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CareerFoundry and the EBS Business School Partner to Shape Future Leaders

CareerFoundry and the EBS Business School Partner to Shape Future Leaders

Raffaela Rein

Every eighth job in Germany is threatened by automatization, according to a government study published in German magazine. At the same time, business strategy firm McKinsey states that60% of the German economy doesn’t feel prepared for these changes. In order to embrace these advances, they say, we need to develop new specialists and skills in the digital sector. If we can do that, we can unlock a potential €1.25bn for the EU in the digital sector alone.

It’s with this eye to the future that CareerFoundry is excited to announce a new partnership with the EBS Business School Oestrich-Winkel, one of Europe’s most accomplished business schools. Tailored specifically to prepare future leaders with the skills they need to take on the changing face of business, we have created the first ECTS credit bearing elective on digital competencies in Germany.

Called Startup Skills 101, the course will be included in the EBS Business School’s curriculum in spring term 2016. It pairs CareerFoundry’s deep experience in online education technology with the EBS Business School’s award-winning business leadership curriculum to arm future leaders with the tools they need to navigate, shape and create the ideas and markets of the 21st Century.

At CareerFoundry, we pride ourselves in helping people all over the world meet their professional goals. That’s one of the reasons why we are excited to partner with EBS Business School as a leader in cutting edge business education with an exciting digital strategy. Besides their full-time Bachelor in General Management, they have recently launched a part-time version of the program which offers ambitious young professionals who would like to combine studying at a renowned university with their current professional life. Combining a high quality university degree program with the special requirements of a part-time program, it has an adapted structure, learning format and flexibility developed specifically around the demanding schedules of part-time students.

We look forward to preparing future leaders for the massive changes that will affect every aspect of the economy. By embracing the new face of digital education, EBS and CareerFoundry will bring the industry one step closer to democratizing access to quality, affordable education for all.

You can read the full press release regarding the CareerFoundry and EBS Business School partnership here.

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Raffaela Rein

Raffaela Rein

CareerFoundry Co-founder and CEO

Herself a tech career convert, Raffaela made waves in the digital world at Rocket Internet before leaving to co-found CareerFoundry.