What is the UI Developer Salary? 2024 Guide

Camren Browne, contributor to the CareerFoundry blog

UI development, also known as frontend development, is a career with enormous potential for growth and job satisfaction. But before trying to break into the field, you’ll want to know what a UI developer’s salary is and what you can expect to earn as your experience levels rise. 

We’ve created this guide to give you a thorough breakdown of what a UI developer’s salary looks like across companies, countries, and experience levels. 

Here’s everything our guide will cover: 

  1. UI developer salary outlook
  2. UI developer salary by experience
  3. UI developer salary by company
  4. UI developer salary internationally
  5. Closing thoughts

Let’s get started!

1. UI developer salary outlook

UI developers continue to rise in demand, with UI developer employment projected to grow by 9% from 2019 to 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics

The high demand has an attractive salary to match. 

Within the last 20 years, UI developer salaries have increased by 35% and continue to grow. Much of this growth is due to a variety of industries introducing digital products to their brands and customer experiences. 

As companies continue to do so, they will need to continue hiring UI developers with competitive and cutting-edge skills that make their products enticing and top-of-the-line. 

As such, UI development is a great option for a career path with lots of growth and earning potential.

2. UI developer salary by experience

A career in UI development often involves a lot of learning on the job for both new and seasoned developers. With new software and best practices implemented each year, UI developers are constantly expected to stay updated on new trends and efficient ways to work.

Luckily, as your skills as a UI developer increase, so does your salary. In fact, according to Glassdoor, UI developers have the potential to add $32,087 to their yearly salary as they move from novice to veteran developer. 

Here’s what you can expect for salary based on your experience level: 

Graph showing UI developer salary based on experience

Additional compensation rises as follows for the number of years of experience listed above:

  • 0–1 year: $4,895
  • 4–6 years: $5,927 
  • 10–14 years: $6,925 
  • 15+: $,7641 

It’s important to keep in mind that these are just average salaries, and pay based on experience may still vary depending on location, company, and types of work environment like an agency, freelance, or corporate office. 

3. UI developer salary by company

UI developers have to opportunity to work in exciting and cutting-edge industries. Organizations will often hire UI developers to help create innovative designs that change how humans interact with the world. They are instrumental in improving a person’s experience when trying to fulfill their work or life goals.

For some real-life examples of UI developer job listings across industries, we’ve highlighted a few attractive companies and salaries to compare. 


Location: Remote 

Salary: $43–45/hr

Description: Wunderlab is looking for a frontend web developer to “work closely with Creative Directors, Creative Managers, Designers, IT, and third-party vendors for a well-known beauty brand.” 


Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Salary: 15k–20k USD per year

Description: Prescrypto is a cutting-edge electronic medical prescription startup looking for a UI developer to join its dynamic and adventurous team. One or more years of “experience in designing and building large and complex yet maintainable systems” quickly and efficiently is preferred.

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab 

Location: Pasadena, CA, or remote

Salary: average $67,902/yr

Description: NASA JPL is looking for a mid to senior-level developer for cloud native applications. Contracts are 2-3 years with adjustable hourly pay rates. Experience in React, Dojo, Redux, Java, and AWS is a plus. 

Pearson VUE 

Location: Honolulu, HI

Salary: $100–$125k/yr

Description: Pearson VUE is looking for a frontend developer to join its customer experience team. “You will be embedded in the Topaz Design System project team and their two-week development sprints and projects that will be utilizing the framework. You will work closely with key team members to analyze, design, develop, and ship new features and products.”


Location: Atlanta, GA

Salary: $71–151k/yr

Description: Wipro is seeking a UI developer with experience with Angular, Python, and AWS. The candidate will be able to work full eight-hour shifts and work in fast-paced environments with a passion for new technologies. 

Harvey Nash

Location: London, UK

Salary: £130k/yr

Description: Harvey Nash is looking for a senior UI developer ready to hit the ground running and provide quality solutions to their business-centric clients. Must have experience in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and more.

Norwegian Cruise Line 

Location: Miami, FL

Salary: $80–100k/yr

Description: Norwegian Cruise Line is looking for a UI developer that will “ensure the alignment of web design and user experience requirements. Must be able to optimize web pages and maintain brand consistency.”

These are just a few examples of exciting jobs with quality compensation. Be sure to check job descriptions labeled “frontend developer” when searching for available positions as well. You may find that your skillset matches what the company is looking for and you could be a candidate. 

4. UI developer salary internationally

A great part of joining the UI field is the ability to find a job in a vast number of international cities. While salaries vary greatly depending on the value of the national currency, differences in the cost of living between locations are important to consider as well.

It can be comforting to know that a UI developer’s salary can afford you a comfortable way of life in a diverse number of places. 

There is also the option to work remotely and gain valuable work experience from the comfort of your home or while traveling the globe. Or, you can even find UI developer positions with a mix of in-office and remote hours. There’s a ton of flexibility!

According to Glassdoor and Numbeo, these are the average yearly UI developer salaries and monthly individual costs of living in various exciting cities around the world.

Keep in mind the costs of living below do not include rent. 

table chart showing the ui developer salary internationally

Check out Numbeo and salary listing sites like Glassdoor or Payscale to look up compensation rates and the local cost of living of the city you are interested in. 

5. Closing thoughts

As a UI developer, you’ll be in high demand across the globe, with plenty of opportunities to work remotely as well. Salaries are staying competitive as employment rises and compensation continues to increase.

UI developers have many work environments to choose from, such as remote, freelance, design agencies, creative teams, small startups, or well-established corporations.

If you’re interested about breaking into the field, a course like CareerFoundry’s will give you a lead over the competition.

You can also try the free short course, or speak to a program advisor directly to discuss the best option for you.

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