5 Steps to Lifting and Maintaining Your Confidence

10 November 2021 6:00 pm Online Career Change

How to Boost Your Confidence as a Career Changer

For those of us contemplating a change in careers, it’s low self-confidence that fuels our biggest fears about the switch itself. Even though we’ve supplied mechanisms for confronting those fears themselves, low self-confidence often feels like the final boss that we have to defeat.

Low self-confidence is one of the biggest obstacles to success, and can easily stand in the way of you reaching  your career goals. It can gnaw at you, its roots can spread into everything, amplifying your failures and undermining your successes.

So, what can you do about it? Let’s find out. 

How can I improve my confidence?

Quite often improving your confidence can be more about diverting the focus of your internal monolog elsewhere.

One classic way is to focus and remind yourself about what you’re pretty great at. This will literally involve writing down the things that not only you think you’re good at, but also that others tell you you’re good at, as well as things you enjoy doing.

Now that you’ve written these down with pen and paper (or quill and parchment—you do you!) you can start planning something to do to help, boost, or support these things.

Another somewhat surprising method of improving your confidence that’s useful for career changers is through developing your personal branding. By putting in the work to craft a consistent brand for your tech career that is confident but also authentic, you can turn to this for strength when you need it.

How can I be confident about a career change?

Often many of the tactics that you use to combat impostor syndrome will also go a long way to help boost your confidence as well. This is because (unsurprisingly) the two are linked—sometimes it can be difficult to see where one ends and the one begins! These tactics can include remembering that everyone else does not know exactly what they’re doing either.

So there you have it—a reminder that feeling unconfident is not out of the ordinary when changing careers, in fact it’s to be expected! 

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