How Much Can You Earn on a Data Analyst in Los Angeles Salary?

LA is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities to live and work in.

Thanks to its rich and varied industries, spanning everything from entertainment to big tech, it’s also one of the biggest hubs for data-driven businesses in the U.S..

In this post, we’ll talk you through what you need to know about earning a salary as a data analyst in Los Angeles. We’ll explore the average earnings for this role and look at what it’s like to work there. We’ll also offer tips on becoming a data analyst in Los Angeles, getting you started on this exciting career path in California’s largest city.

We’ll cover:

  1. What’s the average data analyst salary in Los Angeles?
  2. What’s it like to be a data analyst in Los Angeles?
  3. How to become a data analyst in Los Angeles
  4. Next steps

Ready? Then it’s time to dive in.

1. What’s the average data analyst salary in Los Angeles?

Let’s get straight to it: What is the average data analyst salary in Los Angeles?

Well, around $85,936, according to our research. 

How did we get there? Well, we’ve taken estimates from the following job-hunting and salary comparison sites. 

According to these different sources, here are the average salaries for data analysts in LA:

It’s key to emphasize that salaries vary depending on experience, with inexperienced data analysts earning much less than senior ones. This might sound obvious, but it never hurts to mention it.

To get around this, though, let’s provide an idea of earnings for data analysts in LA with different experience levels. We’ve used Payscale’s data, which offers the most conservative estimates. Using conservative estimates is prudent as actual salaries can vary significantly and we’d rather not get your hopes up too high!

Average entry-level data analyst salary in Los Angeles

According to Payscale, an entry-level data analyst in Los Angeles earns an average annual salary of $62,000

Average mid-career data analyst salaries in Los Angeles

According to Payscale, a mid-career data analyst in Los Angeles will earn an average annual salary of $73,000.

Average experienced data analyst salaries in Los Angeles

According to Payscale, an experienced data analyst in Los Angeles can earn an average annual salary of $90,000.

Of course, when job hunting in LA, you should research salaries for particular data analytics specialisms, too. For instance, maybe you want to become a big data engineer, a machine learning architect, or a business analyst. Even job titles can make all the difference in your earning potential.

2. What’s it like to be a data analyst in Los Angeles?

Besides being a great city to live in, Los Angeles has a thriving tech scene with many industries demanding data analytics skills.

These range from entertainment and healthcare to aerospace, finance, and e-commerce. And, of course, let’s not forget big tech, one of the main industries Los Angeles is known for. 

Some of the notable companies headquartered in and around Los Angeles include:

And according to Built in LA—an online community for local startups and tech companies—there are hundreds of data analytics jobs available at any given time in this single city.

Plus, if you expand your job search to the wider Los Angeles metropolitan area, you’ll find even more opportunities to work in these diverse fields, using a wide range of data-related skills.

In short, with so many companies seeking talented data experts to help them drive their business forward, you won’t be short of jobs to apply for. Just like with New York on the east coast, LA also has a thriving scene of tech-related events and conferences (see section 3 for more details) to enrich your time working here.

Shot of the Los Angeles skyline with palm trees in the foreground.

3. How to become a data analyst in Los Angeles

Here are a few tips to get you started as a data analyst in Los Angeles. We’ve presumed you’re new to the field, so feel free to skip any steps that don’t apply.

Step 1: Get a bachelor’s degree

Most data analyst positions require a higher-level qualification, such as a bachelor’s degree. Ideally, this should be in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or another related field.

Fortunately, Los Angeles is home to several well-respected colleges offering these sorts of programs. To gain a competitive edge when applying for jobs, you might want to consider getting a degree from one of these institutions. 

Take action: Research and compare different colleges in Los Angeles. For instance, look at UCLA, USC, and Caltech. What data science programs do they offer? If you already have a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field, then check out step 6!

Step 2: Practice the necessary skills

Data analysts require a solid foundation in areas like statistics, data visualization, and using programming languages like Python and R.

Start by checking out some YouTube tutorials, playing around with datasets on platforms like Kaggle, or taking an online course via Coursera, CareerFoundry, or Udemy (all of which offer free trials if you aren’t ready to fork out just yet).

It’s also worth polishing up on tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau, all of which are staples within data analytics.

Take action: Get started and explore the best free data analytics courses available online right now.

Step 3: Gain some work experience

During your studies, you might want to consider doing internships with data-driven companies in LA to gain practical experience in the field.

It could also be beneficial to access some free learning resources such as those offered by Dataquest or KDnuggets (just to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends). You could also consider contributing to open-source data projects, or even creating your own, to showcase your skills.

Take action: Start looking for data internships with companies in LA or browse some open-source projects on GitHub that you can contribute to. Practice makes perfect!

Step 4: Network with other professionals

As we’ve mentioned, Los Angeles has a truly vibrant tech and data analytics scene, which makes it a great place to network with other professionals in the field.

It’s worth looking for a few tech and data analytics events. This could be something fairly casual such as the LA Data Science meetup or something more upscale like Data Con LA.

Take action: Search for local meetups in LA, or see if you can find some interesting data analytics conferences on Eventbrite. Don’t forget to take your business cards!

Step 5: Start hunting for data analyst jobs in LA

Being such a large city, the LA region has several job boards you can use. For instance, check out Built in LA and interchange.LA.

LinkedIn is another great resource for job seekers since many companies in LA post their job openings on the platform. It’s also a good idea to check out the career pages of companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, all of which have a significant presence on the LA tech scene.

Take action: Ensure your portfolio is up to date so you can hit the ground running. Not sure where to start? Then get inspired by these data analytics portfolio examples.

Step 6: Consider getting certified

Certifications can be a valuable addition to your resume since they demonstrate your expertise.

If you’ve already got a degree in an unrelated subject, getting certified is also a good way to supplement this, rather than going back to college (which will cost a great deal more). Whether you select a certification from a renowned company like Microsoft or IBM or prefer a more career-driven certification from a specialist provider, the option is yours.

Take action: All data analytics certifications are different, with some focusing on specific tools or specialisms, and others providing a more general introduction. Before investing, do your research to ensure the syllabus covers everything you’re looking for.

By following these steps, and putting in the right preparation and effort, you’ll find it’s easier than you think to break into this exciting and growing field in LA.

4. Next steps

So there we have it, a brief introduction to life as a data analyst in LA!

In this article, we’ve explored the average data analyst salary in Los Angeles, alongside a glimpse into the city’s job market, and opportunities for newcomers. It’s an exciting time to be a data analyst in LA as the demand for skilled professionals in this field continues to grow and play a role at the forefront of numerous technological advancements.

If you’re considering a career in data analytics, getting started may seem daunting. But as we’ve seen, there are numerous resources available to help you plan and build the necessary skills and work experience. LA boasts numerous prestigious colleges and internship opportunities. You also have the option of many online and offline courses and events to choose from.

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Then learn more by enrolling in this free 5-day data short course. Alternatively, check out the following introductory guides:

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