The Best Work from Home Jobs in 2024

CareerFoundry contributor Dr. Anneke Schmidt

If you’re looking to join the increasing number of people who enjoy the benefits of work from home jobs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll list the best work from home (WFH) employment options—both in and outside of tech—and tell you where to find them.

Working from home is a flexible and convenient remote working arrangement in which individuals work primarily from their home or another permanent residence (unlike remote workers such as digital nomads). 

With an increasing number of companies realizing the potential of WFH to embrace global talent, working-from-home schemes have become a popular trend among employers.

As such, many job opportunities with competitive salaries and room for growth exist for those looking to make a career switch or start working from home in their current role. 

To give you an overview of the best work from home jobs out there, we’ll explore the following topics:

  1. The 11 best work from home (WFH) jobs
  2. What are the best work from home job sites?
  3. The best international WFH companies
  4. Wrap-up

Let’s get started!

The 11 best work from home jobs

With the upsurge in remote working, many job roles can now be done from home. To help you narrow down the list of possible work from home positions, we’ve listed some of the best WFH jobs available both in and outside of tech.

So, take your pick and begin the next chapter of your career—the entry-level salaries are based on Glassdoor’s 1-2 year experience range.

1. Digital marketing specialist

Avg. entry-level salary: $61,190

Digital marketing specialists have an ever-growing opportunity to work remotely and make a significant income. With skills in online analytics, strategy, and the ability to reach a broad audience, you can now find success in this field right from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking to capitalize on these fantastic opportunities, check out our article on 9 Best Digital Marketing Jobsit’s full of tips and tricks to help you get started! 

2. Customer service representative

Avg. entry-level salary: $37,013

Customer service representatives have the perfect work-from-home job! All they need is access to the right resources, and they can easily provide customer service without ever leaving their homes. Meaningful connections, problem-solving, and feeling trusted while contributing to a team can all be experienced remotely. So, why not put your people skills to use as a customer service rep this year? 

3. Sales representative

Avg. entry-level salary: $72,778

This is a perfect job for someone looking to make commissions from home, as sales reps don’t need to be present at an office or store location to close deals and increase sales numbers. Instead, you can use digital tools like video-call and chat-based services to interact with clients and generate leads. 

4. Social media manager

Avg. entry-level salary: $48,084

With the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, more companies are turning to social media managers to increase their online presence from the comfort of their homes. This job involves monitoring, posting, and engaging with customers on social media accounts to generate leads and build relationships. 

5. SEO specialist

Avg. entry-level salary: $53,629

Search engine optimization requires knowledge of algorithms and content creation which can easily be done remotely with the right research tools. This job requires strong writing, web design, and problem-solving skills to ensure content is optimized for search engine results pages (SERPs) and increases the visibility of web pages.

6. Copywriter

Avg. entry-level salary: $50,091

Copywriters are responsible for creating copy that engages readers and drives traffic on websites or blogsand with this being something that can be done entirely online, it makes it a prime position for anyone who wants to work from home. For this, you need to be a skilled wordsmith who can craft compelling messages for your target audience. 

7. Web developer

Avg. entry-level salary: $68,997

As technology continues to advance, skilled web developers are in high demand—especially those willing and able to work from home. Web development requires coding knowledge and the ability to build interactive websites from scratch. You’ll also need to be able to keep up with the latest developments in web design and programming. 

8. Software engineer

Avg. entry-level salary: $98,369

Developing software applications is another one of those jobs you can do without needing physical contact with other people, making it one of the most popular choices among tech-savvy, work-from-home professionals. Software engineers are in high demand, as they are responsible for designing and developing applications, software systems, and other tech-based products. 

9. Project manager

Avg. entry-level salary: $71,258

By leveraging virtual tools available today, such as Slack, Zoom, Trello, etc., project managers create an organized system that allows them to manage projects remotely while keeping everyone on track in reaching goals set forth by executives or stakeholders in a company. To be a successful WFH project manager, you need excellent communication and problem-solving skills. 

10. UI/UX designer

Avg. entry-level salary: $64,716

UI/UX designers use tools like Photoshop or Sketch to create aesthetically pleasing yet efficient designs that fit into appropriate categories when accessed by users on computers, phones, and other mobile devices. This job requires a creative mind, an eye for detail, and the ability to think outside the box when designing user-friendly interfaces and experiences. 

11. Data entry specialist

Avg. entry-level salary: $38,227

And finally, data entry specialists help to ensure the accuracy of information entered into computer systems and databases. This remote-friendly job requires strong typing skills and the ability to quickly and accurately enter data into various systems. It can also involve basic data analysis and research for which the proper resources must be obtained. 

young tech worker researches work from home jobs

What are the best work from home job sites?

The internet is flooded with job sites offering work from home jobs in tech and beyond. But not all remote-work-specific websites are equally reliable. To give you a small but well-rounded selection, we’ve put together five of the best job boards to use for your WFH job search: 

Remote-specific job sites

Here are two job sites specializing in remote vacancies: 

  • Flexjobs is one of the top job boards for remote position seekers, offering thousands of flexible remote work opportunities from a variety of employers. It requires a subscription to access its listings but boasts a vast network of employers looking for remote workers.
  • (formerly AngelList Talent) is excellent for those interested in tech-specific jobs at start-ups and early-stage companies. It has many open positions in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada and is definitely worth exploring.

General job sites

These three popular job sites are more general in scope but have remote filters for WFH job seekers, and are a great start to find some of the best work from home jobs: 

  • Indeed is a leading global job board and search engine with a powerful suite of tools to help job seekers and employers connect quickly and easily for successful hiring outcomes.
  • Glassdoor is a popular job search site that helps candidates explore jobs and companies in more than 200 countries worldwide with straightforward access to accurate salary information, job reviews, and interview tips from employees themselves. 
  • Monster provides users with great job opportunities through its powerful resume builder, searchable job postings on its website, and tailored email alerts to help you find what you’re looking for in your next position or career path.

The best international WFH companies

As the world of remote work continues to expand, more and more companies are offering flexible working arrangements that allow their employees to work from home. Here are ten of the best international companies hiring WFH workers candidates:

  1. GitLab is an open-source platform for developers to collaborate on code projects from anywhere in the world. It also offers web-based version control and project management tools to assist remote teams working together simultaneously. Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  2. Appen has been a trusted global leader in speech and language technology solutions since 1996. It offers a wide range of services for over 180 languages and dialects, such as search, text, voice recognition, and social media support. Headquarters: Chatswood, Australia
  3. SAP is an enterprise application software company providing solutions to nearly 300,000 customers worldwide. It specializes in business intelligence, analytics, sustainability, and innovation, with remote job opportunities for international hires. Headquarters: Walldorf, Germany
  4. Clevertech is an enterprise software development and operations company that helps customers worldwide plan, build, test, and deploy applications on any platform. Headquarters: New York, USA
  5. Pearson is a publicly traded learning company with global reach. It offers a wide range of content, tools, products, and services to educators and learners of all ages. It collaborates closely with teachers, students, authors, and researchers to develop innovative educational solutions. Headquarters: London, UK
  6. Zendesk provides customer service solutions for companies of all sizes with a focus on creating easy-to-use customer experiences. Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  7. Philips is a diversified global company with over 100 years of history. It provides a range of products, services, and solutions in acute care, home healthcare, oral healthcare, lighting, contemporary art, watches and jewelry, photographs, and energy-efficient lighting Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  8. Slack provides instant messaging and file-sharing tools that enable businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively while managing projects remotely. Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  9. Zapier is an automated workflow tool that connects apps to help users sync their workflows across platforms. Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  10. NTT Group is one of the world’s leading information and communications technology companies. It specializes in digital transformation and provides high-quality services in Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan


Remote work from home jobs are becoming increasingly popular in the tech sector and beyond. So, if you’re looking for a career change but want to work from the comfort of your own home, plenty of opportunities are available. In this blog post, we’ve highlighted 11 of the best WFH jobs in tech and other remote-friendly industries. 

We’ve also outlined popular international companies that offer remote work opportunities and provided helpful job sites to aid you in your search.

Are you hoping to enter the technology sector but don’t have much prior experience? With the right skills and a bit of determination, you can still build a career in tech as a newbie. Our guide to entry-level tech jobs covers the types of roles open to those just starting out. Check it out and take your first step toward a successful tech career.

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