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Grow your knowledge, tap into a new skill, or learn how to forge a tech career from scratch. Our events are designed to get you on your way, no matter where you are in your career—or in the world! Browse our upcoming and on-demand events to get started.

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Career Change Data Analytics

Become a Data Analyst with CareerFoundry

In this info session, you’ll get the chance to learn more about CareerFoundry’s Data Analytics Program and how we empower students to transform their careers and break into the world of data analytics.

Free event

5 August 2021

12:00 am LT


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Relax and Unwind

Relax and Unwind With Uta: Meditation

Relax and unwind with some mindful movement. In this free session, expert yoga instructor Uta Eismann will lead you through a series of stretches, poses, and breathing techniques to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.

Free event

9 August 2021

6:00 pm LT


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Career Change UI Design UX Design

Become a UX/UI Designer With CareerFoundry

Are you thinking about becoming a UX or UI designer? We’ll show you how. Join us for a free info session. Learn more about the fields of UX and UI design (and why they’re so rewarding), and discover what it’s like to study with CareerFoundry. 

Free event

10 August 2021

6:00 pm LT


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On-demand events

Career Change Data Analytics UI Design UX Design Web Development

Demystifying the West Coast Job Search

With an unmatched number and variety of companies, the West Coast of the U.S. is truly an unrivalled tech hotspot. However, the job market is notoriously competitive. So what do you need to do to get there? In this talk, we’ll explain just how.

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UX Design

LIVE UX Portfolio Review

Learn what goes into a professional-grade portfolio and watch a senior designer conduct LIVE UX portfolio reviews. No registration is necessary—you can watch the event live on our YouTube page.

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Web Development

Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started as a Web Developer

Wouldn’t it be great to get a walkthrough of a career in web development before you start out? In this talk, a seasoned programmer gives you an inside look at what to expect and what to avoid along the way.

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Data Analytics

Data Cleaning: Types of Missing Values (and How to Handle Them)

Data cleaning is a critical aspect of data analytics. And missing values are one pesky part of the process! Learn what missing values are, how to handle them, and more, with expert data analyst Dana Daskalova.

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Career Change Data Analytics UI Design UX Design Web Development

How to Break into Tech as an “Older” Career Changer

Worried you’re “too old” for a career in tech? Join career coach Sami Gardner to learn how more years of work experience can actually give you a competitive advantage on the job market.

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UI Design UX Design

Content Strategy & Personal Branding for New UX/UI Designers

Are you wondering how you can stand out as a new UX or UI designer? Do you want to position yourself within the industry and strengthen your personal brand? Learn how to use content to your advantage in this expert-led workshop.

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1.I can't make it to the event at the scheduled time. Can I watch it at a later time?

Yes! All of our events are recorded so you can watch and share them later. After the event is over, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to the recording and other resources on the topic. If you happen to miss that email, you can always find event recordings on the CareerFoundry Events page or the CareerFoundry YouTube channel.

2.Can I get a copy of the slides being used in the presentation?

Sure! Email us at with the name and email you want the slides shared to. We’ll send them along as soon as possible. 

3.Do I need to mute myself during the event? Will my camera be on?

All attendees cameras and microphones are automatically muted to cut down on background noise and action during the event. But don’t worry—you’ll still be able to participate and ask questions!

4.Where can I find a recording of an event I couldn’t attend?

All of our online events are recorded and you can return to them anytime, either through the CareerFoundry Events page or on the CareerFoundry YouTube channel.

5.I have an idea for an event. Who can I share it with?

We’re always happy to hear your ideas! Share them with us at 

6.The sound or video are not playing. What are the system requirements to attend the event?

To attend an online event with CareerFoundry, your device needs: 

  • Browser: Chrome or Firefox (Up to date)
  • Internet: Consistent, high-speed, 10Mbps+
  • Firewalls: None that block webinars
  • Video Apps: None open (e.g., Skype)