Are UX Designers In Demand Near You? Here's The Outlook

Georgina Titheridge

You’ve heard that UX design is one of the most exciting fields in tech right now.

You’re seriously thinking this could be the career for you…

But then doubt kicks in.

You’re wondering - is there really much demand? Should you become a UX Designer without even knowing how much you could earn?!

Let’s slow things down…

How much demand for UX designers is there?

UX is tech’s fastest growing field. Adobe’s recent study of 500 managers and department heads in UX design revealed 87% of managers say hiring more UX designers is the top priority for their organization. While major tech companies have almost doubled their design hiring goals in the last half decade.

Companies that have invested in customer experience and design-focused strategies are succeeding well beyond their competition. Over the last 10 years, design-led companies, such as Nike and Coca-Cola have maintained a significant stock market advantage.

Why do we need UX designers?

So what do the world’s most successful brands have in common?

The answer: Good Design.

Any brand wanting to compete in today’s competitive market needs an edge. A well-executed design considers not only the function and look of a product but the user’s response. By utilizing the best talent in UX Design, companies are growing faster by providing user experiences tailored to people’s needs.

UX design takes a human-centered approach to product development. Designers must evaluate the user experience at every turn, and ensure the experience is one of ease and delight. Seamless design is the job of the User Experience Designer; it gives companies their point of difference, and it’s why they are in such high demand.

Companies are finally realizing the key to success is listening to their customers, and with the help of skilled UX Designers, their companies are gaining the edge over their competitors.

What will you earn?

Naturally, before you embark on a new career in UX Design, you’ll want to know how much you’re going to earn.

The most comprehensive UX Designer salary survey conducted was in late 2015. It reveals the countries with the highest and lowest salaries. It confirms the average salary across 70 countries was $57,117. The top three countries with the highest salaries are Switzerland at $97,492, the United States at $90,954 and Norway at $74,315. You can view the study here.

You can easily check out average salaries for UX Designers using Glassdoor, Indeed, or PayScale.

We’ve done some research to give you a general indication of what you can expect to earn in some major cities in 2017:

Where is the demand?

Here’s a simple method to find out the demand in your area:

Head to or Glassdoor. Search for ‘UX/UI Designer’ jobs in the city that’s closest to you, and see what results appear.

We did a quick search and found there are currently a total 14,000 UX designer jobs in the United States alone! Europe has even higher demand with almost 24,000 jobs available.

Remember, this gives you only an indication of jobs available, many jobs remain unadvertised. Updating your social media pages, and LinkedIn profile to ‘UX Designer’ is crucial in order to gain interest from recruiters.

And be confident! (Once you’ve completed our certified UX Design course first). Many recruiters are reporting difficulty in finding talented UX designers due to the relative novelty of the role. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to confidently assert your abilities, and land your dream role.

What You Should Do Now

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