Interview with Sarah Shelley - A Student's View On Studying UX Design With CareerFoundry

Interview with Sarah Shelley - A Student's View On Studying UX Design With CareerFoundry

Rosie Allabarton

What are the experiences of a student on the CareerFoundry UX Design Course]( This is a question a number of you have been asking us. Of course you can [sign up to the website and get a sneak peek at the Day 1 of our course, and even have a chat with one of our mentors. But in order to give you future UX Designers an even deeper insight into what it’s like to be a UX Design student with CareerFoundry we’ve asked one of our students, Sarah Shelley, who is mid-way through the course, to give us her feedback. In this interview she shares with us her expections, initial impressions and what she hopes to take away from the program. Sarah is currently in the middle of Unit 2, and her mentor is Wojciech Hupert: a working UX Designer with over ten years experience in the design industry.

So what is it like to be a CareerFoundry UX Design student? Sarah, it’s over to you.

1.) What were your initial impressions of the course when you first began?

My initial impression was that it seemed like a very friendly and encouraging learning environment. All of the people I communicated with (via email and Skype) seemed to go out of their way to make sure I would receive everything I need.

2.) As a beginner, how easily did you find it to pick up? Did it meet your expectations?

I found some of the assignments easy to complete, and some a bit more challenging and time consuming. The lessons are great at teaching a basic knowledge of key items; however, in order to complete some of the assignments, I needed to delve further than the lesson. So far, it has definitely met my expectations.

3.) How do you find the interactions with your mentor? Has the feedback been useful?

The interactions with my mentor, Wojciech, are really helpful! He’s answered all of my questions and gave me a good foundation to start from. The only difficulty, sometimes, is coordinating our meeting schedules, since I live in NYC- several time zones away from him in Berlin.

4.) What has been the most enjoyable part of the course for you?

The most enjoyable part of the course is the Skype meetings with my mentor. I really like the one-on-one interaction and chance to learn what it is like working in UX Design field.

5.) Which parts have you found the most challenging?

I have found the time commitment to be somewhat challenging, as the course requires about 2 hours a day (or more if you are a perfectionist), 5 days a week. Since I work a full-time 9-5 job, I find myself playing catch up if I miss a day or 2 due to other obligations. However, taking this course has really helped me improve my time-management skills!

6.) Looking forward, what are you hoping to get out of the rest of the course? Is there one part you are particularly looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to having a tangible product (portfolio) at the end of this course.

7.) And longterm, what are you hoping to do with the skills you’ve learnt in UX Design? Work freelance? Set up your own startup? Progress in your current career? Pursue personal projects?

I initially signed up for this course because I am interested in switching careers from my current job (in architecture) to a digital one. I plan to use the newfound skills to build and refine my portfolio until I am ready to pursue a new profession.

8.) Any other comments ?

The course has taught me a lot of skills that I will not only use professionally, but also in personal everyday life- browsing the web, formatting documents, etc. Really great!

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Rosie Allabarton

Rosie Allabarton

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