An Introduction to UX Research

30 August 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , UX Design
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Curious about the fascinating world of UX research?

An in-demand job in a high-paying industry, UX research is key to developing efficient and powerful product designs to meet the user’s needs.

In this hour-long session, we’ll cover:

– What is UX research?

– Why is it important?

– Qualitative research

– Quantitative research

– Presenting findings

– Skills needed

UX design is a rapidly growing field, and the role of the user experience researcher is becoming more and more pivotal.

Equipping yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge, and learning to conduct UX research like a professional, while surrounding yourself with peers in the field who you can learn from are essential to becoming a UX researcher yourself.

Overall, the value of understanding the needs of the customer cannot be ignored, and user experience researchers will have an increasingly valuable role to play in the future of design.

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UX Research

Featured presenters

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Gayla Thompson

Senior UX Researcher at Elsevier

Gayla Thompson is a Senior UX Researcher based in New York City. A former school principal and leadership coach, she transitioned into the world of UX/UI design and is now working at Elsevier.