The 10 Best SEO AI Tools

Thanks to its many applications, search engine optimization (SEO) has long been a staple of digital marketing. From refining your website’s architecture and content to enhancing the user experience and even using social media to reach new audiences, SEO opens countless doors for promoting your brand.

The challenge, however, lies in SEO’s complexity. It requires the analysis of vast amounts of data to determine the best approach for your needs.

Fortunately, with the advent of machine learning, abundant AI SEO tools are now available to help. These AI SEO tools can automate complex tasks, allowing you to focus on what humans do best—the creative and strategic stuff!

This article explores 10 of the best AI SEO tools available today. From content optimization to keyword research and website analytics, we’ve got all the essentials covered:

Ready to discover the AI SEO tools you need to succeed? Then, let’s check out the top 10!

The 10 Best SEO AI Tools


A screenshot from the website of one of the best AI SEO tools,

Frase at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Existing content optimization, topic research
  • Key function/s: Topic discovery, automated content generation, SEO optimization, analytics insights
  • Pricing: $14.99 to  $114.99/month, or simply Frase, is an intelligent SEO automation platform with three main areas of focus: discovery, optimization, and analytics. Its discovery features help you uncover essential topics related to your business or product area.

Combined with insights into your competitors’ content, it uses this information to generate SEO-optimized content briefs. Frase then provides rapid, SEO-friendly content creation, using its integrated AI to auto-complete sentences, generate content in various styles, and enhance the quality of your existing content using its paraphrasing and rewriting functions.

Meanwhile, Frase’s “optimize” component includes a text editor with a topic model that will score your content against that of your competitors before helping you amend it for uniqueness. Finally, the tool’s analytics dashboard uses Google Search Console data to identify top content opportunities, allowing you to enhance your keyword rankings, backlinks, and other SEO metrics.

2. Scalenut

Scalenut at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Content creation and SEO optimization
  • Key function/s: Keyword planning, NLP-powered topic research, content generation optimization, and publishing
  • Pricing: $39 to $149/month (depending on usage)

Scalenut is another AI-driven platform for SEO and content marketing, which boasts a more efficient approach to content creation.

When used to its full capabilities, it can contribute to a tenfold increase in organic traffic (according to their website!). To achieve this, the tool combines several essential features, including keyword planning and natural language processing (NLP)-based topic research.

Once it has established optimum keywords for your topic/product and user intent, Scalenut’s AI-powered content generation tools will output optimized copy that you can publish straight to your website. These end-to-end functions can help you generate substantial volumes of high-quality content, fine-tuned for your specific search engine visibility requirements, before effortlessly distributing it in one cross-channel digital marketing campaign.

3. Diib

A screenshot from the website of one of the best AI SEO tools, Diib

Diib at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Website analytics and traffic tracking
  • Key function/s: Website analysis, diagnostic tools, customized growth plans
  • Pricing: $44.99/month, with a limited free version also available

Diib’s key focus is on SEO website analytics, an area in which it offers several essential functions. It includes Google Analytics integration, in-depth website analysis via its advanced predictive AI SEO algorithm, diagnostic tools, and personalized growth plans.

Diib will scan your website, pinpointing exactly where to enhance important aspects of your SEO, including site speed, security, and user experience (UX). It then translates this data into a clear action plan, guiding your SEO efforts and tracking your progress over time via impact and reporting dashboards.

Diib’s library is also stacked with thousands of resources, including articles, videos, white papers, and eBooks, all aimed at helping you improve your SEO marketing using their platform.

4. Alli AI

Alli AI at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Website optimization
  • Key function/s: Automated keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink building
  • Pricing: $350 to $1,280/month, depending on user numbers  (5 to 25)

Because it’s mainly aimed at larger businesses, Alli AI is one of the pricier options on our list. This means it’s not suited to lone digital marketers, but for teams, it’s ideal.

Operating from a centralized dashboard, it automates tasks like keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink building. Alli AI also offers in-depth website audits so your team can identify overlooked areas and evaluate current Google search rankings to guide your strategy.

Its SEO AI-driven algorithm prioritizes keywords with the highest return on investment (ROI) for your needs and also tracks local optimization, i.e., the targeting of your site to specific geographical areas. Integrating with most content management systems, Alli Ai’s step-by-step onboarding wizard will ensure that you get the best from the tool, taking charge of your SEO campaigns. 

5. Surfer

A screenshot from the website of one of the best AI SEO tools, Surfer

Surfer at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Organic traffic
  • Key function/s: SEO AI-powered content editor, keyword research, auditing
  • Pricing: From $69 to $250/month

A cloud-based, on-page SEO AI optimization tool, Surfer specializes in boosting organic traffic. It stands out for its robust keyword research, auditing, and AI-powered content generation features.

You’ll start by analyzing your website and comparing it to the current top-ranking pages on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The tool then highlights which elements are missing from which pages on your site and what needs improvement.

The on-page SEO metrics it scrutinizes include main and sub-keywords, meta tags, media elements, incoming backlinks, and word count, to name a few. It will then construct a model of elements that search engines will prioritize for your chosen query.

Surfer’s standout feature is its fine-tuned SEO AI content editor. Choose a target keyword, and Surfer scrapes the top-ranking results, analyzes them, and then produces optimized content accordingly. It’s no doubt part of the reason why this tool ranks as one of the top SEO AI tools on the software comparison site G2.

6. NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter at a glance:

  • Area of focus: SEO optimization and content writing
  • Key function/s: AI-powered content generation, competitor analysis, multi-language support
  • Pricing: $19 to $97/month (yearly subscription only), depending on usage 

NeuronWriter was founded in 2019 and quickly gained a solid user base thanks to its innovative features and interface. Using natural language processing, it conducts detailed competitor analysis and crafts compelling, high-performance copy for your site.

It does this by assessing both on-page and off-page SEO metrics, including content score, language, word count, and readability, among others. By analyzing top-ranking competitors on Google, NeuronWriter suggests relevant keywords and generates fresh content based on your prompts. Unlike some other tools on our list, it also supports multiple large language models, including GPT3.5, GPT4 (which drives ChatGPT), and InstructGPT.

Although similar to Surfer, NeuronWriter is more budget-friendly. The trade-off is that some of its workflows aren’t quite as rigorous. Crucially, though, whereas Surfer is limited to English, NeuronWriter accommodates over 170 languages—ideal for operating numerous language sites or international operations.

7. Jasper

A screenshot from the website of one of the best AI SEO tools, Jasper

Jasper at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Content support
  • Key function/s: Integrated marketing campaigns, blog writing, copywriting, SEO, content strategy, social media marketing
  • Pricing: $39 to $125/month, depending on the price plan, with a limited free trial available

With a primary focus on content creation, Jasper is a valuable AI SEO tool for marketers wanting to streamline copywriting and improve their website’s overall performance.

This SaaS platform promises to aid you in delivering consistent, on-brand marketing campaigns while refining your blog writing with persuasive copy. It even supports social media marketing by helping with tasks such as caption creation and will repurpose existing content for different media.

Of course, its capabilities also extend to optimizing existing website SEO. Jasper’s notable strength, though, lies in its templates. These make content creation more accessible by offering preconfigured options tailored to your needs, for instance, crafting LinkedIn posts. While this simplifies the content creation process, it’s important to note that Jasper employs a volume-based pricing model, potentially resulting in higher costs for prolific content producers.

8. Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights at a glance:

  • Area of focus: Keyword research
  • Key function/s: Keyword discovery, clustering, and AI-content creation
  • Pricing: $58 to $299/month, although they offer a 4-day trial for $1

Keyword Insights is another high performer on G2. Focused on keyword research, content planning, and optimization, it has various functions to support these phases of the SEO process.

Its toolkit has three main features you’ll want to explore. First, keyword discovery analyzes a wide range of relevant keywords related to your initial search terms, helping you narrow down the right ones for your needs. Meanwhile, keyword clustering uses powerful algorithms (driven by real-time geo-specific search results) to group similar keywords effectively. Finally, the tool’s content brief module uses AI to offer a comprehensive view of the SERPs, all via its user-friendly interface, streamlining content creation.

The best aspect of Keyword Insights, though, is that the company doesn’t simply sell you a subscription and leave you to it. Unlike many SEO tool providers, they offer regular live demonstrations, onboarding support, and access to expert customer assistance so you can get the best from the platform. Worth checking out!

9. WriterZen

A screenshot from the website of one of the best AI SEO tools, WriterZen

WriterZen a glance:

  • Area of focus: Keyword research and copywriting
  • Key function/s: Keyword research and clustering, topic discovery, competitor analysis, plagiarism checker
  • Pricing: $19 to $99/month

WriterZen is a comprehensive toolkit again focused on keyword research and content production. A popular, versatile, and affordable platform, it offers numerous features catering to the needs of digital marketing content creators.

Its explorer and clustering features use Google’s keyword database to quickly identify those with the highest probability of ranking in the top search results. You can then quickly figure out low-competition, high-value keywords before using WriterZen to produce content that will rank well. Its topic discovery module also simplifies subtopic research, helping you uncover what your competitors are writing about.

The tool uses NLP analysis on your top 20 competitor websites, allowing you to create competitive content with optimized headings, layouts, and other structural elements. While a few user reviews shared concerns about WriterZen’s user interface, the feedback for this tool is largely positive.

10. a glance:

  • Area of focus: SEO of all types
  • Key function/s: Article writing, paraphrasing, readability, image generation, AI detection software bypassing
  • Pricing: $15 to $69/month depending on plan (or just Aiseo) offers various useful SEO features, including an AI-powered article writer for instant SEO-rich content generation, a paraphrasing tool that improves content uniqueness, and a readability improver for boosting audience engagement.

It doesn’t just focus on written website content, either—it also has a blog image generator and a tool to ensure that content of all types is unique enough to bypass AI detection software. In addition to these core features, Aiseo delivers more sophisticated functionality. For example, its long-form assistant will help you to expand your short-form content into informative, longer pieces.

While Aiseo’s customer support could potentially be a bit more comprehensive, the tool is intuitive enough to use. Plus, they offer some limited guides and blogs to keep you updated on new feature releases and tips for using the platform.

Final thoughts

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence tools are shaking up the SEO game, transforming how businesses of all sizes manage their SEO. By streamlining things like keyword research, website architecture, analytics, copywriting, and more, businesses can focus their time on the more creative aspects of marketing.

The 10 best AI SEO tools featured in this article offer a range of all-inclusive platforms, providing you with everything you need to succeed against the competition.

Before selecting one, of course, be sure to check each one out in more detail, not to mention review other popular tools on the market. There are plenty to choose from! Compare their features against your needs, and see if they offer a free trial or demo before forking out the cash. You might also want to read customer reviews to get an idea of their experience with each tool.

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