The 20 Best Remote Companies To Work For

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In 2023, remote (and hybrid) work was so common that for those considering a new job or career change in 2024, it’s quite often a requirement. 

As a result, rather than frowning on remote work, forward-thinking businesses—especially in the tech industry—are taking a more tolerant stance on skipping the office.

But which companies are leading the race in this transition to a new era of remote work? And which should you look to work for?

In this article, we’ll unpack the 20 best remote companies to work for.

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The 20 best remote companies to work for

Today, it’s easier than ever before to earn a living working remotely. But how do you kick off your hunt for that first remote job? 

Look no further: We’ve compiled our ultimate list of the 20 best remote companies to work for. All figures listed are taken from Indeed.   

1. Liveops

Liveops is a virtual call center that offers on-demand virtual agents for enterprise sales and customer service requirements. They provide fully remote, hybrid, and freelance job opportunities, offering significant flexibility and work-life balance to their agents.

Liveops empowers its agents by allowing them to be self-employed, giving them control over their schedules and the number of hours they work. Beyond remote work, Liveops offers a fundamentally different labor model they call “virtual flex”.

The virtual flex workforce is not based in a brick-and-mortar office; they also enjoy flexible working schedules, effectively allowing them to call the shots during workdays. 

  • Work type: 100% remote
  • Indeed work-life balance rating: 4.1
  • Perks: work when you want

2. Microsoft

Indeed ranks Microsoft at #1 in its list of best remote companies to work for. As you’d expect from a leading tech giant, Microsoft has welcomed the remote working revolution with open arms and offers benefits ranging from social clubs, donation matching, flexible work schedules, PTO, wellness reimbursement, tuition assistance, and training opportunities. 

Microsoft comes in with an impressive score of 80 on Indeed’s worker happiness scale. The firm also scores an impressive 82 for flexibility. Microsoft scores an overall Indeed rating of 4.2, ranking it up with the best companies offering remote work opportunities.  

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Indeed work-life balance rating: 3.9
  • Salary satisfaction: 71%

3. Working Solutions

Working Solutions, established in 1996, is a leading provider of on-demand sales and customer service agents who work remotely from their homes. As an expert in on-demand workforce solutions, the company believes that flexible work arrangements offer advantages such as reduced overhead expenses, access to a global talent pool, and a more focused and productive team.

Working Solutions is recognized as an “Open Company” on Glassdoor, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and transparency for employees and contracted agents. 

They have a history of offering diverse job opportunities, including freelance, part-time, hybrid, 100% remote, and flexible schedule positions across various career fields such as customer service, call center, consulting, project management, and sales.

The company’s independent agents come from diverse backgrounds—including stay-at-home parents, professionals in career transitions, military spouses, and seniors.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Indeed work-life balance rating: 3.9
  • Salary satisfaction: 57%

4. Intuit

Intuit is an American business software company that specializes in financial software. They are known as a fair employer that places a strong emphasis on pay equity and employee benefits designed to support its workforce in various ways. 

These include paid volunteer time, vibrant employee resource groups (such as the African Ancestry and Pride networks), backup childcare options, fertility benefits, and robust support for children with disabilities.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many firms were scrapping their internships, Intuit went against the grain and launched a program of virtual internships. Intuit’s hybrid work program combines the best aspects of in-person collaboration with the flexibility of virtual work. 

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Indeed pay and benefits rating: 4.1
  • Perks: strong emphasis on work-life balance


Founded as TeleTech in 1982, TTEC has evolved into a prominent business process outsourcing company. With rapid expansion, including a staggering 300% growth in its global workforce, the company rebranded in 2018. This transformation aimed to enhance profitability by combining strategic consulting, service design, cutting-edge technology platforms, and a commitment to operational excellence.

Over the years, TTEC has advertised a wide range of hybrid and 100% remote positions and those with flexible schedules. These opportunities span various fields such as customer service, computer and IT, consulting, marketing, and sales, among others. 

The company is a global force, with a team of over 50,000 professionals spanning six continents. Remarkably, nearly 20,000 of these team members work from home, making TTEC a leader in embracing remote work.

  • Work type: 40% remote
  • Indeed work-life balance rating: 3.3
  • Perks: ability to work from home

A screenshot of TTEC’s website, one of the best remote companies to work for

6. Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is your go-to destination for comprehensive individual, federal, and state income tax preparation services, with offices conveniently located nationwide. Jackson Hewitt understands the changing work landscape and has embraced remote work options. 

In addition to flexible work schedules, the firm supports ongoing learning and personal development by offering tuition reimbursement. They regularly post remote job opportunities, including roles such as digital customer service representatives, C++ developers, and tax consultants.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Benefits and compensations rating: 3.3
  • Perks: flexible schedule

7. CVS Health

CVS Health stands at the forefront of the healthcare industry, encompassing CVS Specialty, CVS Pharmacy, CVS MinuteClinic, and CVS Caremark. In a game-changing move, CVS Health joined forces with healthcare titan Aetna in 2018, embarking on a transformative journey to redefine consumer healthcare.

With a team of nearly 25,000 pharmacists nationwide, CVS Health plays a pivotal role in healthcare services. 

Beyond the medical and health field, CVS Health has expanded its horizons, offering a diverse range of flexible job opportunities. Previous openings have included hybrid remote, fully remote, part-time, flexible schedule, freelance, and occasional positions in areas like account management, sales, insurance, and customer service. 

CVS Health recognizes the importance of tailoring work arrangements to meet the needs of both its employees and customers, combining in-office and remote work as necessary.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 28% 
  • Work-life balance rating: 3.1

8. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty is a pioneering real estate agency with a strong focus on technology and a commitment to empowering its agents. 

For those seeking a flexible work-life balance, Keller Williams Realty offers flexible hours. Keller Williams Realty extends its global reach by hiring international remote agents. 

With an overall Indeed rating of 4.3, the company has garnered high praise from its workforce.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 47% 
  • Work-life balance rating: 4.2

9. Kelly

For nearly eight decades, Kelly has been a trailblazer in the staffing industry, revolutionizing workforce solutions and connecting highly skilled workers with leading businesses and Fortune 100 companies across various industries. 

As an equal-opportunity employer, Kelly is committed to promoting nontraditional workstyles and offers a comprehensive range of flexible work arrangements that extend beyond HR & recruiting.

These diverse work arrangements encompass direct-hire, freelance, part-time, temporary-to-hire, hybrid, and 100% remote, work-from-home opportunities. 

These opportunities span various career divisions and cater to experienced applicants with relevant skills and college degrees, depending on the role.

Kelly lists its top seven virtual careers as sports coach or psychologist, customer support specialist, web designer, app developer, translator, social media marketing specialist, and registered nurse case manager.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 60% 
  • Perks: widely spread, meaning relocation is an option

10. SAP

SAP, a renowned business software company, empowers organizations by enabling them to harness the power of real-time data to predict customer trends. Committed to both technological innovation and employee well-being, SAP offers a range of top-tier benefits to its workforce.

SAP recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides top benefits that include flexible working hours, ensuring employees can align their work schedules with their personal lives. 

The company goes even further, offering holistic cancer treatment support, adoptive parent leave to support growing families, and transgender-inclusive health coverage to ensure all employees have access to comprehensive healthcare.

SAP’s commitment to flexible work extends to its remote positions, encompassing roles like client support analysts, interns, UI and UX designers, and software engineers. This flexibility allows individuals to work from various locations while contributing to SAP’s mission.

  • Work type: 80% remote
  • SAP excels in flexibility, with an impressive Indeed rating of 85
  • Work-life balance rating: 4.1

A screenshot of SAP’s website, one of the best remote companies to work for

11. Williams-Sonoma

Established in 1956 by Chuck Williams, Williams-Sonoma is a distinguished multichannel specialty retailer that offers a range of top-quality home products. With retail stores spanning the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and a prominent presence in e-commerce, Williams-Sonoma is a major player in the world of home retail.

Through its Total Rewards program, eligible employees enjoy competitive benefits, including a 401(k) plan, employee discounts, healthcare coverage, quarterly sample sales, commuter benefits, and time off for volunteering. 

Williams-Sonoma has previously advertised freelance, temporary, part-time, and hybrid to 100% remote job opportunities. These roles typically span various areas, such as art and creative, marketing, customer service, retail, and manufacturing.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 53% 
  • Work-life balance rating: 3.3

12. Splunk

Splunk is a pioneering software platform that is on a mission to democratize machine data. By making machine data accessible, Splunk empowers companies in various domains, including application management, information technology operations, security, web intelligence, customer analytics, and business analytics.

As an employer, Splunk is dedicated to both its employees’ growth and the success of its clients.

Splunk embraces remote work, hiring a diverse range of remote employees to join its team. In 2021, Splunk announced that almost all of its employees would have the option to work from home permanently.

  • Work type: fully remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 72% 
  • Work-life balance rating: 4.1

13. Sutherland

Sutherland, founded in 1986, is a global process transformation company that reimagines and rebuilds processes to thrive in the digital age. 

Sutherland has earned recognition as one of FlexJobs’ 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs and Achievers’ 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in North America. 

The company embraces flexible work arrangements, including fully remote and part-time positions, hybrid roles, and “hub and spoke positions”, where employees initially work at a physical location and then transition to remote work with occasional on-site meetings or training courses.

The company typically posts career opportunities in various fields, including customer service, sales, computer & IT, and software development, among others.

Sutherland collaborates with FlexJobs to connect with job seekers interested in remote or flexible work.

  • Work type: 80% remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 40% 
  • Work-life balance rating: 3.4

14. VMware

VMware, an IT company at the forefront of innovation, specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions to empower organizations across diverse industries. Their expertise encompasses app modernization, cloud computing, networking and security, and digital workspace solutions. As an employer, VMware places a strong emphasis on not only technology but also on the well-being and support of its workforce.

VMware embraces remote work and actively hires for remote positions. These roles may include executive assistants, interns, technical writers, and talent recruiters, allowing individuals to contribute to VMware’s mission from anywhere in the world.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Salary satisfaction: 40% 
  • Flexibility rating: 84

15. Robert Half International

Since its founding in 1948, Robert Half International has held its position as a premier global professional staffing and consulting firm. As an employer, Robert Half International offers 100% remote positions and has earned a well-deserved reputation, receiving numerous awards. 

The firm’s corporate citizenship program enables employees to contribute to local and global charities, fostering a sense of social responsibility.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Placed in the FlexJobs’ 100 Top Companies With Remote Jobs list
  • Ranked as one of the 50 Happiest Companies in America, according to CareerBliss

A screenshot of Robert Half Internationa's website, one of the best remote companies to work for

16. Johnson & Johnson

With a legacy spanning over 275 companies, Johnson & Johnson is a prominent healthcare organization dedicated to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. Beyond its contributions to healthcare, Johnson & Johnson is equally committed to supporting its workforce in meaningful ways.

Johnson & Johnson has moved with the remote work revolution and hires for various remote positions. These include roles as virtual interns, recruitment specialists, regulatory affairs associates, and digital customer solutions deployment analysts.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Overall Indeed rating of 4.2
  • Salary satisfaction: 70%

17. Emory University

Emory University, a distinguished research institution in Atlanta, takes employee well-being seriously and offers a comprehensive benefits package to support its workforce.

Emory places a premium on creating a flexible and rewarding work environment for its employees. The university recognizes the importance of work-life balance and actively encourages employees to work from home regularly, with the expectation that they can commute to the university as needed.

  • Work type: partially remote
  • Perks: a focus on flexible work arrangements
  • Salary satisfaction: 52%

18. TranscribeMe!

Founded in 2011, TranscribeMe! is a prominent information technology and services company specializing in global translation services. Operating on a global scale, TranscribeMe! boasts a hybrid technology/human platform with an impressive 98% accuracy in converting audio content from multiple languages into text. This text is accessible on various mobile platforms, making it highly versatile. 

Embracing remote work, the company offers “100% remote positions”, welcoming individuals who seek opportunities for professional growth while working from anywhere. 

With a commitment to flexibility, TranscribeMe! advertises various remote job roles, catering to different schedules and fields, including data entry, transcription, translation, and editing.

  • Work type: 100% remote
  • Perks: “work from anywhere, anytime”
  • Work-life balance rating: 4.0

19. Meta

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is a dynamic tech company with a diverse portfolio that includes managing social media apps and websites, pioneering artificial intelligence, and developing immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences. Beyond its groundbreaking work, Meta is equally dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Meta actively embraces remote work and extends various remote opportunities across multiple domains. Whether in human resources, legal, consumer marketing, content strategy, or data science, Meta provides avenues for individuals to contribute to its innovative initiatives remotely.

In September of 2023, Meta issued a return-to-office mandate, requiring employees to work from the company’s physical locations at least three days a week.

  • Work type: 60% remote
  • Perks: employee holistic wellness programs
  • Overall indeed score: 4.1

20. Transcom

Transcom is a global business specializing in delivering exceptional customer experiences. The company focuses on various services, including customer care, technical support, sales, and credit management. With a team of approximately 30,000 people, Transcom values its associates and offers competitive compensation and benefits packages to eligible employees.

A key feature of Transcom’s workplace culture is promoting a healthy work-life balance. The company actively supports its staff in growing their careers while providing the comfort and convenience of working from their homes. 

In North America, the company has adopted a fully remote work model, allowing team members to work entirely from home. 

  • Work type: mostly remote
  • Remote job openings are available in over 30 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces
  • Work-life balance rating: 3.3

Closing thoughts

The landscape of work has transformed, and remote opportunities are more accessible than ever before. The 20 best remote companies featured here are not only leaders in their respective industries but also champions of flexibility and support for their employees. From global tech giants like Microsoft and SAP to innovative companies like TranscribeMe! and TTEC, these organizations offer diverse remote roles across various fields.

These companies understand the importance of work-life balance, provide comprehensive benefits, and actively encourage remote work, enabling individuals to contribute to their missions from anywhere.

Whether seeking a career in customer service, tech, healthcare, real estate, or beyond, these companies offer the flexibility and support you need to thrive in your remote role.

As the future of work continues to evolve, these companies stand as beacons of opportunity, empowering individuals to build fulfilling careers without sacrificing flexibility.

Explore the possibilities, embark on your remote journey, and find the company that aligns with your goals and values. Your next remote adventure awaits! 

If you’re looking to explore jobs suited to remote work, chat with one of our program advisors— or try a free short course.

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