Video: CareerFoundry's Data Science Expert Talks About ChatGPT

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Sure, you’ve all heard about it and you might have a good idea what is ChatGPT by now, but what do the experts think?

If you need a more gradual introduction into it and what it means for the data industry (as well as the wider world), we sat down with CareerFoundry’s Senior Data Scientist, Tom Gadsby, and chatted to him about the hottest generative AI tool of 2023.

In the conversation, Tom tells us about the limitations of AI (such as the transformer element of large language models) as well as what excites him.

He also talks about the prospect of regulation of AI, a major feature of the second half of 2023, as global governments try to catch up with the surging new technology, as well as the importance of being aware of bias in machine learning and AI.

Check out the full video:

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