The 18 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing

CareerFoundry contributor Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Since OpenAI’s public release of ChatGPT in 2022, generative AI has taken the world by storm. This breakthrough offers unprecedented opportunities for digital marketers to create personalized and automated conversations.

Over 80% of industry experts are already integrating some form of AI into their marketing activities, with a particular focus on ad targeting.

So, if you’re considering a career in digital marketing, understanding and utilizing ChatGPT prompts for marketing is no longer optional—it’s a necessity.

To help you navigate this new frontier, we’ve compiled the 21 best ChatGPT prompts for various marketing activities.

This is what we’ll cover:

1. Top 18 ChatGPT prompts for marketing

Wondering where ChatGPT can make the most impact in your digital marketing strategy? We’ll explore seven key channels, each with its own set of starter prompts.

We’ll also provide you with contextual cues and follow-up queries to consider when creating your own personalized AI instructions.

So, let’s dive in.

1. ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

With ChatGPT for marketing, crafting compelling emails goes from tedious to exhilarating. A marketer could use ChatGPT to address issues like cart abandonment by creating personalized emails tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

You do, however, need to collect data on the common reasons for cart abandonment, such as high shipping costs or complicated checkouts. Input this data as context when using ChatGPT to ensure the content assistant produces the most relevant solutions.

  1. Prompt: “Create an email to address cart abandonment issues.”
    Follow-up: “What incentives can we offer, such as free shipping or a one-time discount?”
  2. Prompt: “Generate personalized subject lines based on customer purchase history.”
    Follow-up: “How can these lines increase open rates?”
  3. Prompt: “Analyze user interaction with our previous emails to suggest layout improvements.”
    Follow-up: “What are the click-through hotspots?”

2. ChatGPT prompts for social media campaigns

Social media campaigns are a dynamic chess game where every move counts, and the rules keep evolving. ChatGPT acts as your social media strategist, helping you maneuver skillfully.

Before utilizing AI, gather data on hashtags that have previously worked well, engagement patterns, and seasonal trends. This information helps ChatGPT generate highly relevant and engaging hashtags for your campaign.

  1. Prompt: “Generate trending hashtags for our Christmas Twitter/X campaign.”
    Follow-up: “Which hashtags are most likely to go viral within our target demographics?”
  2. Prompt: “Critique our last Facebook ad to suggest A/B test variations.”
    Follow-up: “What types of images have historically led to higher engagement?”
  3. Prompt: “Provide an Instagram posting schedule based on historical engagement data.”
    Follow-up: “What are the best times to post to reach young adults aged 18-24?”

3. ChatGPT prompts for video scripting

UX writing, including the art of video scripting, requires a captivating storyline and compelling dialogues. Suppose you’re creating a tutorial series to reduce customer service queries.

In that case, ChatGPT can be programmed to analyze hundreds of FAQs and customer feedback, generating a script that addresses most user pain points in a single go.

In this case, you’ll need to collate customer queries and complaints and any existing video metrics like watch times to provide context to the AI assistant.

  1. Prompt: “Draft a script focusing on the top 10 user pain points for our product.”
    Follow-up: “Which user testimonials can we incorporate?”
  2. Prompt: “Create a storyboard outline for our brand awareness video.”
    Follow-up: “What kinds of imagery will best illustrate our brand ethos?”
  3. Prompt: “Help tighten a draft script for our new product launch video.”
    Follow-up: “Which of the following features should be highlighted for maximum impact?”

4. ChatGPT prompts for content curation

Curating content goes beyond aggregation; it’s about creating a valuable resource center for your target audience. This becomes more challenging with the daily flood of digital content.

A nutrition blogger may spend hours sifting through research, articles, and trends to stay relevant. ChatGPT and its web-based browser extensions, in particular, automate this process by filtering articles and identifying content gaps.

To offer thoughtful content curation, ChatGPT needs data from past campaigns and insights on engaging content. It’s also helpful to provide parameters like desired tone, brand aesthetic, and content type and length. 

  1. Prompt: “Help categorize and organize our content library based on user engagement metrics.”
    Follow-up: “What are the top three categories we should focus on for boosting user interaction?”
  2. Prompt: “Analyze our content repository and list topics we haven’t covered but are trending in our industry.”
    Follow-up: “How do these gaps align with our branding strategy?”
  3. Prompt: “Evaluate the evergreen potential of our current content based on analytics and market trends.”
    Follow-up: “What kinds of evergreen content can we produce that would synergize with our existing materials?”

5. ChatGPT prompts for on-page SEO

On-page SEO is crucial for improving website visibility. With AI prompts from ChatGPT, you can optimize your content, conduct keyword research, and enhance website performance. 

ChatGPT can analyze multiple data points, from page speed to keyword relevance, providing nuanced suggestions. To get started, give ChatGPT Google Analytics data, heatmaps, and user surveys to generate informed recommendations.

  1. Prompt: “Analyze high-exit pages to suggest user experience improvements.”
    “What are common elements in these pages that could be causing user exit?”
  2. Prompt: “Improve meta descriptions incorporating long-tail keywords.”
    Follow-up: “Which long-tail keywords have low competition but high relevance?”
  3. Prompt: “Evaluate the effectiveness of our current internal linking strategy.”
    Follow-up: “What other high-authority pages can we link to?”

6. ChatGPT prompts for PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are dynamic, with many moving parts. AI assistance goes beyond basic analytics by identifying where your PPC campaigns are faltering and suggesting real-time solutions.

This means, instead of you second-guessing why a campaign underperformed during a critical product launch, ChatGPT could instantly evaluate the ROI, giving actionable insights on ad sets to scale and demographics to target.

If you already have campaigns that performed exceptionally well in the past, feed that data into ChatGPT. Likewise, having a list of high-performing keywords and an understanding of your target demographics will provide the chatbot with the tools it needs to help you soar.

  1. Prompt: “Assess the ROI of our new feature launch PPC campaign.”
    Follow-up: “Which ad sets and demographics are most profitable?”
  2. Prompt: “Evaluate our existing keyword performance to identify areas for improvement.”
    Follow-up: “Which new keywords should we test for better ROI?”
  3. Prompt: “Generate ad copy that incorporates our product’s unique selling propositions and matches the emotional tone of our brand.”
    “How does this new ad copy compare in performance to our existing one?

2. Closing thoughts

AI tools like ChatGPT are setting new standards in digital marketing, offering nuanced and automated interactions that can significantly enhance user engagement and campaign efficacy.

This article has provided actionable prompts across seven key marketing channels to integrate this transformative technology into your strategy.

As you start working with ChatGPT prompts, consider these tips:

  • Test variations: Use different prompts to test how ChatGPT responds and then refine your choices based on performance.
  • Be contextual: Always include relevant context to get more accurate and tailored outputs.
  • Analyze and adapt: Regularly review the analytics to see how the ChatGPT-powered campaigns are performing.

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