8 Biggest Mistakes Beginner Data Analysts Make!

24 August 2022 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Data Analytics
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Everyone makes mistakes⁠—yep, even data analysts!

If you’re new to the field, there are 8 common mistakes you really need to look out for.

In this recording, Alex Freberg, aka “Alex the Analyst”, will be diving into the 8 biggest mistakes data analysts make.

Alex will give participants a comprehensive introduction to data analytics, his unique insights on working as a data analyst, and the industry at large.

When it comes to data analytics Alex knows a thing or two: he works at a Fortune 10 company as an analytics manager, collaborating directly with stakeholders to help them better manage and utilize their data⁠. He specializes in SQL, Python, and Cloud Applications.

What Alex is most famous for, however, is his YouTube channel “Alex the Analyst” which has 256k subscribers.

He started this channel so everyone out there could have someone to help them break into data analytics⁠—and it’s grown nonstop since then!

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Alex the Analyst

Alex Freberg

Analytics Manager

Alex Freberg is an Analytics Manager, best known for his YouTube channel “Alex The Analyst” where he has garnered over 250k subscribers. He teaches and provides advice on all things analytics and hopes to demystify the data industry to make it more accessible to everyone.