5 Video Best Practices for Social Media Marketing!

7 February 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Digital Marketing
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Join CareerFoundry Video Team Lead—Calum Russell—as he shares his top secret tips for making social media videos that viewers love to loop!

In this recording you’ll discover the incredible value of short-form video content, and how to leave your mark in the video space.

You’ll also find out what led Calum into digital marketing and learn all about what’s in motion on the 2023 social media landscape.

Calum gives some pro tips on how to best leverage video content for your brand strategy in this interactive session.

This recording is perfect for anyone interested in digital marketing and video storytelling.

Want to get a hands-on introduction to digital marketing? Why not try out this free, 5-day digital marketing short course?

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Calum Russell

Calum Russell

Video Team Lead at CareerFoundry

Calum is the Video Team Lead at CareerFoundry, responsible for scaling the company’s in-house video capabilities. He has been working in video content marketing for over 3 years now, and recently career changed into marketing.

Calum is the channel owner of CareerFoundry’s growing YouTube channel, developing video content, brand awareness and lead generation through frequent video publications. He previously worked at design consultancy AJ&Smart where he developed and grew the YouTube channel to well over 155K subscribers—developing an engaged and established community and audience.