10 Reasons Why Product Design is a Good Career

21 February 2024 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Product Design , UI Design , UX Design
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Are you curious about product design?

Look no further – we’ve got the perfect recording of a LIVE event for you!

Check out this thrilling introduction to the dynamic world of product design with Florian Bölter, a Senior Product Designer at Juro, and CareerFoundry UI design graduate.

During this session you’ll gain insights into the essential skills demanded by the design industry and learn how mastering them can set you apart.

Florian covered:

– UX vs product design: What’s the difference?
– Hard and soft skills you need to succeed in this industry
– The market outlook for design in 2024
– What you need to do to stand out in the current market
– The importance of having a design portfolio

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Florian Bölter

Florian Bölter

Staff Product Designer at Juro

Florian Bölter is a Staff Product Designer at Juro where he actively brings users, stakeholders, and business needs together. Originally he studied German literature, but found his way into design through a detour into product management.