From Unemployed To Fullstack Web Developer In Just 3 Months - Spyros Fotiou!

From Unemployed To Fullstack Web Developer In Just 3 Months - Spyros Fotiou!

Rosie Allabarton

CareerFoundry, Europe’s leading online provider of Web Developmentand UX Design courses, proudly presents Spyros Fotiou, who went from unemployed to working as a freelance web developer in just three months thanks to the CareerFoundry immersive web development course.

Spyros, a graduate of the CareerFoundry web development course, shares his inspirational student success story to motivate others who want to train up and get into tech, but lack the confidence or know-how to get their new careers off the ground.

His story epitomises the ideals behind the CareerFoundry brand; how getting trained up in sought-after tech skills is the key to launching a creative, flexible, impact-making career.

Speaking to us about his dramatic career change, Spyros told us:

“I’m now working as a front-end web developer, something I never imagined would be possible this time last year.”

Although Spyros had worked for a tech company before, he was in a more managerial position, one he describes as “not very inspiring” but it was during this time at a startup that he was able to see and appreciate the value of the developers who worked for the same firm. Witnessing the impact programmers could make, as well as the creativity of the job inspired Spyros to learn himself.

Before starting the CareerFoundry course, Spyros had been out of work for around three months, and saw the Web Development course as an opportunity to onboard skills relevant to the Berlin tech scene and set him up for finding work. As he was looking to make an impact, learning to program was the obvious choice.

Spyros now works as a freelance web developer , building websites from scratch using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, his work ranging from building websites for vintage clothing stores to building websites for consulting companies across Germany.

Want to learn to code like Spyros and start your new career? Have a look at our course syllabus and start 2015 with a bang.


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Rosie Allabarton

Rosie Allabarton

Contributer to the CareerFoundry Blog