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How I Went From Being An English Teacher To Becoming A Web Developer


Driven by the desire to advance beyond his humble profession teaching English at a local language school in Brasilia, Caio Graco knew that learning to code could be the one thing that would provide him with the skills he’d need to rise above his circumstances and take his career to heights he never dreamt possible. This is his story from CareerFoundry Web Development student to entrepreneur.

It was just earlier this year that Caio began to act on the realization that he needed to make a change if he was going to earn a real living and give himself a brighter future.

Finding that the tech courses offered at the universities around him were somewhat outdated and very expensive, Caio began to research into affordable and less time-consuming options to learn web development.

“I figured out that coding is the skill that would offer me the capacity of creating for myself, with some hard work, the opportunities I needed to move to a better place. So I started searching for ways to learn how to code, and quickly saw that CareerFoundry was the best option.” He told us.

Caio built his own website, and online business, with the skills he learned with CareerFoundry

“I searched a lot and saw that I simply couldn’t afford the prices charged by other online bootcamps. CareerFoundry seemed very solid, reliable and offered a good price. So I decided to invest in it.”

Caio enrolled with the CareerFoundry Web Development Course, where he learned how to build websites using the programming languages HTML, CCS, Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

“I can now say that it was the best investment I’ve ever made. Financially speaking, it already paid itself off long before I was finished paying the installments.”

And it did. Graco was still completing his course when he used the tools he had learned to create a website to advertise his services as a private English tutor.

_“Two months into the course, I was able to start an online practice as a private teacher, first creating a responsive, static website to advertise my service. A little time after, I quit my job because I was already making more money teaching English online.” _

Despite having the determination and will to work hard to achieve his goals, Caio knew that as a complete beginner in tech , using distance learning to become a junior web developer in 6 months would be no easy feat.

Thankfully, as part of CareerFoundry’s Web Development Course, Caio was paired with a mentor in his timezone to work 1-on-1 with him as he studied, he was also welcomed into the online CF community of fellow students and career changers.

“Working with my mentor - Hendie - was awesome. He was always there, and I knew that whenever I needed support, I would have it from an experienced professional. It makes all the difference;, you study with more confidence, assured that you won’t get stuck for long when facing an issue with your code.”

With a lot of hard work and the help of his mentor, Caio moved on from Front-End development module to the Back-End course component. Drawing on his newfound knowledge of Ruby On Rails, Caio constructed and launched a professional web app that had the capacity to scale well.

Investing the money that he had managed to save over the years, Graco used the funds to convert his bedroom into an English classroom, which formed the beginnings of “Hi” - his private online practice.

“Now, even before reaching the end of my studies, I have founded a small English school, with students from five different Brazilian states and two different countries (Brazil and Canada), that currently offers me an income three times greater than the Brazilian average - something built with the knowledge I acquired from my CareerFoundry course (plus hard work).”

With his graduation just around the corner, and a small but increasingly successful business now up and running, Caio is more than confident that his studies in web development with CareerFoundry have equipped him for a career as a web developer.

And with the New Year approaching, Graco has set his sights even higher:

“I feel prepared to do something that can be even more demanding than a career as a web developer - I feel prepared to be a tech entrepreneur, being able to build any MVP (Minimum Viable Products) I wish to build. That’s an empowering feeling.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Graco. There were, of course, times when he felt overwhelmed, the language teacher was learning a whole new language himself - replacing nouns and verbs with HTML and CSS.

It was during these time where Caio had to remind himself the reason why he was studying. He recommends to students who are thinking of taking on CareerFoundry’s web development bootcamp do the same;

“Have a clear objective in mind, something that you need to get solved as soon as possible. Then you’ll see that each line of code you write will get you closer to your goal. Just make it happen.”

Another page of Caio’s website.

In order to achieve his New Year’s resolutions, Caio knows that he will have to expand his area of knowledge to be more product specific. In order to gain this knowledge, Graco enrolled for CareerFoundry’s UX Design Course, where he’ll learn:

  • how to design an entire product
  • to analyze user flows
  • how to build product wireframes
  • testing
  • iteration and placement strategy
  • how to build graphical interfaces for a website

Caio went from complete tech beginner to a web developer operating a profitable online business all in just six months. All it took Caio was 15 hours a week of study, some hard work and lots of determination!

Are you thinking of a career change?

Just think of where you could be in six months’ time and make it happen!

Check out CareerFoundry’s Web Development and UX Design Courses.

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