What Are the Best Data Analytics Schools?

Kirstie Sequitin, CareerFoundry Editor

So—you’re looking at getting into data analytics as a career. Great! What’s the next step?

While it’s certainly possible for some people to start working as a data analyst without prior experience, most will require some formal training in order to get a good grasp of the skills required to work in the field. This means that you’ll likely need to enroll into a program at a data analytics school.

There’s no shortage of schools on the market providing data analytics courses and programs, and we’ll cover some of the best in this article. We’ll also cover some commonly asked questions asked by people who are curious about getting into data analytics.

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  1. What are the best data analytics schools?
  2. Is studying data analytics worth it?
  3. How to choose the best data analytics school
  4. How to pay for your data analytics program
  5. Next steps

By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of the types of data analytics schools on the market right now, as well as the types of program offerings they have. No two schools are alike, so it’s important to do your research in order to find the one that best suits you. With that said, let’s get started!

1. What are the best data analytics schools?

1. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry’s mission is simple: to make career change universally accessible and effective. But what does that mean, exactly?

It means they aim to make their courses (in data analytics, UX and UI design, and web development) available to those who struggle with barriers to education. These could be those who can’t afford to quit their job while they retrain for a new career, who don’t have access to college, or who need a flexible study schedule.

It also means that they aim to make career change universally effective for those who have the motivation to learn, grow, and put in the work; needs personalized support, and; value a diverse community of fellow career-changers. 

For data analytics, this takes the form of an online-only program offering, with a dual mentorship model and a job guarantee. The dual mentorship model means that each student is paired with a personal tutor and a one-to-one mentor, and the job guarantee ensures that if you don’t get a job within six months of graduating, you’ll get a full refund. There are also flexible payment methods and scholarships available.

The CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 8 months (15 hours per week)
  • Price: $7,505 — 7,900 USD
  • Ideal for: Beginners and career-changers

CareerFoundry’s Data Analytics Program is designed to take you from complete beginner to job-ready data analyst. Offered entirely online, the program allows you to work to your own schedule, as long as you reach certain milestones within the 8-month program duration.

Students work closely with a personally-assigned expert mentor and tutor, who give personalized feedback on the projects they work on. These projects can also be used to build their data analytics portfolio, which will be important when it comes to applying to jobs.

CareerFoundry’s offering comes in at $7,900 for the entire program, but the cost of the tuition is dependent on your location and is competitively priced. A range of flexible payment options include paying upfront, or getting a small course discount. Contact one of their program advisors to find out your local pricing and if there are any partial scholarships available.

If you’d like to sample the course offering without having to commit to the full tuition, you can try out the free introductory short course, in which you’ll carry out an end-to-end data analysis with a hands-on, real world project.

2. Springboard

Springboard prepares its students for careers in the tech industry, with online offerings including data analytics, data science, UX and UI design, cybersecurity, among others. They have a mission to “transform one million lives through education by 2030”. 

Their intensive programs are titled “Career Tracks”, named so as the aim of each course is to place each student in full-time employment in their new field by providing comprehensive career coaching. Springboard offers a money-back guarantee if students are unable to land a job within six months of graduating. 

The courses offered by Springboard are designed for students with at least two years of professional experience, who have worked regularly with office, design, or programming tools.

The Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 6 months (15-20 hours per week)
  • Price: $11,300 USD
  • Ideal for: Career-changers with some experience

Another fully online option which also comes with a job guarantee, the Springboard bootcamp promises to get you ready for a career in data analytics within six months. With the help of a mentor, you’ll work through the curriculum one unit at a time, with five units in total.

Unlike the CareerFoundry program however, the Springboard bootcamp is not designed for complete beginners—in fact, students should be able to demonstrate an aptitude for critical thinking, as well as at least two years of professional experience behind them. If you don’t qualify for the data analytics bootcamp, Springboard also offers an Intro to Business Analytics course—however, this option can’t guarantee you a job in the field.

3. General Assembly

Would you believe that General Assembly started off their business as a coworking space before becoming a career-change-focused education provider? They offer a range of full time, part time, and self-paced courses covering data analytics, data science, UX design, and more.

The major USP for General Assembly is that they offer hybrid learning—that is, students choose to study either online or on campus (they have more than 30 worldwide!). They also provide great networking opportunities with employers and fellow GA alumni. 

The General Assembly Data Analytics Course at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online, or on campus (USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia)
  • Duration: 10 weeks part-time (4 hours per week) or 1 week intensive
  • Price: $3,950 USD
  • Ideal for: Beginners looking to upskill

If you’re not necessarily looking to become a data analyst but do want to master some of the key skills and tools used by data analysts, this course offers a lighter introduction at a reasonable price point. Students can study in the evenings over the space of ten weeks, or take a more intensive approach with the one-week accelerated course.

Again, this is geared towards those looking to upskill, and less so for those looking to make a full career change into data analytics. For those interested in more of a career-changing option in data science, General Assembly also offers a full-time immersive data science course.

4. Thinkful

Thinkful’s mission is to “provide every adult learner with a pathway to a rewarding career”. As part of their course offering (which includes data analytics, data science, digital marketing, technical project management, and more) students are also paired with a mentor, tutor, and a career coach, as well as their network of peers! 

With graduates going on to work at big companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Google, Thinkful is one of the leading online educators on the market.

The Thinkful Data Analytics Bootcamp at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 4 months full-time or 6 months part-time
  • Price: $13,475 USD for the full-time course
  • Ideal for: Beginners and career-changers

If you’re looking for an intensive training program, Thinkful offers a full-time online course that promises to take you from beginner to job-ready in just four months. This constitutes one of the more expensive options on the market and requires a full-time commitment for the duration, so it’s not for everyone.

However, there are a range of different payment options available, including loans, income share agreements, and stipends. This immersive course is geared towards career-change, but it’s important to know that it doesn’t come with a job guarantee.

5. CodeOp 

Founded in 2018 in order to help solve the diversity and inclusion problem in tech, CodeOp is an online and in-person tech school made exclusively for women, transgender, and non-binary individuals who want to change careers to one in tech, or to upskill their existing skills.

With classes online and in-person at their Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur campuses, students can study data science, full-stack development or product management.

The CodeOp Data Science Bootcamp at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online or in person (Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur)
  • Duration: 11 weeks full time or 6 months part-time (approx. 6 hours per week)
  • Price: $8,870 USD
  • Ideal for: Beginners and career-changers

The data science bootcamp offered by CodeOp is available either online or in-person, with campuses in Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur, and takes half a year (26 weeks) to complete on a part-time basis (at a pace of around six hours per week).

The bootcamp focuses heavily on relevant hands-on skills, promising to equip students with an industry-ready toolbox that will support them in their first job as a data analyst or data scientist.

6. BrainStation

Courses offered by BrainStation are available both in person—with venues in London, Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver—and online via Synapse, their data-driven learning platform.

With courses spanning topics in data, design, marketing, product and business, Brainstation is a great choice for those looking to learn new skills in tech. They also offer 3-month-long bootcamps in data science, web development, UX design, and digital marketing.

The BrainStation course at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online or in person (USA, Canada, and UK)
  • Duration: 10 weeks part-time
  • Price: $3,950 USD
  • Ideal for: Beginners looking to upskill

The BrainStation data analytics course takes ten weeks to complete on a part-time basis, and focuses on three core areas: building and managing databases, identifying trends in data, and visualizing and presenting insights.

This is one of the only online courses to offer live lectures, so it’s ideal for students looking to balance a flexible schedule and the classroom experience. The mentorship offered on this course is not as extensive as some of the other data analytics schools we’ve listed, but students do have access to feedback and guidance from expert instructors.

7. Harvard University 

For students looking for university-accredited data analytics schools, Harvard may be the one school to consider. It’s one of the most universally-recognized institutions in the world, with a stellar business school. 

You can receive a Harvard-standard education without needing to graduate from a four-year degree, however, as they offer many short courses online. It is important to note that one of the downsides of a university-accredited data analytics certification is that they often do not provide career-changing support as part of the tuition fee.

The Harvard Business Analytics Course at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 8 weeks (5-6 hours per week, self-paced)
  • Price: $1,600 USD
  • Ideal for: Beginners and professionals looking to upskill

The Business Analytics course offered by Harvard University takes 8 weeks to complete, at a pace of 5-6 hours per week, and you can work entirely to your own rhythm via the Harvard Business School online platform. Throughout the course, you’ll gain a solid introduction to some of the key concepts of data analytics—from descriptive statistics and regression analysis, right through to the interpretation and implementation of insights.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand the fundamentals of data analytics, as well as how to apply these fundamentals to make smarter business decisions. If you’re looking for a flexible, university-endorsed course at a reasonable price, this is one of the best options on the market.

8. The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania 

The Wharton School is the business school at the University of Pennsylvania, which offers online courses in the tech, leadership and business fields. These courses are reasonably-priced and are aimed at those looking to upskill and receive a recognized accreditation upon completion.

Unlike many of the other data analytics schools on this list, The Wharton School does not offer job placement assistance or other career-related support. 

The Wharton Business Analytics Specialization at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 3 months (6-8 hours per week)
  • Price: $2,600 USD
  • Ideal for: Managers and leaders looking to upskill

The business analytics program offered through Wharton is ideal for managers and leaders who wish to learn how data analytics can help improve their decision-making processes. If you’re looking to excel in your current role and lead your team to success—rather than make a career-change into data analytics—this is a flexible, low-intensity way to learn the fundamentals of business analytics.

The course comprises nine modules, which will take you through the different types of data analysis, as well as the key methods and tools. The course content is delivered via a combination of video and live online lectures, which give the student the opportunity to have the classroom experience, albeit online.

At the same time, you’ll work on individual assignments and receive feedback. Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a digital Wharton certificate.

9. MIT Sloan School of Management 

The Sloan School of Management is the business school at MIT and, like the other university business schools on our list, offers online courses for individuals looking to upskill, with students receiving a digital accreditation upon completion. Sloan offers courses covering the topics of business analytics, entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation, systems thinking, and more.

Once more, it should be noted that students will not receive focused career change support as part of their tuition. However, the courses offered by MIT are geared more towards professionals looking to upskill, as opposed to complete beginners or career-changers.

The MIT Sloan Applied Business Analytics course at a glance:

  • Mode of study: Online
  • Duration: 6 weeks (4-6 hours per week)
  • Price: $2,800 USD
  • Ideal for: Non-technical business professionals

The MIT Sloan course is designed to appeal to non-technical professionals who want to learn how to apply data analytics to business. Offered entirely online and requiring just four to six hours of study per week, this is a highly flexible option if you’re working full-time and managing a busy schedule.

The curriculum is based on a series of case studies which demonstrate how real companies use data analytics to their advantage. Students will learn through interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and optional code snippets for R and Python—for those interested in dipping their toes into a little technical work.

Upon completion, students will receive a verified digital certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management. The program also counts towards an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate.

2. Is studying data analytics worth it?

Yes! If you’re looking to become a data analyst, studying a course at a data analytics school will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to land a job at a wide range of companies. 

While studying, you’ll most likely be completing projects that you’ll later be able to add to your data analytics portfolio, which you’ll need when you start to apply for work. Whether you want to learn data analytics to apply it in your current job, or prepare for a complete career change, data skills are a huge advantage in today’s workplace. 

3. How to choose the best data analytics school

There are so many data analytics schools on the market—way more than just the ones we’ve listed here. So when it comes to choosing a data analytics program (and a school) there are many factors to take into consideration. With that in mind, we’ve listed three of the most common questions you might ask yourself when thinking about a data analytics school:

How and where do you want to study?

Some data analytics schools we’ve included on this list offer online-only study, in-person study, or a mix of the two (if you’re lucky enough to live near a campus!) If you’re coming into data analytics as a complete beginner, a full-time intensive or a self-paced program over several months may be a viable option for you.

For those who are simply looking to upskill, a data analytics short course may appeal to you more. If you’re looking to change careers into data analytics while still actively working in another field, part-time study is likely to be the most suitable option for you. Naturally, those with more time available for studying have the most flexibility when it comes to this deciding factor. 

How much does a data analytics course cost?

For many people, this may be the greatest deciding factor for most people when it comes to choosing a data analytics school. Depending on the type of course, as well as whatever perks and benefits that come with the tuition, you can see that costs for recognized data analytics courses usually cost a few thousand dollars, though some will go into the tens of thousands.

But don’t be discouraged by the cost! Many institutions will offer flexible payment options, such as paying in installments, authorized loans, government-funded options, and even part or fully-paid scholarships in some cases.

What type of qualification do you need for your career?

If you’ve thought as far as to consider data analytics as a viable career choice, you may have also worked out which employers you’d like to reach out to for work. Great! If you haven’t yet, maybe now’s the time to start.

Why? Because some companies may only allow certain certifications from particular institutions, which would narrow down your options for a data analytics school greatly. Check out careers pages, reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, or do some research on data analytics discussion boards—someone may have talked about this topic already!

We’ve listed a few of the major considerations in this section, but you should think about your unique situation and speak to program advisors where possible in order to choose the right data analytics school for your needs.

4. How to pay for your data analytics program

As we’ve mentioned already, the costs of tuition for a course at a data analytics school may seem daunting at first. However, you’ll find that most schools will offer flexible options for payment.

We’ll list some of the common options here, but do be sure to check out your desired course to see what their options are, or even get in touch with a program advisor to see if there’s anything else available that isn’t listed on their website.

Paying up-front

If you’ve managed to put money aside, it can be useful to pay for the course up-front, as many data analytics schools will give discounts for doing so. Another advantage of paying up-front—as opposed to taking out a loan, or another delayed payment option—as this will avoid interest accruing and other potential fees.

Paying in instalments

Some data analytics schools give options for partial payment or paying in instalments, which are great options for students who may have sporadic sources of income. It also avoids having a large amount of money coming out of your account at one time, which can be stressful to some! The main downside to this method of payment is that data analytics schools may accrue interest or demand a one-time-fee.


Some of the data analytics schools listed here work together with loan providers to give another payment option to their students. These work just like any other loan you might take out for educational purposes (or any other purpose) and are subject to bank approval, and may accrue interest.

Money-back guarantee

Some of the data analytics schools we’ve mentioned are so confident in your ability to find work after you complete the course that they’re able to provide a money-back guarantee if you don’t land a job in the data analytics field within a specified time frame after graduating. These schools tend to offer interview coaching and networking opportunities as well, to help you land the job you want.

Deferred payment

This option will delay tuition payments until you find a job after graduating. Some schools may even have a salary threshold that you must meet before the payment cycle activates, which takes some of the pressure off. It should be noted, however, that once you meet this threshold, your salary does not impact the monthly payment amount.

Income share agreements

Similar to the deferred payment model, income share agreements delay tuition payments until you find a job after graduating. However, with income share agreements, your loan repayments are made up of a percentage of your salary, set to a fixed term.

5. Next steps

So, that’s that! In this post, we’ve listed some of the top data analytics schools on the market today–a mix of providers offering: online and offline programs, part-time or full time, university-accredited or private providers. 

While the vast swathes of options available may be daunting at first, we’ve also listed some of the options to consider during your search for the perfect data analytics school (for you). We also listed some of the ways that you can pay for your chosen program.

What else? If you’d like to learn more about getting into data analytics, you could check out any of the following articles:

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