17 Excellent AI Project Ideas for Beginners

Austin Chia, contributor to the CareerFoundry Blog.

With almost 40% of organizations having plans to use AI, AI jobs are heating up.

Are you a beginner passionate about exploring some exciting artificial intelligence (AI) projects? Is working on some unique and fun projects something you’re looking for?

Well, then this blog post is where you should start with, since we have compiled a list of 17 excellent AI project ideas perfect for beginners like you.

With projects from various fields, applications, and industries, this list will surely have a project suited for you.

We’ll cover the following:

  1. 17 AI project ideas to get you started
  2. How to begin a career in AI
  3. Wrap-up

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of these AI project ideas!

1. 17 AI project ideas to get you started

To help you get started in picking one out, here’s a list of helpful AI projects involving the many types of AI models.

1. Sensitive content detector

This project involves using machine learning to automatically detect and filter inappropriate or sensitive content in images, videos, or text. Filters like this are commonly used in social media platforms to maintain community guidelines and prevent the spread of harmful content.

It can be a fun project to get started and work on incrementally adjusting and tweaking the detector with different forms of content to improve its accuracy.

2. Chatbot

A classic for a reason. The most common project you can work on in AI is to create a conversational bot using natural language processing (NLP). This bot must be able to interact with users to provide answers to their questions or perform tasks.

Learn more about how NLP algorithms work

3. Sentiment analysis

Use supervised learning algorithms to classify the sentiment of text data, such as tweets or reviews. This AI project idea is useful for businesses to analyze customer feedback and understand their sentiment towards products or services.

Learn more about what it is and how it works in our full guide to sentiment analysis.

Image of a music software program.

4. Music generation

For a more advanced creative project, you can utilize deep learning and reinforcement learning to generate music compositions. This project will involve training the model on a dataset of existing music to compose new pieces of songs.

5. Object detection

For this next project, you can create an algorithm that can detect objects in images using computer vision techniques. This AI project idea can be applied across various unique use cases, such as self-driving cars or security surveillance systems.

Object tracking is a technique used in computer vision that involves detecting and tracking moving objects in a video or real-time footage. You can use deep learning techniques such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to develop an object tracker with high accuracy.

7. Image captioning

For an AI project idea that builds upon a combination of computer vision and natural language processing, you can create an algorithm that automatically generates captions for images. This is similar to the close captioning feature on YouTube. This can be especially useful for the hearing-impaired.

6. Fraud detection

Fraud has been on the rise recently, and building a project for this purpose can be helpful. For example, you can build a predictive model that can identify fraudulent transactions using machine learning algorithms.

7. AI data analysis project

You work on an AI-powered data analysis project to analyze and visualize large datasets. This AI model will be able to carry out simple data analysis tasks and clean simple datasets. If you can generate some relevant charts, that would be great as well.

8. Disease diagnosis

Using deep learning techniques, you can train a model to diagnose diseases from medical images, such as X-rays or MRIs. Like many analytics projects in healthcare,  this AI project has the potential to improve healthcare processes by lightening the load of the doctors by screening for potential signs of disease.

8. AI stock trader

For this project, you’ll create an AI-powered system that can predict stock prices and make intelligent trades based on market trends and data.

This project requires a good understanding of financial markets and deep learning techniques. It’s just one of many financial analytics use cases.

9. Voice assistant

With the rise of smart home devices, voice assistants have become increasingly popular. You can build your own voice assistant using speech recognition algorithms and natural language processing to perform tasks such as playing music or answering questions.

You will need to combine both speech recognition and a text-to-speech (TTS) system that can generate human-like speech for replies.

10. Medical diagnosis

Develop an AI model that can assist in diagnosing medical conditions by analyzing patient data and symptoms. For example, you can use deep learning and computer vision to analyze biological scans like chest X-rays to detect signs of pneumonia.

11. Spam detection

Here’s another simple AI project idea (or as complex as you make it!) that’s similar to our first example, the sensitive content filter. Train a machine learning model to identify spam emails and classify them as legitimate or spam. For this project, you can go with the Naïve Bayes classifier model.

A man with a hat and headphone enjoys working with AI project ideas on a laptop.

12. Personality prediction

Did you know that you can predict a person’s personality through their writing? For this project, you’ll be using natural language processing to parse semantic keywords found in cover letters or resumes to tell what their respective personalities are.

This can be useful for recruiters to find the right candidates for a specific job.

13. AI image enhancer

Using deep learning techniques, you can create your very own AI image enhancer too! This tool will enhance low-resolution images by reconstructing them into high-resolution ones.

This can be helpful in preserving old images and enhancing badly-taken photos in the creative industry. While sure you might think of old family photos, but this AI project idea is especially useful for applications where image quality is essential, such as medical imaging or satellite imagery.

14. Gesture recognition

Develop an algorithm that can recognize and classify hand gestures using computer vision techniques. This can be applied in various fields, such as sign language translation or controlling devices through hand gestures.

15. Emotion recognition

For this AI project, you’ll need to implement computer vision algorithms to recognize and classify human emotions from facial expressions. Although this AI project idea may not be very applicable across many industries, it may be an impressive project to feature on your portfolio or LinkedIn. I’d recommend creating a video of a live demonstration, too!

18. Virtual try-on

Using computer vision and deep learning, you can create a virtual try-on system that allows users to try on clothes or accessories through augmented reality. Your model will first need to be able to identify humans first.

This can be helpful for e-commerce businesses and fashion retailers. A video demonstration of this project would be extremely impressive as well.

17. Traffic prediction and analysis

Using data from traffic cameras and sensors, create an AI model that can predict traffic patterns and optimize routes for drivers. This project would be helpful in developing smart city initiatives and improving transportation systems.

2. How to begin a career in AI

Now, now that you’ve got a hatful of AI project ideas to get working on, you might be curious about how to get started in the exciting field of AI.

Here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Start with the basics: Learn programming languages like Python, R, or Java, and familiarize yourself with data structures and algorithms.
  2. Learn about machine learning: Understand the concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning, as well as popular machine learning algorithms.
  3. Dive into deep learning: Familiarize yourself with neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks.
  4. Practice on real-world projects: Start working on AI projects to gain hands-on experience and build a portfolio.
  5. Gain real working experience: Learn how to work with different AI models and apply them to your current job. If you’re a data analyst or data scientist, try to implement new solutions using AI.
  6. Join online communities: Participate in online forums and join communities of AI enthusiasts to learn from others and share your knowledge.

With dedication and persistence, I’m sure you can build a successful career in AI.

3. Career opportunities in AI

AI is a rapidly growing field with diverse opportunities across various industries.

Some of the most in-demand job roles in AI include:

Luckily for you, McKinsey predicts that demand for these roles is expected to only increase in the future, making it a promising career path.


Artificial intelligence is an ever-growing field, and there’s no shortage of exciting projects to work on. We hope this list of AI project idea has inspired you to start exploring and building your own projects.

Remember, the key to success in this field is continuous learning and practice. I’m certain that your hard work on these unique projects will pay off in your career.

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