Jobs in tech are opening up at an astonishing rate. Multi-national firms are competing with startups to attract the best web developers and UX designers in their field. Those with the right skills can pick and choose from the hottest vacancies because the demand for tech skills is at an all-time high. How can small firms attract the top talent with smaller resources and benefits packages? Surprisingly, small firms do have an edge over their larger competitors. It seems startups have the advantage of offering their employees more autonomy: a chance to make an impact and influence the future of that company, something that corporates simply cannot offer. More and more employees, particularly in tech, are seeking that freedom and looking for firms with ideals and products they can really get behind.

Ben Rossi writes in the Information Age about the growing tech skills gap. For almost every type of company, tech is the one area that firms are hoping to expand further into: it is an area of growth, development and exciting technologies and the digital possibilities for growing businesses are infinite. In his article “The mid-market guide to acquiring the best IT talent”, Rossi discusses the fierce competition between large and small recruiters over the top tech talent as firms begin to question how they will make the most of the advantages that digital can offer them without the man or womanpower to implement it.

Companies hoping to capitalise on the huge economic growth in the digital sphere are becoming frustrated over the lack of people with the right skills to make it happen. This shortage is in turn pushing up the cost of employing the small pool of people who do have the right digital know-how.

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