Get a Daily UX Design Treat throughout December with UXmas

Get a Daily UX Design Treat throughout December with UXmas

Florence Collins

It’s that time of year again! The countdown to Christmas has begun, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping. It’s a perfect time to snuggle up with some good reading - and for that UX Mastery and Thirst Studios have got you covered!

The UXmas advent calendar is back, with some amazing contributors. You’ve probably seen some interesting variations on the traditional advent calendar. From miniature cosmetics, to full-sized sweets or cans of pop for each day, they’ve definitely become more elaborate (not to mention more unhealthy).

Finally, we have a calendar that will expand our knowledge and not our waistlines! Read on to learn about the advent calendar designed especially for UX enthusiasts, and the pair behind the idea.

What is was first created in 2012 by Luke Chambers, co-founder of UX Mastery (an online learning platform and forum popular with UXers) and Ben Tollady of Thirst Studios (a Melbourne-based UX design team). The advent calendar helps unite the international UX community, getting some of the biggest names in UX together behind a fun project.


As Ben says, “It’s really just a bit of fun and a nice way to give a little something back to the burgeoning UX community that has been so supportive to us. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback over the years so it certainly seems to be of value, and that makes us happy. It’s our little gift to the community at Christmas time.”

This year has a twist too - rather than a full article each day, they’re experimenting with different formats, such as fun UX exercises, so keep your eyes peeled.

The lineup for 2016 includes some exciting leaders in UX design, including Andy Budd, Indi Young, Susan Weinschenk, Eric Meyer, Elizabeth Churchill, Steve Portigal, Whitney Hess and many others. Each day, you’ll get your hands on exclusive content created especially for the calendar.

“We attribute UXmas’s success to the breadth and quality of content from the curious and creative minds of ALL our authors - the emerging voices, UX engine rooms, and friendly faces that make the UX scene what it is,” said Luke.

If you’re keen to read more, you can check out the previous calendars too. If you want to show the elves behind the calendar some love, you can tweet them @merryuxmas. Enjoy, and have a very merry UXmas!

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