25 Companies Hiring The Most Tech Talent Right Now

25 Companies Hiring The Most Tech Talent Right Now

Rosie Allabarton

It couldn’t be a better time to be working in tech. We’ve written often on this blog about the number of job positions opening up on the tech scene (and the shortage of skilled workers available to fill them), and here are the figures to prove it. Released earlier this week, employee search site Indeed.com, have revealed the statistics behind the news headlines with a list of the 25 companies hiring the most tech talent right now. Jobs in tech are really booming. And the great news is, wherever your interests or expertise lie, every type of firm requires skilled tech workers. From the arts to the sciences, from defence to finance, once you’ve got the skills you can start applying to vacancies in your dream companies. Perhaps it’s time to start levelling up your skillset and get yourself a new job in tech.

The companies that appear on this list had the most listings for U.S. tech jobs paying $60,000 per year or more on Indeed.com, as of April 2014.

1. ) Amazon - number of vacancies - 1,784

Everyone uses Amazon. The American international electronic commerce company is the world’s largest online retailer and its influence is pretty hard to ignore. With headquarters in Seattle, Amazon has revealed it has over 1,500 job openings in tech. Although the company started as an online bookstore, these days it sells everything from DVDs, software and video games, to furniture, food and toys. The company is also a major provider of cloud computing services.

2. ) Lockheed Martin - number of vacancies - 1,568 Lockheed Martin is an American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company and one of the world’s largest defense contractors. The company is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington Metropolitan Area, however it employs 116,000 people worldwide. With 1, 568 job openings in tech, you could soon be one of them.

3. ) General Dynamics - number of vacancies - 1,114 Another aerospace and defense corporation, General Dynamics has announced over 1,000 job openings in technology this year. It has four main business segments: Marine Systems; Combat Systems; Information Systems and Technology; and Aerospace. With over 90, 000 employees worldwide you certainly won’t be stuck for meeting new people.

4. ) Northrop Grumman - number of vacancies - 1, 099

In 2010, Northrop Grumman was the fourth-largest defense contractor in the world and in 2012 it reported revenues of 25.218 billion. It is among the largest suppliers of IT services to the U.S. federal government. With over 1,000 job vacancies in their tech department announced, if you did choose to work here you could be dealing with some very high-profile clients.

5.) Diverse Lynx - number of vacancies - 985

In a move away from the defense corporations which have dominated this list so far, in position number 5 we have Diverse Lynx, an IT Consultancy on a world-wide scale. The company provides onsite-consulting services, develops customized software solutions and conducts clinical trials and data management. It has announced almost 1,000 job openings.

And the other top 20 firms hiring in tech are:

IBM - 889 CSC - 878 JPMorgan Chase - 866 AppLabs - 787 Microsoft - 772 HP - 707 Technosoft Corporation - 660 GM - 643 Chico’s FAS - 572 Apple - 551 Dell 535 Leidos - 530 PwC - 528 CareWorks Tech - 494 Cognizent - 488 Booz Allen Hamilton - 486 BAE Systems - 471 CACI International Inc - 463 Axius Technologies - 442 ManTech International Corporation - 375

With so many opportunities out there and not enough people to fill the roles, anyone willing to train in technology skills has a great chance at landing a top job. Whether you are drawn to Apple or Microsoft, IBM or BAE Systems by training up in tech you are giving yourself the advantage and taking that first step towards your new, more rewarding and better paid career.

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Rosie Allabarton

Rosie Allabarton

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