Creatives Without Borders Partners With CareerFoundry

Creatives Without Borders Partners With CareerFoundry

Valentina Calandra

CareerFoundry students are often involved in fascinating and valuable projects alongside their studies or after they have graduated from their courses with us. In this article, we showcase the stories and work of two of our students - Amal Habashy, a CareerFoundry UX design student, and Chema Mora, a CareerFoundry web development student - who were invited to collaborate with Creatives Without Borders (CWB).

Creatives Without Borders is an organization that “connects, accelerates and promotes organizations and creatives to help them generate a bigger social impact”

Let’s dive a bit deeper into their stories.


It was the brainwave of CareerFoundry mentor and Creatives Without Borders employee, Adrien Colombié to begin a collaboration between CareerFoundry and Creatives Without Borders. The idea was to find a way to get CareerFoundry UX design or web development students involved in a Creatives Without Borders web development project and offer them“real experience working with professional organizations”; organizations the students would be connected to through Creatives Without Borders.


The way it works is that once students submit their work, their profiles are reviewed by an international jury of design and development experts at Creatives Without Borders.

Chema Mora

For his Creatives Without Borders submission, Chema Mora designed the website for Club Sanaa, a nonprofit that teaches photography to marginalized communities. The idea behind the nonprofit is to support the wellbeing of community members, provide education in photography and journalism and potentially provide possible career paths.

Additionally, Club Sanaa empowers the communities they work with by allowing members to share their stories with the rest of the world, and in doing so educating the rest of us, too.

“Chema was very popular with our international jury - everyone loved his profile!” Jasmine told us.

Chema is originally from Spain, though he is currently living in the UK. In terms of his experience taking a CareerFoundry course, Chema said:

“[CareerFoundry’s Web Development Course was] a great all-rounded course to get an introduction to all web development technologies. With the right attitude and hard work [my] CareerFoundry course put me on the right track to tackle projects like Sanaa on my own”.

Indeed, Chema’s time with CareerFoundry lead to his involvement in this interesting and important partnership. This experience was for Chema “a great opportunity to help a non-profit organisation whilst learning”.

“Chema was great to work with,” Jasmine from CWB tells us, “he was proactive, timely, organized and creative. The final website looks fantastic, simple and exactly what Club Sanaa needed.”

You can check out Chema’s website at

Amal Habashy

Coming from Ontario, Canada, Amal Habashy found CareerFoundry by searching online for tech courses. After completing the course, her mentor suggested she do some work for Creatives Without Boarders.

“CareerFoundry prepared me to understand UX design concepts, and gave me the chance to learn and start my new career,” Amal shared with us.

She saw her new skills in technology as a tool to help someone else in need which was why she was excited to submit work to Creatives Without Borders.

Amal’s final project was not selected by Creatives Without Borders, although she did reach the final rounds.

“Amal was a great communicator,” Jasmine from CWB told us.“Very reliable, forward thinking and professional. She worked well with our partner organisation, helping guide them to what they need and explained why she made her decisions.”

Despite not being selected, Amal gleaned a variety of benefits from the experience and her designs have since been sent to WCCN (Working Capital for Community Needs) who loved her work and will implement the designs after the rest of the development stages for the website have been completed.

CareerFoundry is proud to have facilitated the collaboration between these students and Creatives Without Borders. The success of the projects demonstrates that our students become equipped with the skills and field knowledge they need to be able to execute projects like these at a very high level and for established and extremely credible organizations.

Jasmine could not say enough good things about Chema and Amal’s work:

“Both Amal and Chema have been really dedicated, committed and enthusiastic throughout the entire process with Creatives Without Borders. They both demonstrated great communication and organisational skills from application through to project completion!”

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Valentina Calandra

Valentina Calandra

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