Our Guide to 11 Top Product Management Bootcamps

Are you an aspiring product manager looking to break into the industry with no prior experience? 

Or a product manager keen to upskill and take your career to the next level? 

Wherever you’re starting from, product management bootcamps offer an increasingly popular route to a successful, rewarding career in product management. 

But which product management bootcamps are actually worth considering? 

After extensive market research, we’ve rounded up our top picks. We’ve covered everything from short, lightweight courses to comprehensive, immersive bootcamps, with formats to suit a range of learning styles. 

So, without further ado. Here are some of the best product management bootcamps in 2023:

  1. allWomen
  2. CareerFoundry
  3. BrainStation
  4. General Assembly
  5. Product School
  6. Udacity
  7. Fullstack Academy
  8. Ironhack
  9. Product Hall
  10. Thinkful
  11. Product Manager HQ

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Screenshot of the allWomen product management bootcamp homepage.1. allWomen

The allWomen product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $2,950
  • Format: Online via live classes (which are also recorded for future viewing)
  • Duration: 10 hours of pre-work, then 10 hours per week for 10 weeks
  • Ideal for: Female career-changers, upskillers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn product management from scratch

allWomen is a provider based in Barcelona, Spain, on a mission to empower women to thrive in the tech industry through product management bootcamps.

Their part-time product management bootcamp is offered online via live classes, starting with 10 hours of pre-work to prepare you for the course and then spanning 10 weeks (with 10 hours of classes per week). 

The course promises to give you a clear understanding of what product management is, taking you through the entire cycle of becoming a product manager and teaching you how to effectively bring new products and experiences to market. 

Attendees of the allWomen product management bootcamp also benefit from one-to-one mentoring, hands-on learning with team projects and portfolio building, and weekly online events. 

Learn more about what it’s like to study with allWomen through their student testimonials.

Screenshot from the CareerFoundry Product Management bootcamp website.

2. CareerFoundry

The CareerFoundry Product Management Program at a glance:

  • Price: $6,900 / €5,900
  • Format: Online
  • Duration: 3 months full-time (30-40 hrs/week), up to 6 months flexible (15-20 hrs/week)
  • Ideal for: Beginners, career-changers, upskillers, those with family commitments

Definitely one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market and more than just a bootcamp, the CareerFoundry program is designed to take you from complete beginner to job-ready product manager.

The program is offered entirely online, and you can work to your own schedule—as long as you stick to certain milestones within the overall 6-month duration. This self-paced nature makes it an extremely appealing option for those with busy home lives or who are trying to fit it around their day job.

The major selling points of the CareerFoundry Product Management Program are the dual mentorship model and the job guarantee. What these mean is that each student is paired with a personal tutor and a one-to-one mentor, and the job guarantee ensures that if you don’t get a job within six months of graduating, you’ll be eligible for a full refund.

Another of CareerFoundry’s advantages is the support you’ll get for the job search too. Before you even complete the program, you’re paired you with your own career specialist—yet another expert with in-depth knowledge of the job market in your area. They’ll actively provide guidance as you refine your product manager portfolio, tune-up your resume, search for and select job postings, and polish your PM interviewing skills.  

CareerFoundry’s offering comes in at $6,900 for the entire program, but the cost of the tuition is dependent on your location and is competitively priced. This includes all of the learning materials you’ll need, and the tools you will use are either free-to-use, or free for when and how you’ll use them during the program.

If you’re not ready to commit to the program just yet and want to see if it’s for you, why not test the waters first with a free introductory five-day short course.

For an example of one of the projects you’ll come out of the CareerFoundry program with, take a look at Farley’s portfolio project.

Screenshot of the BrainStation Product Management bootcamp homepage.

3. BrainStation

The BrainStation product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $3,250
  • Format: Online with live classes, or in person at various campus locations
  • Duration: 5-10 weeks depending on chosen format 
  • Ideal for: Beginners with no previous product management experience who want to start a career in the field

BrainStation is a leading provider of digital skills training, offering a broad portfolio of tech courses. With their programs, you have the choice of learning online via live classes (which take place at set times) or in person at one of their campus locations in London, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, and others. 

The BrainStation product management bootcamp is ideal for beginners, with no prerequisites for enrolling. The curriculum is broken up into four units: Product Exploration & Strategy (which covers the foundations of product management), Agile Product Development, Building & Refining Products, and finally, Launch Strategy.

Upon completion of the bootcamp, students get a product management certification and a real-world project to add to their portfolio. 

What do graduates of BrainStation’s product management bootcamps think? Explore their alumni testimonials and success stories.


Screenshot of the General Assembly product management bootcamp homepage.

4. General Assembly

The General Assembly product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $3,950
  • Format: Online
  • Duration: 10 weeks part-time (4 hours per week) or 1 week full-time accelerated
  • Ideal for: Beginners looking for a hands-on introduction to product management

The General Assembly product management bootcamp offers a flexible, practical approach to learning product management.

Students have the option of attending the online bootcamp on a part-time basis, with classes taking place two evenings per week, or completing the one-week accelerated program, with classes taking place Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. 

This beginner-friendly bootcamp is designed to teach the most sought-after product management skills and prepare students for a career in the field. The curriculum covers the entire product life cycle with a focus on Agile best practices, stakeholder management, and working with data.

As part of their product management bootcamps, General Assembly students get access to a global network of over 80,000 alumni, individualized support from an expert instructor, and the opportunity to work on a real-world portfolio project.

Learn more about General Assembly on their site.

Screenshot of the Product School product management bootcamp homepage.

5. Product School

The Product School product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $4,499
  • Format: Online, live instructor-led sessions
  • Duration: 8 weeks part-time or 5 days full-time (32.5 hours of class time in total)
  • Ideal for: Beginners getting started in the field, as well as product managers wanting to upskill and advance their career

The Product School offers three different product management courses depending on your level and goals. 

For beginners wanting to land—and excel in—their first product management job, there’s the Product Manager Certification course. This course covers everything from product strategy and discovery to research, design and development, and launch. Students also benefit from mentorship, interview practice, and resumé support. 

For product managers who want to level up and secure a promotion, there’s the Senior Product Management Certification, while those wanting to prepare for a management role can take the Product Leader Certification.

All certifications can be taken part-time over 8 weeks, and the Product Manager Certification also offers a full-time, 5-day option. Whichever route you choose, you’ll get access to a wealth of course resources (including tools, templates, and a student forum), take part in live, instructor-led lessons, complete a final presentation, and sit a 90-minute exam to get your certification.

Screenshot of the Udacity product management bootcamp homepage.

6. Udacity

The Udacity product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $399 per month (pay-as-you-go plan) or $1,356 upfront for 4-month access
  • Format: Online, completely self-paced
  • Duration: 4 months at 10 hours per week on average (although you can take as long as you need)
  • Ideal for: Beginners who want a fully flexible, self-paced product management bootcamp

Udacity offers an abundance of massive open online courses (MOOCs), including a variety of options for product management bootcamps.

Among them is the Become a Product Manager nanodegree program, a completely self-paced online course for product management beginners.

The course takes an estimated 4 months to complete (at a suggested pace of 10 hours per week), but learners have total flexibility in terms of when they study and how long for. The curriculum spans product strategy, product design, product development, and product launch—giving you a good grounding in the full product life cycle. 

In addition to an on-demand curriculum, the Udacity product management bootcamp includes real-world projects, mentor support, and access to career services. This is a great option if you want to take your first step towards a career in product management while studying at your own pace. 

Learn more from Udacity’s past students.

Screenshot of the Fullstack Academy product management bootcamp homepage.

7. Fullstack Academy 

The Fullstack Academy product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $12,495
  • Format: Online
  • Duration: 25 weeks part-time (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
  • Ideal for: Aspiring product managers looking for a comprehensive, immersive product management bootcamp

The Fullstack Academy product management bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive (and expensive) options on the market.

The program spans 25 weeks, with live lectures and hands-on lab sessions (both online) taking place for 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Students are also advised to set aside 1-4 hours per week for independent study and coursework. 

The curriculum covers essential topics such as the product development lifecycle, business fundamentals, hypothesis validation, design thinking, product planning (including building product roadmaps and MVPs), product analytics, strategy, and finally, landing a job as a product manager. 

This product management bootcamp is strongly focused on career success, with a dedicated team to help you grow your professional network, optimize your resumé and LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews and assessments. 

If you’ve got the time and budget to invest, this is an excellent option for immersing yourself in product management and kick-starting your career in the field. 

Read reviews of Fullstack Academy’s bootcamp.

Screenshot of the Ironhack product management bootcamp homepage.

8. Ironhack

The Ironhack product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: €5,500 (approx. $5,630)
  • Format: Online, remote
  • Duration: 7 weeks full-time
  • Ideal for: Beginners looking for an immersive, full-time product management bootcamp 

Ironhack are renowned for their immersive bootcamps in web development, UX/UI design, data analytics, and cybersecurity—and they are soon to add a product management bootcamp to their offering.

The upcoming bootcamp is designed to help you launch your product management career in just seven weeks, promising to teach you everything you need to land a job in the industry. 

Offered on a full-time, remote basis, the curriculum is divided into five core modules: Product Foundations, Strategy and Discovery, Ideation through hypothesis, Product development, and finally, Product Growth. As you move through these modules, you’ll develop a product mindset, have the opportunity to collaborate with designers and developers from other courses, and get hands-on to build a real product. 

Ironhack students also benefit from personalized career support to help with the transition into a new career. 

The Ironhack product management bootcamp isn’t live yet, but you can learn more about their learning experience in general through their alumni stories and testimonials.

Screenshot of the Product Hall product management bootcamp homepage.

9. Product Hall

The Product Hall product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $2,997
  • Format: Online, live interactive lessons
  • Duration: 10 weeks part-time (2.5 hours of classes per week, plus weekly assignments, reading, and community discussions)
  • Ideal for: New and aspiring product managers, as well as product managers who want to upskill

Product Hall is a dedicated online product management school, promising “no dull lessons”.

This online product management bootcamp spans ten weeks, with 2.5 hours of live, interactive classes each week. Beyond the live classes, students are required to complete assignments, do independent reading, and take part in community discussions. 

Product Hall students get lifetime access to one-on-one mentorship, and have the opportunity to learn from expert instructors from top tech companies. You’ll come away from the course with strategic thinking skills, an understanding of Agile methodologies, a good grounding in relevant technology and software, as well as valuable strategies for branding yourself as a product manager, crafting winning cover letters, and acing job interviews. 

Ideal for beginners, there are no prerequisites for the course—just a positive attitude and eagerness to learn.

Discover what Product Hall graduates have to say about their experience on the product management bootcamp.

Screengrab from the Thinkful product management bootcamp homepage.

10. Thinkful

The Thinkful Technical Project Management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $6,500
  • Format: Online
  • Duration: 5 months (20 hrs/week)
  • Ideal for: Those looking to make their first steps in tech project management

Okay, so this bootcamp is actually designed to be more of a project management, but is definitely worthy of consideration. If you’re wondering again what the difference between the two is, we’ve created a handy guide to what a product manager does vs the project manager.

An established school for tech bootcamps at the higher end of the price scale, Thinkful bring their experience and flexible online learning platform to getting people familiar with this crucial role. As with a product management bootcamp, you’ll learn how to devise specs for projects, as well as timelines (similar to product roadmaps) and to apply them to developing technology.

This mentored course comes with no pre-requisites, so it’s nicely designer for beginners and newcomers to tech to jump straight into the world of collaboration—provided they can afford it.

Screenshot of the PR HQ product management bootcamp homepage.

11. Product Manager HQ

The Product Manager HQ product management bootcamp at a glance:

  • Price: $350
  • Format: Online, self-paced
  • Duration: 1 month (approx. 3 hours per week)
  • Ideal for: Beginners looking for a not-too-expensive introduction to product management

This one-month course delivered by Product Manager HQ offers a lightweight introduction to product management, requiring approximately 3 hours of study per week. It’s also more affordable than some of the other bootcamps on the market, making it a good option for beginners who want to dip their toe in first. 

The curriculum comprises video lessons, assignments, quizzes, and project work, as well as downloadable templates and interviews with product managers.

You’ll cover a broad variety of topics, including the most important traits and skills of a product manager, the product life cycle, product analytics, ideation and validation, roadmapping, price models, prototyping, usability tests, and more. There’s even an entire module dedicated to career success, covering things like how to stand out as a product manager candidate, finding product manager jobs, and interview questions. 

If you’re brand new to product management and want to learn not only the core concepts, but also about the industry as a whole, this is a budget-friendly option to get you started. 

What’s next?

You’re now familiar with some of the best product management bootcamps on the market. Perhaps there was one option that really stood out—in which case, we recommend doing further research to learn exactly what the bootcamp offers and whether it’s suited to your goals. 

Still undecided? Create a shortlist of three or four bootcamps you like the sound of and compare them again with regards to your budget, preferred mode of study, and how much time you can and want to invest in the course.

On top of that, check out what they give you at the end. If you want to research more about what to look for in a qualification, we’ve created a guide to product-management certifications.

From there, it should be easier to narrow it down to the most suitable option. 

Not ready to sign up for a bootcamp just yet? Try a free introductory product management short course, and learn more about the industry with these guides:

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