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Course Announcement: UI for UX Designers in Collaboration with InVision

Course Announcement: UI for UX Designers in Collaboration with InVision

Georgina Titheridge

CareerFoundry, in partnership with InVision, launches its new specialization course, UI for UX Designers. The course is aimed at experienced UX designers, and can be taken as a stand-alone course, or as part of CareerFoundry’s certified UX Fundamentals program.

Although companies now recognize the need to invest in UX design, there remains a lot of confusion around what a UX designer actually does. Because of this confusion, many companies expect UX designers to have both UI and UX expertise. The reality, however, is that many designers are not trained in both.

This course aims to equip UX designers with the tools and practical skills UI designers depend on. Students will learn the principles, trends, and theories behind successful UI design through practical project-based tasks. Our course writers, mentors, and tutors are passionate about this program, that prepares you for a career combining both UI and UX design, and prepares them for a career in this constantly evolving and exciting field.

The UI for UX Designer Course launches 18th October. Enrol now.

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Georgina Titheridge

Georgina Titheridge

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