6 Workplace Trends to Look Out for in 2024

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Where 2023 was full of reactions to the big tech layoffs and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the coming year will see AI become more entrenched and investments into tech innovation continue to create new opportunities.

This is good news for tech workers and those looking to shift careers into the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the workplace trends set to emerge in 2024.

It’s clear that over the past few years, the global working landscape has changed completely. Our examination of cross-industry labor forecasts for the future has shown that some of these changes are here for the long term. Overall, this should be music to the ears for many tech workers. 

In this post, we’ll explore some of the biggest trends shaping the workplace in 2024 and what they mean for workers and career changers.

Our six workplace trends for 2024

1. AI will create new opportunities

“Wow—another ‘upcoming trends’ article talking about AI” I hear you moan, and I would normally agree. But in a pleasant change, what’s promised in 2024 flips the script. Instead of sentient robots coming to take your job, artificial intelligence is starting to create new opportunities and help you evolve your career.

Firstly, industries across the globe have been and will continue to use AI to help them scale up comfortably and efficiently. It’s no surprise that AI and data analytics are easy bedfellows, but you’d be surprised how many other opportunities this has created in tech.

These include web development and even UX design. In fact, UX writing for chatbots has become such a growth market you can even take a course specializing in it to become a highly employable UX writer in 2024.

The other fear that is in fact an opportunity in 2024 is the impact of AI tools. This new generation of AI tools is changing how tech workers perform their jobs.

AI tools, like those for digital marketers or UI designers, allow more efficient work and free up time for greater strategic and creative focus.

While AI integration requires new skills, like understanding AI capabilities, interpreting data insights, and collaborating with AI experts—mastering these skills will set you up for success for years to come.

2. Where we will work? Hybrid and remote-first

As 2023 proved to businesses that tech employees working remotely or hybrid increases productivity, it also showed that most workers want to hold onto that. 

With the number of remote-first companies multiplying, just as many opt for a hybrid work model, which is a common compromise, with Forbes Advisor reporting that 28.2% of full-time workers used the hybrid model in 2023. 

On a massive scale, the hybrid home-and-office-combo approach has led to the whole idea of office space being rethought. Not having to play the commercial real-estate game of having a prestige workplace, as well as fewer workstations needed overall, saves companies big. 

However, it’s only natural that employees have a right to be compensated for this, particularly as they now have to compromise by working from home. Coworking spaces can be a nice alternative for those who find working from home difficult.

In this video, you can hear directly from some tech employees working in either a remote setting or a hybrid set-up. Find out what they consider the biggest benefits and challenges of remote work are, and what they think the future of remote work looks like:

3. Worker empowerment 

Despite arriving in 2021, The Great Resignation‘ now has 646 million results on Google, and reports indicate there’s little slowdown in sight—by the start of 2024, 53% of surveyed employees say they’re likely to leave their current company.

This is perhaps the biggest shift to affect the labor market in generations, and it’s an understatement to say that the seismic effect on the workplace in 2023 will continue.

For career changers or those considering shifting roles, this should be heartening. While you may be worried about increased competition for roles, the opposite is happening.

We’re seeing more and more people switch careers and make bold career decisions—encouraging if you’re considering a career change of your own and practically, it means more actual job opportunities

One of the even bigger effects is that the pre-accepted meaning of success, in general, is linked to job performance is being challenged. Particularly since the pandemic, workers are demanding a better work-life balance. The rise of the four-day workweek is proof of this.

4. Employee experience is fluctuating

But while workers may expect more in 2024, organizations may not be quite as ready to give it to them. 2023 showed actual employee experience (EX) to be a mixed bag, which looks to continue well into 2024.

While some considerations, like work-life balance, mental health support, and additional sick leave, are now more common than ever, Forrester predicts that employee engagement and culture energy will decline again in 2024.

However, Forrester reports that those organizations that do invest in a good EX program will benefit from higher productivity, lower attrition, and more creativity from their employees, which hopefully means more organizations will get on board, soon.

For prospective career changers, thoroughly research the companies you apply to and choose wisely.

5. Skills over roles

Overall, in 2024 job seekers will continue to see a change in how work itself is assessed.

Those familiar with the tech industry would say this has been going on for decades, with potential teammates being assessed not on what they have done but on what they can do

Gartner have been banging this drum since 2019, calling for companies to start planning ahead by not building around roles but around the skills needed to achieve their goals. 

Again, this should be music to the ears of those planning a career change. The feelings of inadequacy for a lack of “relevant” professional experience are a common fear for those weighing up a new field or role. Especially with the emphasis on AI skills in the workplace, the balance has shifted. 

Having it openly recognized in the industry that it’s your skills that matter more is hugely empowering.

If you’re preparing for a major career change, do some research to find out which skills are most important to your future career.

6. Multigenerational workforces are becoming the norm

We are living in the first era where there’s the potential for a wide range of generations in the same office at the same time. For management, this may create challenges in the form of working out how to ensure those team members born in the 50s and those born in the 00s gel with each other.

The plus side is that once again for career changers, another potential insecurity is being addressed. The Deloitte Postgenerational Workplace Study shows “the increasing importance of moving beyond broad demographic categories to understand people on a more meaningful level.”

As we all know already, age is just a number—as well as having nothing to fear, in 2024, workers should be able to expect businesses to be more receptive to their particular needs.

Final thoughts

These are just a snapshot of some of the major features of the new workplace landscape that we’re going to see emerging in 2024. Despite it looking unlikely over the past while, a lot of them are empowering for both career changers and those weighing up a move.

There’s never been a better time to pursue a career you love and even make a complete switch to a career in tech. If you’d like to learn more, these guides will help you:

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