What’s a Typical Content Strategist Salary?

One of the first things people ask when seeking a new career is, “how much does it pay?” Those looking at a job in marketing may be wondering specifically about content strategist salaries .Fortunately, this is a growing field with a wide range of opportunities. Because the positions offered can be so different from one another, and vary from location to location, it’s not easy to put a single salary amount on the job.

In this article, we’ll explore the following:

  1. What is a content strategist?
  2. What does a content strategist do?
  3. What’s the typical content strategist salary?
  4. Becoming a content marketing strategist
  5. Next steps

 Ready to learn more about how much you can earn as a content strategist? Let’s get started!

1. What is a content strategist?

No two companies will treat the content strategist role exactly the same, but the general consensus is that this role exists to plan, create, and share content. Content types include video, written content, digital content, illustrations, and even podcasts and newscasts. 

If it’s a type of content that can be consumed by people, there’s likely a person in a content strategist role working to make sure the most people possible see it. They will also look at measurements to ensure that their efforts have hit the goals set out at the beginning.

2. What does a content strategist do?

The role of a content strategist is an ever-changing one. As new technologies form, the job of the content strategist will require them to learn this technology and find the best ways to put it to work. Currently, content strategists work with project management tools, editing technology, and even ad platforms.

In larger companies, they may be limited to just one of these, but smaller companies use their content strategists to cover many tasks, including social media planning and the customer experience.

A successful content strategist should understand the brand or organization very well and know what the audience expects. By creating content that meets the customer’s needs in a way that elevates the brand, they play an important role in the sales and growth of the brand.

You’ll probably never do the same thing from day to day, making the content strategist profession an exciting one for those who seek change in a fast-paced environment. One day you could be planning emails to customers before you schedule the blog posts for the week. The next day may have you measuring social media trends to see how your Facebook page is doing.

It’s a rewarding career for those who like to learn and stay on top of trends in media, digital communities, and the ecommerce/retail space.

3. What’s the typical content strategist salary?

The U.S. nationwide average content strategist salary is $72,104 per year, including a base salary of $66,322 and bonuses of $5,783. Here are the averages for major cities in the U.S.:

  • Content strategist salary in New York, NY: $81,427 (Glassdoor)
  • Content strategist salary in San Francisco, CA: $93,065 (Glassdoor)
  • Content strategist salary in Chicago, IL: $84,422 (Glassdoor)
  • Content strategist salary in Houston, TX: $82,669 (Glassdoor)

The U.S. isn’t the only place hiring content strategists. While the role may be called other things in other countries, you can expect to earn an average of €48,345 in Germany, for example. This breaks down to a base pay of €41,345 and bonuses of €7,000.

Other global include the following:

  • Content strategist salary in Berlin, Germany: €47,394 (Glassdoor)
  • Content strategist salary in France: €34,001 (Glassdoor)
  • Content strategist salary in Toronto, Canada: CA$79,913 (Glassdoor)
  • Content strategist salary in London, United Kingdom: £53,089 (Glassdoor)

Content strategists can be paid hourly, especially in the beginning of their career. As you move up in your career, taking on more senior positions, expect your pay to change to an annual salary amount. In the U.S., a lead content strategist average $77,794 a year, around $4,400 more than the average content strategist salary. A senior content strategist averages $92,630 per year, around $20,000 more than the average content strategist salary.

That’s a big incentive to stay in the field for long enough to earn experience and some expertise in specific technologies, such as ecommerce platforms, AI-based tools, and search engine optimization (SEO). Lead and senior content strategists also manage the work of others, so having some supervisory experience may come in handy.

Most positions often pay a base salary, then add bonuses or performance earnings of 10-30%, so it’s possible to earn more over time—especially if you’re really good at it.

As with all positions, it’s possible to ask for what you want, even if it’s more than what’s listed in the job description. While you may not get it, companies that want to hire quickly may be open to negotiation for the right person.

4. Becoming a content marketing strategist

If you like the idea of learning new technology, creating content that people love, and earning a good living doing it, a content marketing strategist career may be right for you. However, there is no single path to getting into this career field.

Here’s how you can get started on that path.

Take a digital marketing course

One of the best ways to really get a feel for the career path is to start with some hands-on learning. Online digital marketing courses make it easy to upskill at your own pace, even while working your regular job.

As you learn more skills in the content marketing space, you’ll not only better prepare yourself for the next steps, but you’ll also figure out what parts of content marketing you enjoy the most (which can then help you settle on a content niche.) 

Learn more about the position

Before you make any changes to your job or education, talk to people who work in content strategy. You probably know someone already, but if you don’t, reach out to a friend or colleague and ask for an introduction to the person in the role where they work. Setting up a quick Zoom call or even an email interview can give you answers to your questions and help you hear straight from the person doing the job.

Questions to ask include:

  • What do you like about the work?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What’s one thing you wish you had known before you started?
  • What personality traits or skills are most useful in the role?

You should also read the job descriptions at various companies to see what skills and qualities they want to see in a new hire. Feel free to look around at jobs in cities or countries you won’t actually work in; you’re just using them for research to get more of a background.

Jump into some work experience

If you’re still certain this is the path for you, take on some work in that role. Whether you apply for an internship or offer to do some freelance work for a time, these entry-level experiences do two things: they give you a day-to-day picture of the job, and they help you learn skills quickly. Since content strategy is a very hands-on position, you’ll pick up things right away that you can use for a lifetime.

In fact, much of what you’ll do in your job will be specific to each company or brand, so expect this experience to be one of the pillars of your professional qualifications.

This will be easier to do with some previous marketing, content, or digital experience, but it’s also possible with a strong desire to learn and the ability to take on new duties quickly.

Rub elbows with the professionals

Finally, get out there and meet your peers and colleagues. Whether you join a local marketing organization or interact with a forum online, there’s so much to learn when you talk regularly with those who share your profession. Plus, it’s very likely that you’ll hear about job opportunities from people, not postings.

While you’re at it, sign up for some top content newsletters or publications, such as those offered by colleagues on LinkedIn. It’s one of the better ways to stay informed about new technologies and trends.

5. Next steps

From writing emails to posting those amazing Instagram Reels we love so much, content strategists are the masterminds behind the things we read, watch, and share online. Getting an opportunity to work in this field may be a dream come true for you, and it’s not too late to join a growing job field.

Plan out your path, including how you’ll get much-needed skills, so you have a clear idea of the goals you want to meet and how long before you’ll meet them. It’s something you’ll do a lot of when working as a content strategist, so it makes sense to start strategizing in your own life first!

Did this article help you learn more about content marketing and what it offers as a career? By taking our free short course in digital marketing, you’ll get an even better idea of where you fit into the field.

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