses achieve their goals. Working with graphics, wireframes, and content management systems, they develop user-friendly interfaces and test for performance and security.

By working closely with stakeholders throughout the development process, they can ensure the end result is an attractive, functional website that meets all expectations. 

Core responsibilities

  • Designing and developing user-friendly websites
  • Troubleshooting issues to ensure optimal performance and security
  • Testing and optimizing websites across multiple browsers and devices

Key skills

  • Expertise in HTML/CSS/Javascript and popular frameworks such as Angular and React
  • Experience with content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal
  • Understanding of cross-browser compatibility and web optimization techniques

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Key takeaways

The technology sector has some of the most lucrative jobs in the world, as evidenced by our list of the best paying jobs in technology. 

From cloud computing and cybersecurity to data analysis and UX design, there is no shortage of high-paying technical positions that offer competitive salaries and excellent career prospects.

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