Jeff Humble, Head of Design at CareerFoundry, presenting on stage at UX Alive 2018

CareerFoundry Presents at UX Alive: What is the Future of Voice UI?

Emily Stevens

At the start of the month, CareerFoundry’s very own Head of UX Design, Jeff Humble, attended UX Alive — Europe’s biggest international event on User Experience and Usability.

Some 350 attendees gathered at the Fairmont Quasar Istanbul for two full days of workshops and talks, and Jeff had some fascinating insights to share on The Future of Voice UI.

Jeff’s presentation forms part of the extensive research that went into our VUI Design Specialization Course, built in collaboration with Amazon Alexa.

CareerFoundry's Jeff Humble presents at UX Alive

The Future of Voice UI: From Mediocre to Magical

What will voice interactions look like in ten years, and what does this mean for designers? This talk deals with the rise of the voice user interface and takes a closer look at where VUI design is headed. 

Watch Jeff’s talk here to discover:

  • How voice technology is transforming the user experience for the visually impaired
  • The user advantages of talking over typing
  • How VUIs differ from touchscreens
  • Why speech conveys more meaning than text
  • How VUI design is making our interactions with technology more human


If you want to shape the future of voice design, check out our VUI specialization course or speak to a career advisor today.

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Emily Stevens

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