As tech spreads to every industry the demand for skilled professionals is growing fast.

Top MBA students are now choosing to move into tech over finance, and startups have illustrated that being a lifelong “nerd” is no longer required.

By building a bridge between the unemployed and the tech world, we at CareerFoundry are illustrating opportunities and enforcing your right to a job.

So however you choose to take advantage of it, be sure to make your move soon, the time has never been better!

The Tech Skills Gap Is An Opportunity:

With this much opportunity, you don’t have an excuse anymore! ## Tech Skills Gap In Education

We commonly refer to the “tech skills gap” as the result of many issues, and even the cause of current economic stagnation!

But what the data above points to is an issue in education more than industry. While hundreds of thousands of jobless individuals struggle to find a career, governments, universities and academy systems are only just now beginning to incorporate tech training into their programs; and while it’s a bit behind schedule, we’re so happy they’re doing it!

In fact, at CareerFoundry we even found a way to help. Not only do we teach our own Web Development Course and UX Design Course, but we’ve now developed a platform for Teaching Teachers To Teach Code in schools!

Next Steps To Bridge The Gap

Unemployed or not, you always want to make sure you’re doing something you love.

Something we really impress upon our students, mentors and even the CareerFoundry team, is that if you’ve decided to be good at something you should be as good at that thing as possible. It’s almost impossible to be great at something you don’t love, so before you decide that tech is for you, go try it out!

Across the internet there are thousands of ways to learn about tech skills, not to mention the blog you’re reading now! If you’re interested in Web Development or UX Design, you can also signup to our platform and try out the free trials of both our courses. Enjoy!

If you’re ready to launch a new tech career check out our courses!


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