The Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Read Right Now

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New to digital marketing and eager to learn more about it? Whether you’re a new digital marketer or an expert at the game, digital marketing blogs can be a valuable resource to grow your knowledge and stay up-to-date with trends and algorithm updates. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve rounded up the best of the best blogs worth your time.

You’ll find:

  1. The best digital marketing blogs for beginners
  2. The best digital marketing blogs for social media marketing
  3. The best digital marketing blogs about SEO and content marketing
  4. Bonus: More digital marketing blogs worth reading
  5. Next steps

1. The best digital marketing blogs for beginners

These digital marketing blogs make marketing concepts accessible for beginners:


The CareerFoundry digital marketing blog is chock-full of advice for new digital marketers. Written by digital marketing experts, it covers various topics, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. 

You can learn everything from email marketing to omnichannel marketing, understand how the marketing funnel works, what it takes to become a marketing associate or social media specialist and find out what marketing consultants earn.


The Hubspot blog is a melting pot of content around marketing, sales, agency, and customer success. However, its marketing blog articles are highly informative and cover many subjects.

You’ll find articles about video marketing, branding, social media marketing, marketing strategy, and so much more. The Hubspot blog wins many points for being prolific while maintaining the quality of its content. You’ll never run out of informative content to build your marketing skills.

Content Marketing Institute

If you’ve narrowed your digital marketing career goal to content marketing, you should be reading the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) blog. Unlike many other digital marketing sites, the goal of the CMI is to educate marketers specifically on all things content ideation and production.

CMI also runs virtual and in-person content marketing events and creates industry research that helps marketers work more efficiently. Their blog is regularly updated and hosts a wealth of content, including a Content Marketing 101 guide, news and trends, and tips for audience building.

2. The best digital marketing blogs for social media marketing

Budding social media specialists will learn a ton from these social media marketing blogs:


Social media management tool, Buffer runs a holistic blog about social media and entrepreneurship. Although the site has several publications, the Flow blog focuses on social media management insights, industry news and trends, and interviews with experts to benefit Buffer’s audience.

You’ll find articles on topics like generating social media content for small businesses, social media app roundups, how to use Google Business profiles, and Instagram Story post ideas. The “Ask Buffer” series also helps social media managers navigate complex issues such as whether it’s wise to post personal content on business profiles.

Sprout Social

Another social media management platform, Sprout Social also has an engaging blog packed with social media marketing tips. Unlike Buffer, the articles on Sprout Social are fully geared toward social media marketing and include everything from data reports, marketing insights, industry trends, how-to guides, and social media marketing tool roundups.

The topics addressed include everything from creating a 30-day social media plan, using Twitter e-commerce tools, and setting up an Instagram Creator account. Sprout Social also shares detailed guides for YouTubers on various topics such as running a YouTube audit and sharing a list of relevant YouTube hashtags.


The Hootsuite blog delivers content around social media marketing strategy and industry news reports. It’s also unique because it runs regular social media “experiments” to evaluate the response of social media platforms to certain user behaviors and see how social media marketers can get the most out of their platforms.

Hootsuite also shares useful templates and a social media dictionary that are useful for beginner social media managers. Some brilliant articles worth reading on the site include this experiment about buying Instagram followers, a guide to Instagram marketing, a guide to editing TikTok videos, and a yearly trend report.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Are you a social media marketer navigating relationships with influencers for your clients? This pick is for you. Influencer Marketing Hub is dedicated to producing informative and educational content about influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and the creator economy among other topics.

The site includes a variety of tools to help social media specialists, including a free Instagram audit for fake followers and a sponsored post money calculator. It also publishes a ton of articles, news reports, and product roundups, including a roundup of content moderation tools and a helpful guide to using TikTok for B2B marketing.

3. The best digital marketing blogs about SEO and content marketing

SEO and content marketing are inextricably linked and both vital parts of digital marketing. Follow these blogs for top-notch tips on both subjects.


Marketing education platform, CXL runs mini-degree courses on many subjects, including brand marketing, technical content marketing, and digital analytics. But for those who aren’t ready to commit to a course, the CXL blog offers an alternative form of education on all things content marketing.

While the blog covers topics already covered by other marketing blogs, CXL excels in the unique depth of its coverage. All the articles are well researched with actionable tips, examples, and step-by-step guidance to help even veteran marketers.

You’ll find content about creating effective calls to action, carrying out omnichannel marketing, using copywriting to create a unique value proposition, and guides to understanding analytics tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.


Keyword research software Ahrefs is loved by many in the SEO community—and its blog is nearly just as valuable. The Ahrefs blog provides beginner educational articles about on and off-page search engine optimization, keyword research, and marketing (including paid, video, content, and affiliate marketing).

You’ll find articles about creating an SEO-friendly website, running a technical SEO audit, entering the world of affiliate marketing, driving traffic to your website, and even case studies about how other brands are handling their SEO strategy.

The Moz Blog

Few blogs are as synonymous with SEO as the Moz blog. SEO and blogging experts share tips for building blogs, finding keywords, and optimizing websites for search engine rankings. From beginner guides to how-to articles, events, and webinars, there’s something for everyone.

Want to level up your SEO knowledge base? The Moz blog has articles about competitor gap analysis, SEO 101, content marketing, and much more. Moz stands out for creating content that is accessible and easy to digest even for new digital marketers.


An often overlooked part of SEO is link building. It can be tough to find effective strategies for outreach and link building, so some websites resort to black-hat strategies. If you’re a digital marketer with a focus on link building and SEO, Backlinko is the site for you.

The Backlinko blog shares impactful strategies for growing a site using ethical link-building strategy. It features standard and premium content (behind a paywall) about topics like video marketing, evergreen content, copywriting, and email marketing.

4. Bonus: More digital marketing blogs worth reading

We’ve shared some of the top blogs with in-depth information about different facets of digital marketing. Some of these sites may appeal to you more than others depending on your interests. Still, we’re sure you’ll learn plenty regardless of which ones you choose to explore.

Before we wrap things up, we’ll share four more digital marketing blogs worth examining.

Copyhackers Blog

Copyhackers is a copywriting education program founded by Joanna Wiebe. The company teaches budding copywriters the tricks of the trade and helps them write compelling copy. The Copyhackers blog is home to insightful content on copywriting. 

If your digital marketing dream is SEO copywriting, you’ll benefit from Copyhacker’s articles about conversion copywriting, direct response copywriting, headline formulas, and even how to find freelance work as a copywriter.


CoSchedule is a marketing work management software and the CoSchedule blog is designed to help digital marketers accomplish similar goals. This is another great blog for seasoned marketers already working on content or social media marketing teams.

The CoSchedule blog features articles on topics across digital marketing including subjects like managing marketing projects, organizing link building campaigns, finding your target audience and writing engaging whitepapers.


Content marketing platform, GatherContent helps content marketing teams manage their content workflow collaboratively in one hub. Their blog is a fantastic resource for content marketing teams. It includes articles, templates, webinars, and other useful information.

You’ll find articles about tracking content marketing metrics, content testing, calculating content costs, and creating an effective content review process.

Search Engine Journal

Want to keep up with SEO news and trends? Search Engine Journal is where it’s at. The site boasts a massive library of digital marketing content, including articles pay-per-click (PPC) ads, SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

Catch with articles about off-page SEO, paid social media advertising, and thought leadership content. Stay up to date with changes in the industry with research reports, such as this one on influencer marketing for B2B brands.

5. Next steps

We’ve shared 15 of the top digital marketing blogs to read right now, but there’s so much more information available online. If you’re interested in digital marketing (we think you are), there are some other steps you can take to learn more about the industry. We recommend starting with our free, 5-day digital marketing short course.

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