The 11 Best Digital Marketing Courses in the World Right Now

Marissa Sapega, contributor to the CareerFoundry blog

Digital marketing is a hot career path. Not only does the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that the overall field of marketing and advertising will grow by 10% in the next decade, but there are several roles to choose from. Even better, average digital marketing salaries are high and many programs offer a job guarantee. There’s never been a better time to transition into a new role! 

However, with thousands of digital marketing courses, programs, bootcamps, and certifications to choose from worldwide, it can be challenging to sift the wheat from the chaff. Don’t worry, that’s what this article is for. 

Read on to find out the best digital marketing courses in the world.

1. CareerFoundry’s Digital Marketing Program

If you’re looking to become a digital marketing expert on your own terms, the Digital Marketing Profram offered by CareerFoundry will teaches you all the fundamental skills, tools and processes required to become one. The dual mentorship model at CareerFoundry ensures that you’ll be working with a seasoned industry expert mentor and tutor during the course of your program.

Over four months full-time, or seven months part-time, you’ll build projects that you can use in your digital marketing portfolio, preparing you for a career change into the field. CareerFoundry is so confident in their approach and curriculum that they also offer a Job Guarantee: land a job in your desired field within 180 days of graduating from your program, or your money back.

  • Price: €6,900
  • Duration: 4 months full-time, or 7 months part-time
  • Mode of study: Online, self-paced
  • Ideal for: Beginners wanting a full-spectrum deep-dive into the field of digital marketing

2. MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science from Emlyon Business School

Founded in 1872, the Emlyon Business School in France boasts a MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science. This is an 18-month program, taught on two different campuses in Paris and Shanghai. It goes beyond the scope of many digital marketing courses with an emphasis on data analytics, machine learning, and even coding, as well as a focus on Asian digital marketing trends. Students can build upon the skills they’ve acquired through their studies through a four-six month internship (if they have not secured a job upon graduating).

  • Price: €27,000
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Mode of study: Live sessions on campus, located in Paris and Shanghai
  • Ideal for: People with a bachelor’s degree looking for a full-time curriculum with an international scope

3. SEMRush Academy

Whether you’re keen to take your digital marketing skills to the next level or dabble in a new field, you can’t beat SEMRush Academy’s free online course library! Industry experts break down everything: from social media marketing to search engine optimization (SEO) to content marketing into bite-size, manageable video lessons.

Naturally, there’s a heavy emphasis on SEO, but it’s rare to find free, high-quality courses that will teach you how to conduct an SEO audit or technical SEO—both of which are incredibly valuable skills for digital marketers. You’ll even have the option to earn a certificate you can include on your resume or social media profile. Considering the content is 100% free, there’s no reason to pass up a chance to learn new skills or brush up on your current knowledge.  

  • Price: Free
  • Duration: Most lessons are one hour in length 
  • Mode of study: Online
  • Ideal for: Everyone from newbies to reasonably seasoned digital marketers looking to sharpen their SEO skills

4. Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Aspiring or fledgling digital marketers looking to upgrade their industry knowledge should consider Thinkful’s well-rounded Digital Marketing Bootcamp. In just three short months, you’ll learn how to manage digital marketing campaigns, use data from different sources to create customer personas, write compelling copy, and more. Not only that, but Thinkful also offers career support from the get-go and the option to connect with a mentor in the industry via live video consultations. You’ll most likely devote 15-20 hours per week to the self-paced courses.

  • Price: $4,900 up front, or three monthly payments of $2,066
  • Duration: Approximately three months
  • Mode of study: Online
  • Ideal for: People looking to transition into digital marketing or enhance their knowledge of the field

5. Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course

Over half a million students can’t be wrong! This best-selling Udemy digital marketing course boasts almost 150,000 reviews and a rating of 4.5, making it the top-selling digital marketing course on the platform. It’s also a great value for the price, considering you’ll have access to over 20 hours of actionable lectures, 35 articles, and 10 downloadable resources.

Its multiple projects and quizzes to test your knowledge will keep you engaged the entire time. Get ready to drink from a fire hose of information, because it includes modules on Google Analytics, SEO, social media marketing, app marketing, copywriting, email marketing, market research, and more. 

  • Price: List price is $149 (but frequently discounted) for lifetime access
  • Duration: As long as you need it for (22.5 hours of video)
  • Mode of study: Online
  • Ideal for: Budget-conscious marketers, entrepreneurs, and others looking to improve marketing outcomes for their business

6. Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Created in partnership with Purdue University and Facebook, Simplilearn’s post graduate program is a great way to experience university-caliber courses without the hefty price tag. In the event students are interested in pursuing a degree at Purdue, it also counts for six credits and offers a 20% discount on the price of an MS in Communications at the university.

You’ll learn all about major digital marketing channels, like organic search, paid search, and social media (especially Facebook, thanks to an exclusive Master Sessions elective course), and work on Harvard Business School case study-based projects to help lock in your knowledge. 

  • Price: $3,000
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Mode of study: Online live classes
  • Ideal for: Professionals who want to learn from real-world experts and examples in a flexible, online environment

7. Georgetown University Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Taught by marketing industry experts, the Georgetown University Digital Marketing Bootcamp will boost your knowledge on building multi-channel marketing strategies, calculating ROI for campaigns, using current marketing analytics tools. It’s ideal for working learners too: Students will enjoy live sessions in this keenly focused bootcamp on Friday evenings and Saturdays during the day for 12 weeks, then spend additional time working on individual and group work to put their new skills into practice.

The program ends with a capstone project, and students will earn an official certificate of completion from Georgetown University. Along with networking with their classmates, attendees can also take advantage of career coaching activities (mock interviews, resume and cover letter reviews, etc.) and workshops held throughout the 12 weeks. Students will even gain access to Georgetown’s database of job postings and have the option to submit resumes through a special portal to employers looking to hire Georgetown grads. 

  • Price: $4,995
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Mode of study: Online live classes
  • Ideal for: People working full-time looking to build on a traditional marketing education keen to access Georgetown’s extensive alumni network

8. Singapore Management University’s Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Though Singapore Management University (SMU) is one of the newer higher education establishments in this city-state, it has quickly established itself as a leader in multiple fields. Its Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is an online program taught by seasoned industry experts who live and breathe digital marketing. If you live in Asia or a similar time zone and are looking for a live course that won’t require you to wake up at odd hours, SMU’s offering (with each module hosted over a few nights and all day Saturday) will fit the bill.

The comprehensive curriculum includes a module on social media marketing, email and chatbots, persuasive copywriting, optimizing websites, and more. Though it’s a steal for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, it’s still a great value for the money for international participants. 

  • Price: Ranges from $1,161.60 for Singaporean residents aged 65+. to $10,272 for international attendees
  • Duration: This is up to the attendees, but all six modules can be completed in as little as two months or up to three years
  • Mode of study: Live online courses
  • Ideal for: Aspiring digital marketers living in the Eastern hemisphere

9. Curtin University of Dubai Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

Curtin University is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Its main campus is in Perth, Australia, but it’s satellite campus in Dubai boasts an incredible location in the bustling metropolis. Curtin’s Certificate in Digital Marketing will prepare students for a career in digital marketing and also serves as an entry point for individuals looking to pursue a full graduate degree (MBA or Masters) in the subject.

Through on-campus courses, students will learn how to identify critical customer groups, the fundamentals of SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), social media tactics, and more. The hands-on courses provide the opportunity to plan an online marketing campaign and leverage data analytics to guide decisions. All students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent or at least three years of relevant work experience to qualify for admission.  

  • Price: AED 28,875
  • Duration: 6 months full time (part-time option available)
  • Mode of study: On-campus live classes
  • Ideal for: Professionals keen to learn digital marketing fundamentals who may want to continue their education to earn a full Masters or MBA degree

10. Brainstation Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Brainstation’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp has earned accolades from graduates and the companies that hire them worldwide. Its curriculum boasts extensive hands-on experience working on group projects with team members from different Brainstation bootcamps and professionals working for organizations such as Mastercard, Google, and Microsoft.

Such cross-functional collaboration prepares students for real-life job situations and helps them build valuable skills they’ll need in their future careers. The program includes modules on content marketing, branding, email marketing, social media, search marketing, analytics, and more. Students will use tools like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, and other programs that industry professionals rely on, affording them the opportunity to become comfortable with these tools before they enter the workforce.

Perhaps best of all, Brainstation offers both on-campus and live online programs—both full and part-time—allowing students the option to learn in an environment that best suits their needs and lifestyle. (On-campus classes are offered in Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, New York, and London.) 

  • Price: $664/month for 24 months or $15,000 upfront
  • Duration: 3-7 months (depending whether you opt for full or part-time)
  • Mode of study: Live online sessions or on-campus classes
  • Ideal for: Individuals with little to no marketing experience 

11. MIT Sloan Digital Marketing Analytics Short Course

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a world-renowned institution; therefore, it comes as no surprise that its short Digital Marketing Analytics course upholds this reputation. In a scant six weeks (excluding one week for orientation), students will learn key skills for digital marketing measurement and analytics that will help guide their strategies to achieve their marketing goals. 

Sinan Aral, David Austin Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, will teach you how to build a predictive model that can be applied to future business projections as well as ROI optimization strategies and multivariate experimentation tactics. Upon completion of online assignments, students will earn a certificate from MIT Sloan they can publicize on their digital professional profiles and add to their resumes.  

  • Price: $2,800
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Mode of study: Online sessions with small group sessions for interaction
  • Ideal for: Marketers looking to ramp up their analytics chops and earn a certificate from a top U.S. university 

12. JobPrepped Digital Marketing Program

Given its goal of preparing students for jobs in digital marketing, JobPreppped is aptly named. And it’s more than a name: over 94% of its graduates have job offers or marketing interviews in just three weeks after finishing. The reason? JobPrepped gives you hands-on experience in creating campaigns and strategies using the tools digital marketers use every day.

You’ll learn more than just high-level concepts—its Digital Marketing Program will school you on the how-to’s of social media, paid search, email marketing, SEO, and even influencer marketing. Even better, students are paired with a retired Fortune 500 marketing executive who will review their completed (optional) homework assignments to provide guidance. Throw in online profile and resume help, and you can see why JobPrepped graduates have been so successful.  

  • Price: $2,800
  • Duration: Self-paced
  • Mode of study: Online training videos, remote 1:1s with a mentor and career services
  • Ideal for: People looking for training that will prepare them for entry-level digital marketing positions 

How to choose the right digital marketing course for you

Whew! That’s a lot of options to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you?

Here are some things to keep in mind:


What’s your budget for tuition? If you’re going to take a full-time course, do you have enough of a financial cushion for living expenses, or will you need to take out a loan? If tuition is a barrier, you can always look into payment options. Many programs offer monthly as well as full upfront payment packages. 


Are you looking for an online course for maximum flexibility, or do you prefer an in-person experience? Keep in mind that online courses are generally less expensive than those taught on campus and usually shorter. 

Experience level

Many digital marketing courses are geared towards newbies, but others are better for individuals with at least a few years of marketing experience. Be honest with yourself—if you’re new to the field, it’s better to take a course best-suited to your experience level. 


If you are already a reasonably experienced digital marketer looking to brush up their skills, an on-demand program that you can complete at your own pace may be a great option. Alternatively, if you’re completely new to digital marketing, a longer, more intense program could help teach you the skills you will need to transition into a new career. 

If you’re on the fence about paying for a program, you can always try a free digital marketing course to see if it’s worth taking it to the next level with a bootcamp or certificate program.

Key takeaways and next steps

There are myriad options for newbies and seasoned digital marketers alike to upgrade their skills through a digital marketing course. From live online programs to in-person classes taught worldwide, there’s sure to be a course that fits your needs, budget, and timeline.

If you’re keen to try a digital marketing class to see how it suits you, check out CareerFoundry’s free 5-day course.

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