Building a Compelling Web Development Portfolio

26 August 2021 9:00 pm Online Web Development

No matter which point in your coding career you’re at, you should always be thinking about your web development portfolio.

It’s one half of the magic formula potential employers look for when they’re sourcing coding talent. They want to know that you have the skills they’re looking for, and they want to see proof that you can do the jobyour portfolio.

While it can be easier to research which coding skills are in demand right now for different roles in web development, putting together an archive of your greatest hits can be daunting. Even though the work itself is already done (maybe even because of this), it’s quite often the hurdle that a lot of budding web developers trip over.

Any good web development bootcamp will help you round out your projects into a portfolio suitable for the job market. However, many won’t provide insight into the touches and flourishes you’ll need to make it eye-catching to hiring managers. This is where the importance of having a mentor comes in. They not only offer the benefit of all their experience, but also practical tips and hacks for what a good web development portfolio should contain.

The very best web development programs will pair you with a seasoned professional coder to review your portfolio projects and provide you with individualized feedback and advice. This provides you with the insights you need to build a great web development portfolio—one that’s eye-catching and easy to read, as well as tailored to the current demands of the industry.

Once you have your web development portfolio sorted, then you can move onto the rest of your job market prep. This will involve preparing to answer some common web developer interview questions, practicing for coding challenges, and consulting some average developer salary guides so you know what to negotiate for.


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