Create Your Own Game of Solitaire with JavaScript

13 October 2021 6:00 pm Online Web Development

So, you’ve gone ahead and learned the fundamentals of Javascript, and now you’re wondering what to do with them. Now that you’ve gotten the learning part out of the way, why not make something cool and fun?

What if we told you that we could show you how to make something cool and fun, all while having a seasoned pro guiding along the way? Well, we can! We’ve shuffled through our pack of CareerFoundry mentors to show you how to create a Solitaire card application in just seven steps. 

Join us on Wednesday, October 13 as Ted Walther, our very own ace of PixiJS, will show you just how to create the application using coding animations. In the tutorial, he’ll cover:

  • The principles of Object-Oriented Programming, and how to use them
  • How to employ JavaScript fundamentals to create an application
  • Applying animation tools, like PixiJS and CreateJS
  • How to create a 52-card deck for Solitaire, then animate it

If you’re learning web development and starting to think about cool projects you’ll want to work on, this tutorial is ideal for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Can JavaScript Be Used for Games?

This coding language has become such a staple and so well-known since its creation 25 years ago, that it almost doesn’t need any introduction. Don’t worry—we said almost! If you’re just looking to find out more about the basics of JavaScript before even considering if it can be used for browser games, we’ve got an introductory guide for beginners

First, it’s useful to look at why you should learn JavaScript, as well as whether it’s an easy language for beginners to pick up, before looking at how it can be used to code browser games.

Should I learn JavaScript?

Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a coding language that is known as one of the three pillars of web development, which makes learning JavaScript an excellent starting point for those wanting to get into web development as a career. 

No longer used just for frontend programming, the arrival of the Node.js runtime environment meant that the language can now be used on the server side (backend) as well. Because it is now a full-stack programming language, the value of learning JavaScript not only increased, but has become an integral skillset for developers in general. By having JavaScript knowledge under your belt you can expect to command a healthy pay packet, which is exemplified in our research into JavaScript developer salaries around the world

JavaScript’s enduring popularity (it’s the third most popular in 2021 according to the PyPL Index, after Python and Java) and the vast range of frameworks and libraries available mean that learning it is well worth your time. These tools are far too many to name, but include game engines like PixiJS or CreateJS, which are incredibly useful for creating mobile or browser games. 

If you’re looking for even more reasons why you should pick up this language, check out our full guide: Should I Learn JavaScript?

Is JavaScript easy to learn for beginners?

If you start searching or asking around, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed with people giving different advice on which language is best to learn first. As we noted in our own list of the easiest programming languages to learn, often there is not one easiest to start off with. Instead, look out for certain features of a language that would make it easier for you to pick up. JavaScript has a huge amount of these: it’s native on every web browser, key to so many major websites, there’s a wealth of documentation and tutorials available online… the list goes on.

One of the best ways beginners are learning JavaScript these days is through a web development program, which introduces you to all of the different founding concepts of the field. Not only do they teach you coding languages (typically JavaScript) to get you started, they get you working on coding projects and prepare you for the developer job market. The CareerFoundry Web Development Program is fully online, where—with the help of a dedicated tutor and mentor—you can become a professional JavaScript developer in under seven months.

Is JavaScript good for making browser games?

Many of the reasons that make it a great language to learn are also reasons why JavaScript is excellent for creating gaming web applications. In fact, given that they are relatively easy to build, JavaScript games are an excellent way for those learning the language to show off their fundamentals in a fun, cool project. Projects such as these are an excellent way of making your web development portfolio more interesting and eye-catching to future employers. Examples of mobile and browser games which use JavaScript include the industry stars Bejewelled, and the addictive Words with Friends.


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