The Best UX Design Blogs

Are you curious about UX design and keen to learn more? Perhaps you’re a designer in the making or a seasoned expert looking for cutting-edge content and solid career advice? 

No matter what stage you’re at in your UX journey, the internet is bursting with free resources—and UX design blogs should be your first port of call. The wealth of blogs out there can be a bit of a double-edged sword, however; with so many options, how do you know which blogs are really worth reading?

To save you hours of scrolling and sifting through search results, we’ve compiled a list of the very best UX design blogs out there right now. We’ve got:

  1. The best UX design blogs for beginners
  2. The best UX design blogs for industry insights and career advice
  3. The best UX design blogs for inspiration
  4. Bonus: Additional UX design blogs to check out

Ready to discover the best UX design blogs the internet has to offer? Let’s go.

1. The best UX design blogs for beginners

In this section, you’ll find high-quality, beginner-friendly UX design blogs. These blogs are ideal for gaining a solid introduction to the field and for learning about key UX design processes and principles.


The CareerFoundry blog is ideal for anyone considering a career in UX design, as well as for those who are already learning UX or just starting out in their UX career. You’ll find clear explanations of all the key principles, such as design thinking and human-centered design, and simple step-by-step guides to all aspects of the UX design process—from conducting user research and defining user personas to creating your first wireframes.

You’ll also find lots of content to help you figure out if a career in UX design is right for you, together with industry insights such as up-to-date salary guides, interview tips, and advice on your UX design portfolio. The CareerFoundry blog offers expert content written in a user-friendly way, making it an excellent starting point for budding UX designers.

UX Planet

UX Planet is branded as a “one-stop resource for everything related to user experience”, offering everything from beginner’s guides and career advice to thought leadership articles. If you’re just starting out in UX, head to the UX for beginners section where you’ll find all sorts of introductory content to ease you in—including a UX primer for non-designers. The great thing about UX Planet is that it has a diverse range of contributors who have entered into UX from a variety of different backgrounds. So, on top of the usual guides and how-tos, you’ll also find words of advice, encouragement, and plenty of “real talk” about what it means to start a career in UX.

The Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group was founded by Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, who are both widely recognized as gurus in the UX field. In fact, Don Norman is credited with having coined the term “user experience” back in the 90s. The “articles” section of the Nielsen Norman Group website provides an overview of all the key topics you’ll need to read up on if you want to work in UX, and while it might not be the most eye-catching blog out there, you can be sure that the content is both comprehensive and credible. You’ll find clear, no-frills explanations of key UX techniques and tools, as well as coverage of important topics such as accessibility in design, web usability, and the psychology behind UX.

2. The best UX design blogs for industry insights and career advice

This section features some of the best UX design blogs for advancing your knowledge and keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry. These blogs are ideal if you’ve already got an understanding of the basics of UX and want to learn more about how it’s applied in the real world. Most (if not all) of the blogs featured here also offer excellent career advice.

UX Collective

The UX Collective is the largest design publication on blogging platform Medium, founded and edited by award-winning designer Fabricio Teixeira and fellow designer Caio Braga. In their own words, UX Collective seeks to cut through the noise, to curate the most valuable UX content, and deliver it to the community in a more structured and digestible way. You’ll find loads of insights and learnings shared by professional designers, strategies for applying UX design in the real world, and thought-provoking reflections on the design of well-known products and services—not to mention career advice, portfolio tips, and general hacks to help you become a better UX designer. If you want a bird’s-eye view of the UX industry, you can also sign up for the UX Collective weekly newsletter.

Inside Design

You may be familiar with InVision, one of the most popular design and prototyping tools. Well, InVision also runs an industry-leading blog which goes by the name of Inside Design. If you’ve already got a foot in the UX industry, you’ll find all the content you need to broaden your horizons on the Inside Design blog—especially if you’re interested in optimizing your UX processes and teams, and in gaining an overview of the wider product design and development process. They’re always adding new content, so this is a great place to keep an eye out for the latest UX trends, tools, resources, and events.

The UX Blog

The UX Blog, also available on Medium, does exactly what it says on the tin—delivering up-to-date content on UX design, user research, and design thinking. You’ll find articles covering absolutely anything and everything design-related, including interviews with industry leaders, interesting new takes on traditional UX practices, and a good dose of content around visual and interactive design. The UX Blog also offers a little something extra in the form of a podcast, with all episodes directly accessible from the blog. If you’re keen to keep up with the latest developments in UX and want to gain insight into how other designers are working, the UX Blog is one to read.

3. The best UX design blogs for inspiration

This section is dedicated to what we consider to be the best UX design blogs for getting inspiration and ideas. If you’re working on a UX project and need a little help sparking your creativity or solving a particular problem, the blogs featured below will help you think outside the box.


Although the awwwards blog may look very UI-heavy at first glance, it is also a great source of inspiration for UX designers. In the UX / UI section of the blog, you’ll find a wealth of content and case studies to fuel your creative fire—like this post on creative and unusual e-commerce experiences which showcases unique approaches to things like microcopy and website navigation, or this UX portfolio case study. Every piece of content comes complete with visual examples and illustrations, helping to bring the theory to life. If you’re interested in both UX and UI design, or how the two work together, awwwards provides a good mixture of both.


The Muzli blog is jam-packed with UX design case studies, making it an excellent resource if you’re in need of inspiration or just want to see how the theory of UX is applied to real projects. The case studies featured come from a wide range of designers, providing first-hand insight into how a UX case study should be laid out, as well as the kinds of challenges that UX designers face in their day-to-day work. This is especially valuable if you’re new to UX design and working on your portfolio. You’ll also find a curated list of weekly design inspiration and semi-regular content providing tips and advice.

Facebook Design

Another must-read when it comes to UX inspiration is the Facebook Design blog. This is where Facebook shares a behind-the-scenes look at how its design team operates, providing plenty of food for thought and actionable takeaways for your own work as a designer. The content is not purely Facebook-specific, either; there are dozens of general tips and insights that everyone can make use of. Some of the more thought-provoking articles will also get you thinking about the social responsibility that comes with being a designer—like this post on using thoughtful design to beat bullying on Instagram, or this article on designing with compassion.

4. Bonus: Additional UX design blogs to check out

So far, we’ve shared ten of the very best UX design blogs to grace the blogosphere. In addition, here’s a list of even more UX design blogs that are worth checking out:


In this post, we’ve covered ten of the best UX design blogs out there. Whether you’re just starting out in UX design, have been working in the field for a while, or are simply curious about the industry, blogs are a quick and easy way to build your knowledge and stay informed. If you’d like more resources for learning about UX design, check out the following:

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