What Type of Developer Are You? The Quiz

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Do you find yourself drawn to a career in web development? Are you intrigued by coding and software engineering job opportunities, and wondering if this is the path for you?

If the answer to those two is “Yes”, but you’re now seeking clarity on your next steps, you’re in the right place! Welcome to the “What Type of Developer Am I” Quiz.

This questionnaire is designed to help you discover your niche within the world of web development. With six distinct developer roles to explore, we’ll guide you towards the one that aligns best with your interests and abilities.

Without waiting around, let’s dive in.

Which type of developer am I? The roles quiz

Web development is a dynamic field that spans across various industries, driven by the diverse skills it encompasses.

If you’re curious about venturing into the world of coding and software engineering, this quiz is here to assist you in uncovering the ideal developer role for your journey. Through a short series of questions, we’ll delve into your current skills, personal preferences, and professional interests.

Once you’ve provided your answers, the quiz will point you towards more information about the specific developer role that suits you best, along with guidance on how to embark on your web development or software engineering career path.

Completing this web development quiz should take you less than three minutes. Best of luck!

Exploring your path in web development

Congratulations on completing the Developer Roles Careers Quiz!

Just like you, many are drawn to the world of web development, and now it’s time to plan your journey in how to become a developer and get to the role.

Plan your learning:

Before you immerse yourself, plot your path correctly. A good way to do this is to start at the desired role and work your way backwards.

What do I mean by this? Okay, let’s say the developer role you’re aiming for is DevOps engineer. A good way to approach it is to search for a DevOps engineer job ad on a site such as Indeed, then take note of the skills and tools listed in the ad.

Once you’ve done that, start researching the courses, tutorials, resources and learning pathways to acquiring those skills and tools to get to the level where you would become employable. Trace these all the way back to wherever your current level of knowledge is in them.

Compare development tutorials and education providers to see which suits your learning style the best. Need more interactions and support? Look for mentored programs. Need more videos? Look for a course that shows off the multimedia content (not just videos but quizzes, infographics, podcasts) it has.

Start building knowledge

If web development is uncharted territory, consider embarking on structured programs or coding and web development bootcamps.

Seek options that establish a strong foundation and equip you with key developer skills, but also industry knowledge to smooth the rest of your path.

Select a program tailored to your learning style and routine, ensuring the best fit. The CareerFoundry Full-Stack Development Program, with its guided approach and built-in mentorship, can set you on the right track.

Master skills and tools

Once you’ve grounded yourself in the basics, now it’s time to pick up those particular skills and tools for your specialization. Maybe it’s cloud computing expertise? Or machine learning tools?

Make sure that your learning is project-based, so that you’ll be able to show off what you’ve learned.

Shape your developer portfolio:

Start collecting all of these projects together in an attractive, easily browsable portfolio website or on your GitHub profile. A robust web developer portfolio speaks volumes to potential employers.

Connect with the community:

Engage with fellow engineers and developers on digital platforms, at local meetups, and at hackathons.

Networking is a dynamic way to stay informed and involved within the dynamic coding community.

Gain real-life experience:

Consider paid internships, part-time positions, or freelance opportunities to build your hands-on involvement.

Practical experience hones your skills and enhances your professional standing.

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Final thoughts

So there you have it! We’ve sketched out the first steps for you to follow to achieve your goal of becoming a developer.

Keep in mind, while the “What Type of Developer am I” Quiz quiz provides direction, your web development adventure is uniquely yours to shape and embrace!

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