Design tutorial: Crafting high fidelity wireframes with AI

26 April 2024 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Product Design , UI Design , UX Design
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Take part in an immersive AI-enhanced Figma tutorial with Craig Hansen, Visual Designer and CareerFoundry UI design mentor.

In this session, you’ll delve into the art of wireframing as we explore the intricacies of low, mid, and high fidelity designs tailored specifically for an environmental non-profit organization.

Unlock the power of AI-enhanced design as Craig guides you through the process of transforming concepts into tangible wireframes.

You’ll also discover the secrets behind crafting wireframes that captivate with colour, images and copy to communicate effectively, ensuring your designs resonate with your target audience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your design skills and make a meaningful impact in the world of environmental advocacy.

What you need for the workshop:

– Pre-installed Figma and a second screen (recommended, but not necessary to follow the instructions).

In this workshop, you’ll also get to use popular AI enhanced apps and plugins like: Magician, Cube GPT, AI Color Paletter, WireGen, Photoshop & ChatGPT

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Craig Hansen

Craig Hansen

UI Design Mentor

Craig Hansen is a UI design mentor with CareerFoundry and runs a small design studio called Studio Principle. Whether he’s working on a website, animation or printed materials, Craig focuses heavily on typography and design systems to make work that engages, entertains, and communicates effectively.