Data Analytics Program

Become a data analyst
in under 8 months
Learn flexibly online
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Work with expert mentors
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Data Analytics Short Course

Get a free
Data Analytics Short Course

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Career Advisor

“How would you like to get in touch?”

“I’m here to help you become a data analyst”

Alana, Senior Program Advisor

Curious about this program?

Contact us to find out if it’s right for you

Career Advisor

“How would you like to get in touch?”

“I’m here to help you become a data analyst”

Alana, Senior Program Advisor

Our graduates now have tech jobs all over the world

COVID-19: While our team of employees, mentors, tutors, and career specialists are working from home in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, CareerFoundry is operating as usual. All our programs are 100% online, and we’re offering more flexible study and payment options for the foreseeable future. If you’re interested in taking one of our programs, we’d love to speak to you about how we can support you during this time.

Data Analytics Program details

In this program, you will

Learn all of the skills, tools, and processes you need to become a data analyst

Work with a mentor who has over 5 years of industry experience and a tutor for your day-to-day feedback

Receive tailored coaching from our Career Services Team to ensure you stand out at interviews

Build an impressive portfolio out of the real-world projects you complete

Land a job as a data analyst within 180 days of graduating from the program—or your money back


Fully online

5 months at 30 hrs/week or up to 8 months at 15 hrs/week


Our CareerFoundry mentors are rated 4.84/5 from over 6000 student reviews

Career support

Free job preparation course and expert career coaching included

Why become a data analyst?

A job you'll love

As a data analyst, you have the satisfaction of solving complex problems and turning your ideas into reality with just your laptop. Harvard Business Review named data analysts and data scientists as "the sexiest job of the 21st century."

High demand means high pay

Employers struggle to find qualified data analysts, and the demand keeps growing. The average junior data analyst salary in the United States is $51,349 per year, while senior data analysts can earn as much as $78,204.

A flexible career path

As a data analyst, you'll have the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, large corporates, on a freelance basis, or even remotely.

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Why choose CareerFoundry?

Human-centric learning

Our dual mentorship model ensures that you get all the support you need. You’ll have both a tutor—an experienced data analyst responsible for evaluating your exercises within 24 hours of submission, and a mentor—a data analytics industry expert who gives detailed written, video, and on-call feedback on your portfolio pieces.

Flexibility with accountability

Study at a flexible pace within the 8-month program duration, working a minimum of 15 hours per week. Your mentor, tutor, student advisor, and career specialist will help you stay on track and accountable.

Successful, satisfied graduates

With 96% of our eligible graduates getting a tech job within 180 days of graduation at top companies—including Google, Apple, and Amazon—you can be confident that taking the program will get you where you want to go: working as a data analyst in a job you love.

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Without CareerFoundry I would not have my new job. They helped me double my salary from my last job!

Terri Rodriguez-Hong, Graduate

Success Stories

Our students go on to launch challenging new careers in the tech industry

Portfolio projects

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Data Analytics Program admission criteria

What you need:


The motivation to transform your career

The program requires commitment as it takes about 420 hours to complete. You should be prepared to set aside at least 15 hours per week to study.

A computer (Mac or PC) and an internet connection. 

An interest in data analytics

If you're already reading books and blog posts about different types of analysis, that is a great start. If you are unsure if data analytics is really for you, here are some great ways to explore it:

What you don’t need:


A background in analytics

You don’t need a college degree or previous work experience that is related to data analytics in order to be successful on the program or land a job. The program has been built to take you from beginner to job-ready. A study by job board Indeed found that 84% of employers think bootcamp grads are ‘more prepared’ or ‘just as prepared’ to be high performers as degree holders (Indeed).

Unlimited free time

You can study part-time alongside your job with an average of 15 hours per week to finish the program in 8 months, which is the maximum program length. 

To learn all on your own

The program combines the flexibility of online learning with the accountability and one-on-one attention traditionally associated with brick-and-mortar institutions. Much like a college professor might inspire you to pursue a career in a certain field, your mentor, tutor, career specialist, and student advisor will all help keep you motivated and on track.

Price and Payment Options

Data Analytics Program

96% of our eligible graduates get a tech job within 180 days of graduation

  • Expert mentor and tutor
  • Job Guarantee
  • Create a job-ready portfolio

Click on the payment options below to see which suits you best

Skills Fund Loan

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Monthly Payment Plan

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One Payment

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Limited to 25 spots, get yours now!

Course starts on Monday, December 7th, 2020

Next start dates:
Monday, January 11th, 2021 | Monday, January 25th, 2021

Limited to 25 spots, get yours now!

Next start dates:
If you are a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder, have fair credit or better, and have no history of loan default or bankruptcy, you will most likely be qualified. Cosigner options are also available.
  • The application takes less than ten minutes to complete.
  • You get the peace of mind in knowing your rate and monthly repayment before you apply.
Interest rates:
8.99% on a 36-month loan or 10.99% on a 60-month loan (they are fixed and will never change).
To find out if you’re eligible for a training voucher (Bildungsgutschein), you will need to talk to your local job center. If you meet the requirements, you’ll receive a voucher that entitles you to take a CareerFoundry course free of charge. To get step-by-step instructions for this process, click on the “Download Application Guide” button.

Limited to 25 spots, get yours now!

Next start dates:

Limited to 25 spots, get yours now!

Next start dates:

You get...

A project-based curriculum

Build a portfolio and learn the essential skills that employers need.

An expert mentor and tutor

Learn faster with the support of two dedicated teachers. Benefit from timely feedback and a wealth of knowledge.

A career specialist

You'll get personalized help with mock interview practice and polishing your resumé, LinkedIn profile and portfolio—everything you’ll need to impress future employers.

A Job Guarantee

We back our program with a job guarantee because we know it’s great. 96% of our eligible graduates land a job in data analytics within 180 days of graduating.


1.    Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you can select a monthly payment plan of Note: You will be required to pay the full duration of the payment plan even if you graduate before the payment plan ends.
Still doesn’t work for you? Book a call with a program advisor and see if you are eligible for a custom payment plan.

2.    What’s the refund policy if I change my mind?

If you start the program but are not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 14 days and receive a full refund.
If you enroll and for some reason want to cancel before you’ve completed 60% of the program, you get a prorated refund based on remaining time and your payment plan details. See the full terms and conditions here.

3.    What’s the "catch" for the job guarantee?

The requirements you’ll need to meet to be eligible for the job guarantee are based on what we know from experience will make graduates successful in their job search. We are very transparent about these requirements so that they’re easier for you to follow. Some of the requirements include: You have successfully completed 100% of your CareerFoundry program, you are applying to at least five jobs a week, and you live in a metropolitan area with a population above 200K people in any of the following countries: USA, Canada, European Union or EFTA countries, UK, Australia, or New Zealand (or you’re willing to relocate). Check out our terms and conditions for a complete list of requirements. Or connect with one of our program advisors to find out if you would be eligible for the job guarantee.

4.    What kind of job can I get after the program?

You will be ready for “junior data analyst” or “data analyst” roles based on the curriculum. If you have transferable skills from your previous career, you can potentially land a more senior role; your Career Specialist will help you to craft the right story. Many job ads for data analysts ask for 2+ years of experience, but it is often part of their “wishlist” rather than a requirement.

5.    Do I get a certificate at the end?

After you graduate, You will receive a certificate to make your new qualifications easy for employers to see.

6.    Is becoming a data analyst a secure career choice?

The World Economic Forum named data analysts and scientists as the Number 1 emerging role in the world by 2022. (World Economic Forum, 2018)

7.    Are there program requirements?

You need to have at least a B2 level in written and spoken English, a computer, (Mac or PC ) and an Internet connection. Mac is preferred since we teach Sketch which is a Mac-only program. However, we suggest alternatives and provide resources for PC users.

8.    How long does the program take to complete?

The program is flexibly-paced within an 8-month duration. There are three deadlines along the way these are in place to ensure you remain on track. You should expect to put in approximately 15 hours a week, but you can allot more time in order to graduate sooner.

9.    Is the program 100% online?

Yes, the program is entirely online so that you can study flexibly according to your own schedule. You get access to our active student community on Slack and, after the program, you will have a global network of other ambitious alumni and mentors to support you.

10.    Can I take the program for free?

We do not offer any full scholarships or funds at this time.

11.    What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

You can email us or book a call with a program advisor here to get all of your questions answered promptly.

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