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The UX School is devoted to excellence in teaching the latest skills needed to succeed in the job market. Powered by CareerFoundry, we have helped thousands of people learn and work in UX design through courses developed with companies like Apple and Amazon.

UX designers are in high demand in the job market. If you want a career that gives you job satisfaction, flexibility, and creativity, learn a design discipline that puts humans first. Our ten-month course will give you all the skills you need to launch your career in this exciting field.

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The leading pathway to a career in UX design

The UX School is all you need to take you from beginner to a job ready UX designer. From the fundamentals to specialization, learn alongside a senior UX designer as you master user research, prototyping, wireframing, and user testing. We’ll fully immerse you in the industry as you build a new career out of your curiosity for understanding human behaviour. At the end of the course you’ll have an impressive, personalized portfolio ready to show potential employers, giving you the confidence to ace any interview as a Certified UX Designer.

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What You'll Learn

A smart, hands-on curriculum teaching you the right skills for the marketplace

Created by leading UX designers from tech giants including Apple and Hewlett-Packard, and structured by course designers from Harvard and Berkeley, we’re here to give you the very best learning experience there is.

Four steps to a career in UX design


Learn the Basics

The Design Thinking Process, first popularized by IDEO and Stanford’s, is a helpful framework for how to approach real problems from a design perspective. We’ll be walking through the steps of the Design Thinking Process in each Exercise of the course to create a researched and tested set of mobile app designs for your portfolio.


Learn Core Skills

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The title says it all. You’ll begin this course by getting into the mindset of a UX designer. You’ll also get hands-on practice applying Design Thinking and competitive analysis to your own course project.

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Through user research and analysis, you’ll create user personas and a user journey map as well as conduct a thorough task analysis for your product. Lastly, you’ll define an actionable mobile strategy for your product.

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To successfully illustrate the technical articulation of your product’s information architecture, you’ll create a visually appealing and portfolio-ready site map. You’ll also begin prototyping your product.

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It’s time to put your design to the (usability) test. Here, you’ll conduct usability testing for both mobile and desktop from start to finish, working with test subjects, analyzing test results, making improvements, and planning future tests.

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Here, you’ll explore the foundations of visual design, experiment with responsive frameworks, and ready your design documentation for dev handoff.

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This is where you’ll compile all your design iterations up to this point and make final fixes to your design. You’ll also work on addressing user accessibility issues, publishing your online portfolio, and creating a video demo of your work.


Refine Your Skills

Gain a competitive advantage with our UX Specialization Courses:

Voice Design with Amazon Alexa

Amazon alexa horizontal

Voice-first user interfaces have already dramatically changed human interaction - it’s predicted that by 2020, 50% of mobile queries will be commanded by voice. Take our comprehensive course in UX for voice design and specialize in this fast evolving technology.

UI for UX Designers

This specialization will give you the skills needed to create beautiful, responsive UI designs for your portfolio. You will explore everything UI, from visual design trends and best practices to color and image theory, icon design, and interaction design. By the end of the course, you will have a set of high-fidelity mockups to hand off to developers.

Frontend Basics for Designers

Expand your professional profile by learning to program a website for your own UX portfolio. You’ll work on the foundations of frontend development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while building a personalized website to feature your design projects. This course will also show you how to speak “the language of code,” enabling you to work effectively with developers in the future.

Job Preparation

Career Change Achievement

The Career Change Achievement is an elective, task-based module designed to prepare you for your first foray into the job market of your new industry. You’ll have a dedicated Career Specialist to help you polish your job application package, and the support of our Career and Placement Services team to help you land your first interviews in the field.

Your UX Career

Learn to use UX Design Tools that professionals use every day


A project management tool for design through to development. Great for prototyping ideas and getting feedback.


An amazing tool for rapid wireframing and prototyping. Saves you time creating prototypes for web, mobile and desktop products.


A Mac design suite built for designing websites, icons, and user interfaces for any digital screen.

Special trial versions and discounts available on all software needed for the course.

How We Support You

Personalized 1-on-1 support with as many Skype calls as you need

  • 1. Stay focused with daily support from your personal tutor
  • Your Tutor is not just a course expert but your very own coach who is on-hand to help you stay focused as you work through each lesson of your course. They’ll provide on-going support and personal feedback after every single one of your projects, so you can rest assured you’ll have the knowledge and skills you’ll need for your new career.
  • 2. Get expert feedback and insights from a professional UX designer
  • Throughout the course, you’ll be mentored by a senior UX designer with over 8 years' experience in the field. You’ll get as many Skype calls as you need, in order to learn about the industry, gain real-world insights that no textbook could teach, and to perfect your portfolio. You’ll also get rewatchable video reviews of your projects, with actionable tips and advice bring your work up to the industry standard.

Support from our engaged, global student community

We’re much more than a course. Being part of CareerFoundry means being part of an engaged, global community studying alongside you, so you never have to go it alone.

Our courses demand a lot, but our active student network connects you to thousands of people just like you - learning, inspiring and transforming your careers and changing your lives together. Share experiences, create friendships and solve problems with fellow students from around the globe, as you learn exciting new skills and transform your careers.

Together, as part of our online community, you will push one another to stay motivated, perform to your best, and celebrate becoming the next generation of tech leaders.


Break into a new field with our Career Change Achievement

Placement kave
Placement tim

Want to make the leap into a new career? Our Career Change Achievement will give you the skills, confidence and support to become the UX designer you always wanted to be. Equipped with a defined personal brand, polished resume and portfolio, and the help of our recruitment experts, by the end of your course you’ll know exactly how to present yourself as a tech professional, ready to ace any interview.

How it works

  • Free, elective module created specifically for career changers
  • Designed to be completed alongside your main course
  • Includes expert advice from global career specialists
  • Helps you build an attention-grabbing industry-specific career pack
  • Completion of this achievement guarantees you a job in your new field, or your money back

A job guarantee for your successful future

We have the most in-depth courses, developed with experts from companies like Apple and Amazon, to get you the new career you want. Our dedicated career services team supports you in your new job search during and after the course. You can be certain you will find a job in your new career within 6 months of graduating - or we’ll give you your money back.

Check out the terms of the guarantee.

Our job guarantee is easy to understand and we don’t make you jump through hoops. It is valid globally, whether you are based in a small town or large metropolitan area.


Our graduates work at some of the most innovative tech companies:

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Success Stories

Hanna sander min

Hanna Sander

UX Designer at

It is such a great experience to have the job placement team by my side for all the questions I have about starting a career in design. With their knowledge and experience, they are able to help me find a job which best suits my skills.

Terri rodriguez hong min

Terri Rodriguez-Hong

UX/UI Designer at

Without CareerFoundry I would not have my new job, and they helped me double my salary from my last job!

Caroline white min

Caroline White

UX Analyst at

Studying UX design with CareerFoundry was the making of me - it gave me the confidence to apply for UX roles overseas and relocate from the UK to New Zealand. The mentor model was great and I'm still in touch with my mentor today.

Works Around The Globe

We teach Students in over 80 countries with Mentors in 22 out of 24 timezones.

Certified UX Designer

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10-month course at a pace of 15 hours per week

  • As many Skype calls with a senior UX Mentor as you need
  • 100+ personal exercise reviews from your Tutor
  • Competitive advantage with extra UX Specialization Courses
  • Guaranteed job in UX design, or your money back
  • Access to our community of UX professionals
  • Free Career Course with our in-house Career Specialists

Next start date: Monday, August 7, 2017

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Want to try out UX before you change careers?

Take our one-month UX Fundamentals course and receive a tuition credit if you move on to the Certified UX Designer program.

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From questions about studying UX design, to personalized career advice, we’re here to help.

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See how Certified UX Designer compares ...

The UX School
by CareerFoundry

Course Delivery




Course Length

600 hours

Specialization Courses

Mentor Calls


Job Guarantee Locations


Job Guarantee Requirements

15 job applications

Employment Rate after 6 Months


UX Academy

Course Delivery




Course Length

480 hours

Specialization Courses

Mentor Calls


Job Guarantee Locations

26 US Cities

Job Guarantee Requirements

260 job applications

Employment Rate after 6 Months


Designer Track

Course Delivery




Course Length

900 hours

Specialization Courses

Mentor Calls


Job Guarantee Locations

23 US metro areas

Job Guarantee Requirements

260 job applications

Employment Rate after 6 Months


General Assembly

Course Delivery




Course Length

320 hours

Specialization Courses

Mentor Calls


Job Guarantee Locations

Job Guarantee Requirements

Employment Rate after 6 Months



Course Delivery




Course Length

720 hours

Specialization Courses

Mentor Calls


Job Guarantee Locations

Job Guarantee Requirements

Employment Rate after 6 Months


Still have questions?

We've got the answers:

1. Who Is The Course For?

By including UX Fundamentals in our Certified UX Designer Course we have ensured that this course is suitable for everyone from complete beginners looking to make a total career change, through to upskillers who wish to add new skills to their toolbelt.

2. What Will I Have By The End Of The Course?

By the end of this course you’ll have a professional portfolio, in-depth knowledge of the industry, be fully prepped for your first interviews and have the technical skills to land a job as a junior UX designer.

3. How Long Will It Take?

The Certified UX Designer Course is designed to take 10 months at a rate of 15 hours per week. If you need it, we do allow a 2-month extension, including Mentor time, at no extra cost. If you wish to complete the course in under 10 months, you may do so simply by increasing the number of hours you put in.

4. What Do I Need To Get Started?

All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi. All of the software you need will be available as free trials which will be valid throughout the 10-month course.

5. Will I really get as many Mentor calls as I need?

Yes - our Fair Use policy allows for up to 100 calls per student throughout the course. You can book these with your Mentor whenever they are available. You must schedule these at least 48 hours in advance, and you can only book one call at a time. To learn more about how we support you, connect with a Career Advisor.

6. Where Can I Study?

As an online course, you can study in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere in the world; all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi.

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Teaching human-first design to the next generation

Cultivating a community of problem-solvers

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