CareerHub: The Jobs Board Built by CareerFoundry Graduates

CareerHub: The Jobs Board Built by CareerFoundry Graduates

Tim Fahrendorff

One of the great things about CareerFoundry is the collaboration between students, graduates, tutors, mentors, and the CareerFoundry team in Berlin.

What better way to showcase your skills than by working on a real product, with real user research, rapid iterations, and something useful at the end of it?

There’s been a high demand for a jobs board for some time now, and we realized this was the perfect community project to get the ball rolling. And so, we put the feelers out, and before long we’d put together an amazing team of UX designers and web developers across four countries who were prepared to take on the challenge.

Here’s the lowdown.

A global collaboration

Being a global collaboration meant that the project was ticking over almost non-stop. With team members in the the Netherlands, Germany, Jordan, and Australia, we spanned many time zones - effectively working through the night!


Team meetings took place at carefully selected times - i.e. during the limited window when we were all awake. We held video conferences using, Skype, and of course, held real-life catch-ups for those in and around Berlin.

Introducing CareerHub

CareerHub is a place where CareerFoundry students and graduates can find and apply for positions in tech. The jobs on the platform are carefully curated and match the skills acquired through CareerFoundry courses - in UX design, UI design, web development, and iOS development.

In the past, we regularly shared jobs among the community on Slack - not so great for posterity! We realized that there was a huge demand for a place where people can easily search these later on.

One of the great things about this project, was having such an engaged and interested user group - i.e. CareerFoundry students. The team were able to quickly establish which features and filters would be most useful, and come up with an MVP.

As you can see, the first iteration has some key functionality already. You can filter by role, job type, skill level, and location.

What’s next?

Besides building a hub for our students to meet future employers, this project was designed to explore the possibility of students and mentors collaborating on real-life projects.

After the initial pilot, we want to expand on this, and eventually accept projects from external partners. The ultimate goal is to provide a steady stream of small-scale projects that our students and graduates can take on to gain more real-world experience.

This means students can showcase their skills, grow their portfolio, and experience working remotely and collaboratively!

As for CareerHub, the plan is simply to keep iterating and growing. We want to make sure we’re capturing the hottest vacancies in tech and bringing them right to your fingertips!

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved. If you’re a current student, you can check out CareerHubnow. If you have ideas or suggestions, or you want to be involved in future community projects, you can reach out to

If you’re thinking about changing your career to tech, discover more about our courses by visiting

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Tim Fahrendorff

Tim Fahrendorff

Contributer to the CareerFoundry Blog

Tim Fahrendorff has been working in the tech employment industry for around 5 years. He joined CareerFoundry as the 7th employee, back in January 2015. Right now, he works with the CareerFoundry Career Services Team, developing partnerships and finding innovative ways to support our students in finding their dream job. He is passionate about all things related work 4.0. Currently researching how to implement UX practices into organizational development.