The Best (And Worst) Things About Joining A Startup

The Best (And Worst) Things About Joining A Startup

Rosie Allabarton

In our series “Why Join A Startup?” we’ve been talking to members of our CareerFoundry team to give our students an insight into the startup work culture. Everyone in the CareerFoundry office has, at some time or other, worked for a big corporation so now we certainly appreciate being part of a close-knit, hard-working, fun and professional startup team. At CF we are building a great product and making an impact without the restraints or drudgery of corporate life. Perhaps after reading our reasons to join a startup you too will start thinking about making that career change.

Martin Ramsin

First, Martin Ramsin gives us his reasons for joining a startup. Martin is a co-founder of CareerFoundry and Web Developer who spent nine years as a Product Specialist at txtr and Nokia in Berlin, as well as Senior Developer in several mobile and games companies in San Francisco and Sweden. He tells us his top five reasons as to why startup life suits him so well and why others should change their lives and get into tech.

Martin says:

1.) It’s an adventure. A small team on a quest to change the world.

2.) People in startups are fun. Startup life attracts people who are willing to take risks.

3.) You will learn a lot about running a small business because in such a small team everybody gets involved in every aspect of running the company. This is great to know if you have hopes of one day setting up your own company.

4.) You will make a difference. The quality of your work can make or break a small company. Making an impact is something you rarely get to do in large companies. In a startup every decision that each person makes counts towards the success of that business.

5.) Most big companies are hieratic and so if you want something done you need to know who to talk to and impress. Startups are the opposite: anyone with a good idea can change things.

Raffaela Rein

Next we hear from Raffaela Rein, CEO and co-founder of CareerFoundry. Raffaela built three companies in Asia for Rocket Internet, worked as a Media Entrepreneur at Axel Spinger and an Investment Strategist at BlackRock. Raffaela knows a thing or two about changing careers, having made the leap from working for large corporates to starting her own business, CareerFoundry, with Martin. Raffaela is passionate about the startup work culture and the value of every team member’s input into the making the company grow and succeed.

Raffaela’s top five reasons to join a startup are:

  1. To have the chance to make an impact on the company’s development.
  2. To be accountable for my work and to make an impact.
  3. To be a part of creating something really outstanding and unique.
  4. To have the chance to work with very driven people.
  5. To have the chance to witness your own and others’ steep learning and development curve.

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Rosie Allabarton

Rosie Allabarton

Contributer to the CareerFoundry Blog