Today, CareerFoundry launches The UX School, to make the world a more user-friendly place.

We’re taking a specific focus on user experience (UX) to fill the growing skills-gap and educate the world on the benefits of investing in UX design. By teaching human-first design to the next generation of tech workers across all industries, cultivating a community of UX-led problem-solvers and sparking a dialogue on UX for emerging technologies, The UX School aims to support companies worldwide by educating world-class UX designers.

Raffaela Rein, our CEO, explains: “The successful companies of the future will create experiences, not products. There is a reason why Apple, Google and some of the highest valued companies in the world invest massively in their UX teams. They know that putting humans first is the secret weapon for growth. Better UX design across all industries will ultimately make the world a more user-friendly place and help companies increase their revenues.”


In its first industry white paper, The UX School discovered that bad user experience practice is an issue worth trillions of dollars globally: E-commerce sites alone will be losing USD $1.05 trillion by 2020 simply due to checkout processes that are too long or complex - something that could be fixed by better UX design. The white paper suggests that by solving these and other checkout usability issues, e-commerce could gain a 35% (USD $1.442 trillion) increase in sales.

This is how The UX School works:

Over the course of 10 months, the Certified UX Designer Course, which teaches an industry-leading curriculum, includes three stages: Fundamentals, covering the Design Thinking Process; Immersion, covering the core skills that UX design hirers are looking for; and Specialization, with UI and coding skills. Students as well as alumnus will receive exclusive access to The UX School’s CareerHub - the first phase of which is a community created job board curated specifically for the skills of its graduates.

The UX School is also an open community of UX designers that provides thought-leading reports to spark discussion around industry topics, best practices and emerging technologies. The course costs: Price: USD $10,500 - discounted until May 1 to $6,000 / EUR €9,900 - discounted to €5,600 / GBP £8,900 - discounted to £5,000.USD $10,500 - discounted until May 1st 2017 to $6,000.

The first report is now live - check it out!