From Sales Executive to UX Designer at the BBC (with Sara Lowry)

22 June 2022 5:00 pm Online UI Design , UX Design
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Are you thinking about making the leap into an exciting career in UX design?

If so, why not watch this recording of an online event with CareerFoundry UX graduate Sara Lowry.

Before studying UX design with CareerFoundry, Sara was working in the sales industry having studied a degree in psychology at Nottingham University.

Looking to the future, she wasn’t entirely happy with the path she was on. Sara craved a career with more creativity, and one which utilized in-demand and cutting edge skills. The world of UX design seemed like the perfect fit.

Incredibly, after taking the CareerFoundry UX Design Program, she applied for just one role—a junior UX design position at the BBC – and she got the job!

What’s more, Sara has recently been promoted to UX designer at the BBC.

In this interview we’ll discuss the UX Design Program, transferable skills, the importance of a UX portfolio in your job search, and the dual mentorship support that CareerFoundry offers all students.

Interested in learning networking tips, and how Sara handled the additional challenges of changing careers during a global pandemic? Then this is the event for you!

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Sara Lowry

Sara Lowry

UX designer at the BBC

Sara Lowry is a UX Designer, with a background in psychology and sales. She is currently working at the BBC, where she was initially placed in the iPlayer team but has recently moved over to the news team. Sara completed the CareerFoundry UX Design Program in 2021 after a friend suggested UX design could be a good fit for her. She is enjoying her current role very much and is excited to see where UX design will take her next!