Design & Dev Collaboration for Beginners

14 November 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , UI Design , UX Design , Web Development
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Are you a junior designer, an aspiring web developer, or someone eager to dive into the world of digital creation – if so, listen up!

Check out this recording of a LIVE event where we simplified the process of working together as designers and developers while exploring the crucial skills that make this partnership thrive – with insights from our guests Kylie Weber, a Product Designer, and Noella Mwanzia, a Software Engineer.

We covered:

  • Understanding the Creative Synergy: Discover the magic that happens when design and development unite. Kylie and Noella explained how their roles interconnect and how effective collaboration can elevate project outcomes.
  • Essential Skills: Uncover the skills required for a harmonious design and development partnership. Communication, empathy, and adaptability are just a few of the skills we will delve into.
  • Preparing for Handoff: Kylie and Noella shared valuable insights on how designers can best prepare their creations for the crucial handoff to developers. Learn how to ensure your vision is executed seamlessly and flawlessly.

This recording is a must-watch for beginners or anyone thinking about a career change into these rewarding and exciting fields, regardless of your age or background.

Whether you’re considering a new profession or just curious about how the creative process works, this event is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable insight about these fulfilling careers in design and web development.

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Featured presenters

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Kylie Weber

Product Designer at farmbetter

Kylie Weber is a passionate UI Designer with a background in Hospitality and Tourism. She believes that design needs to be empathic and impactful in a way that leaves users feeling ' I can't live without this product'.

Noella Mwanzia

Noella Mwanzia

Software Engineer at Jumba

Noella Mwanzia is a seasoned software engineer who has played a crucial role in orchestrating several successful software solutions with users across the world. With a track record of leadership, she excels in bridging the gap between complex technical concepts and user-friendly experiences.

Currently, Noella is an integral part of a Kenyan startup called Jumba, where she contributes her expertise to deliver cutting edge software solutions that drive business success.