10 Copywriting Tips for Digital Marketers

10 May 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Digital Marketing



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Get those writing hands ready—we’re exploring the world of copywriting and its role in digital marketing!

Watch the recording of our LIVE event with CareerFoundry Sr. Brand Copywriter, Jillian Jacob, as she gave us a peek behind the copywriting curtain. What does a copywriter do? And why is it so important?

Here’s why.

With digital marketing’s meteoric rise, a brand’s written appeal and ability to entice customers has never been more necessary.

In this recording, you’ll learn to improve your writing from our in-house expert through her 10 Copywriting Tips for Digital Marketers.

Come with your marketing curiosity, stay to see how a copywriter builds a presentation without design support. Watch until the end to see Jillian answer some of the audiences most burning questions!

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Jillian Jacob

Sr. Brand Copywriter

Jillian Jacob is a Sr. Brand Copywriter who writes full-time bits and bobs for CareerFoundry’s marketing. Before moving in-house, she was a freelance writer and English teacher. These days she lives in Berlin and hosts events on copy that converts (without sounding ‘meh’). She’s looking forward to seeing you and answering questions on why copywriting is not a copyright.